After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 41

Because of Ji Anning, Chen Hao got to know Meng Xinyu and Bai Lu. As a single dog in his junior year, how could Chen Hao easily let go of two cute freshmen? Naturally, Chen Hao seized the opportunity.

They walked out of the cafeteria and exchanged phone numbers and added each other on WeChat.

Meng Xinyu and Bai Lu were both smiling, their faces slightly flushed.

Love and such things are still something that people look forward to.

During the afternoon break, Bai Lu excitedly told Ji Anning, “Chen Hao asked if our dormitory would like to have a gathering with their dormitory!”


Ji Anning also didn’t expect that having a meal together would result in this.

Meng Xinyu and Bai Lu’s other two dormmates were from a different class. The two of them were excitedly discussing how to tell the other two girls later in the evening.

Although Ji Anning didn’t interrupt, she could feel their happiness. She propped her cheek and smiled as she watched them excitedly chattering.

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Sun Yaxian had clearly dressed up and was standing on the passenger side, talking to Wen Yu through the window.


“Today?” Wen Yu looked at her attentive and proactive appearance and declined indifferently, “I’m busy today, let’s do it another day.”

Yesterday, he invited her to go to South Bridge Road, but she didn’t go. Today, she took the initiative to invite him for coffee, but he refused again. Wen Yu was hot and cold, leaving Sun Yaxian feeling uncertain.

As she watched the black Hummer drive away in a cloud of dust, she regretted not refusing Wen Yu last night. If Wen Yu gave her another chance, she would never refuse again.

Sun Yaxian had known Wen Yu since the first day of school. Of course, it was a one-sided acquaintance.

At the beginning of the new school year, a wave of freshmen flooded into the school. The senior brothers in the school were eager, waiting for the arrival of the junior sisters. On that day, everywhere you looked, there were diligent senior brothers helping the junior sisters find their way and carry their luggage.

Sun Yaxian, being such a beautiful girl, naturally had been surrounded by welcoming senior brothers from the train station. Taking the university’s unified welcome bus to the school, she didn’t have to worry about her luggage, as the senior brothers fought to help her carry her suitcases.

The freshmen boys didn’t receive such treatment; they had to handle their own stuff.

There was a new freshman who seemed rustic and came across as if he were from the countryside. He had a worn-out suitcase and several large bags. With one hand, he dragged the suitcase while the bags were stacked on top of it. Another big bag was slung over his shoulder as he rushed into the school.

Sun Yaxian’s luggage was taken care of by the senior students, and she elegantly carried a small bag herself. She watched in astonishment as this clueless classmate rushed into the school and collided with a young man who was walking out of the school in a hurry.

The young man had extremely agile reflexes and acted swiftly as they collided. With one hand, he caught the falling bag, and with the other hand, he grabbed the freshman’s shoulder, preventing him from tripping over his own suitcase.

The strength that the young man demonstrated in that instant made Sun Yaxian’s heart skip a beat. She focused her gaze on him, noting his high nose bridge and handsome face. He returned the bag to the freshman and said, “Watch where you’re going,” with a somewhat displeased expression. He seemed to be someone with a temper.

In Sun Yaxian’s eyes, this temper only added to his charm.


Just like the brand-name clothes he wore and the Hummer he drove.

Later, Sun Yaxian inquired around. The Hummer was famous, and she quickly found out about its owner, Wen Yu, a wealthy junior in the university.

Sun Yaxian’s heart remained warm and she no longer found other boys appealing.

Wen Yu’s behavior towards her was inconsistent, sometimes cold and sometimes warm. Sun Yaxian felt resentful, standing there and watching the Hummer drive away for a while before turning back to the school.

Ji Anning couldn’t accompany Wen Yu for lunch every day either. Besides working in the cafeteria in the morning, she also had scheduled shifts during lunch and afternoon based on her class timetable. On Fridays, she had the lunch shift, and Wen Yu knew about it, so he specifically came to her window to get his meal.

When he arrived, Ji Anning’s window had a longer queue compared to the others, and it was mostly filled with male students.

Wen Yu: “…” Damn it!

Wen Yu certainly wouldn’t neglect his own stomach, nor would he foolishly join the long queue just to get a closer look at Ji Anning and exchange a few words with her.

He had already eaten with Chen Hao and Sun Kai. When they had almost finished eating and the queue at Ji Anning’s window had diminished, she came out pushing a small cart to collect the trays. As she passed by them, she happily greeted them.

The metal trays filled the white plastic box on the cart, and it was quite heavy. Ji Anning had to bend down and exert effort while pushing it back.

Chen Hao and the others felt a pang of sympathy as they watched this delicate and frail girl. They couldn’t help but ask, “Do you need help?”

However, Wen Yu smiled and replied, “No need. It’s her job.”


Stripped away from the identity of “the girl he liked,” Wen Yu actually admired those who were self-reliant and had strong personalities.

