After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 40

“Is Sun Yaxian crazy? Why does she have such a strange look in her eyes?” Bai Lu turned around and quietly whispered to Meng Xinyu and Ji Anning.

Meng Xinyu and Ji Anning had also noticed Sun Yaxian’s odd behavior that morning. Every time she walked past Ji Anning, she would glance at her with a smile.

Ji Anning looked at her from across the aisle for a while and within a few minutes, she saw Sun Yaxian flick her hair and sneak a glance at her.

Her eyes were cunning and triumphant.

Ji Anning furrowed her brows slightly.


Bai Lu wasn’t wrong in describing Sun Yaxian’s eyes as eerie.

Ji Anning had a feeling that Sun Yaxian’s change must be related to Wen Yu. But after some thought, she tucked her hair behind her ear and said lightly, “Who knows, let her be.”

Sun Yaxian was shallow and vain, her only talent being talking behind people’s backs and spreading rumors. She couldn’t harm Wen Yu, nor could she harm Ji Anning in this lifetime.

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The tone of his voice was much milder compared to when they were in the fighting club. Sun Yaxian’s eyes flickered slightly, she stepped forward and stood at the back of his car, saying, “I just went to KFC to study, and I’m about to go back.”


There was a KFC across the street from the school, on the way Ji Anning passed by every day. Because it was close to the school, many students went there to study, as if it were a self-study room.

“So diligent, huh?” Wen Yu tightened the cap of the bottle with a little force and smiled.

Sun Yaxian still had lingering fear from the last time he treated her harshly and observed him carefully this time. She felt that Wen Yu was genuinely smiling at her, so she cautiously said, “Well, I want to give it a try and see if I can get a scholarship for the final exams.”

Wen Yu tightened the bottle cap even more with a firm grip.

At the very least, she was someone who had a clear mind when it came to academics. Compared to that, Ji Anning seemed a bit confused.

Wen Yu looked at Sun Yaxian for a moment. She was dressed in trendy fashion brands and had makeup on. It was hard to tell if she was wealthy, but it was clear that she wasn’t poor.

At the very least, she had parents. Having parents to look after their child, even if they had some flaws and imperfections, meant having a clearer life plan.

Ji Anning didn’t have that.

She was closed-off, silent, like an old ox, keeping her head down and only knowing how to work hard without knowing that she had already lost her way. She lived her life in a mess.

As Wen Yu looked at Sun Yaxian, a sense of pity arose in his heart for Ji Anning.

Fortunately, Ji Anning had met him.

“I’m going to sit at the South Bridge Road. Do you want to come along?” He pressed a button and watched the trunk lid close automatically, casually asking Sun Yaxian.


“A bar?” Sun Yaxian asked.

“Yes,” Wen Yu said, “Wanna come with me?”

Sun Yaxian’s heart skipped a beat, but then she remembered that she was dressed a bit casually today and her hair wasn’t freshly washed…

“No, maybe next time,” she said with restraint, “I still have to go back and study today.”

Sun Yaxian thought she was being elegant and composed, unaware that her facial expressions of going from infatuation to hesitation to restraint had all been noticed by Wen Yu.

Although Wen Yu often teasingly accused Ji Anning of leading him on, in reality, he was the expert at leading others on.

He chuckled inwardly but didn’t say anything more, just nodded and said, “Oh, then goodbye.”

As he said that, he got into the car.

“…” Sun Yaxian caught up, “Shixiong, Shixiong!” (Note: Shixiong is a term used to address a senior male student or someone in a higher position.)

Wen Yu had already sat in the car. With a “bang,” he closed the door, lowered the window, and said nonchalantly, “Is there something else?”

As expected, Wen Yu remained aloof, so Sun Yaxian took the initiative. She took out her phone and eagerly said, “I really don’t have time today, let’s make plans for another day. Senior, let’s exchange WeChat first?”

A faint smile appeared at the corner of Wen Yu’s mouth.


Sun Yaxian flicked her hair and glanced at Ji Anning, inwardly sneering.

So what if Wen Yu was friendly towards Ji Anning? Last night, she had gotten his phone number and added him on WeChat. He even mentioned going out together next time.

She raised her lips slightly and turned her head away.

Ji Anning didn’t have the time