His previous disdain for Ji Anning was merely due to his dislike of her chosen job itself, not her perseverance in that role.

Ji Anning, wearing a white apron from the cafeteria and her hair tied up, looked plain like an aunt. Despite her slender figure, she gave off an exceptionally strong impression.

It was a vibrant and struggling vitality, thriving and delightful to witness.

Indeed, Ji Anning didn’t need anyone’s help. She politely declined the enthusiastic offer of assistance from Xiao Wu, a kitchen staff, and asked, “Auntie Li, where should I put these?”

Auntie Li pointed with her toothpick, “Over there, take them to Old Ma.”

Ji Anning pushed the cart over with effort.

The cafeteria job, part of the work-study program, paid very little and was quite tiring. However, the biggest advantage was the flexibility in scheduling, designed to accommodate the students’ time without interfering with Ji Anning’s classes.

Ji Anning had calculated that without the income from NL, with her coffee shop job, tutoring, and the cafeteria job combined, she could barely cover her expenses. In this period, she had bought a microwave and some new clothes, so there shouldn’t be any additional expenses.

But the adjustment in her work left her not as busy as before. With the newly freed time, she could focus on her studies.

Compared to the previous life, even though the income was higher, the busy and exhausting state of mind was empty. There was a feeling of life being put on the right track, filling one’s heart with hope.

When she finished her work and was about to leave, Auntie Li called her over and handed her two pears, saying, “Take them.”


These were fruits paired with the meal sets for sale. Ji Anning hesitated for a moment. Auntie Li said, “Those of us who work in the cafeteria can’t be without these little perks. Even in times of famine, the head chef has to be a plump person.”

As she spoke, Auntie Li already took a bite of one of the pears.

Ji Anning smiled with her eyes curved, put the pears in her backpack, said “Thank you,” and ran off cheerfully.

Master Ma also came over, munching on a pear, and said to Auntie Li, “This kid, although she looks small and thin, she’s quite capable.”

Auntie Li nodded.

Meng Xinyu packed up her backpack, preparing to go to the library to study when Bai Lu burst in energetically.

“Xinyu!” She entered with a shout, “Do you know what I just heard?”

Seeing her out of breath, Meng Xinyu laughed and said, “Take a sip of water first before you talk.”

Bai Lu rushed upstairs and was indeed out of breath. She grabbed a glass of water and gulped down a few sips, then put the glass down with a “thud” and got straight to the point: “Sun Yaxian got into Wen Yu’s car and left with him!”

This news was quite shocking, and Meng Xinyu was surprised. She asked, “How did you find out? Did you see it yourself?”

“It wasn’t me! It was He Xiangdong!” Bai Lu said, “He Xiangdong was out eating skewers and saw them together. He told me all about it.”

Something like “pretty girls are all materialistic.”

He Xiangdong was the guy Wen Yu dreamed of, the one who said he would be willing to pay three thousand yuan for a date. He had been pursuing Sun Yaxian since military training, but he lacked looks, a good figure, and came from an ordinary family background, so Sun Yaxian wasn’t interested in him.

In her previous life, he was Sun Yaxian’s partner in spreading rumors.

In this life, Sun Yaxian had gotten into Wen Yu’s Hummer and became a “gold-digger” in his eyes. He angrily complained to Bai Lu when they met halfway.

If Bai Lu hadn’t wanted to know more about Sun Yaxian and Wen Yu’s situation, she wouldn’t have bothered listening to his nonsensical theory that spending a few hundred yuan on a bag turned someone into a gold-digger.

“How did Sun Yaxian end up with Wen Yu…” Meng Xinyu was conflicted, “Do you think Ji Anning knows? Should we tell her?”

Bai Lu was also hesitant and torn.

“According to Ji Anning’s understanding, it seems like Wen Yu is pursuing her… They aren’t even officially dating yet.” She said, “If we tell her, won’t it be meddling too much in their affairs?”

That was also the reason Meng Xinyu was conflicted. She was straightforward, and if Ji Anning and Wen Yu were publicly official as a couple, and Wen Yu was being ambiguous with Sun Yaxian, she would have already straightforwardly told Ji Anning.

But Ji Anning and Wen Yu weren’t officially a couple. When they all went out for meals with Wen Yu and Chen Hao, they could sense that those two hadn’t reached that stage yet.

“He’s such a two-timer.” Meng Xinyu was annoyed, “He’s pursuing Anning, yet he’s still playing both sides.”

“Exactly. I even thought he was handsome and encouraged Anning to consider him.” Bai Lu sighed with regret, “You really can’t rely on good-looking and wealthy guys.”

Meng Xinyu thought for a moment and said, “Let’s observe for a bit longer. If Anning decides to be with Wen Yu, then we won’t spread any gossip or interfere. But if she does consider accepting Wen Yu, then we must tell her.”

At that moment, both of them had a very negative impression of Wen Yu.

As for Sun Yaxian… that night, she was completely infatuated.

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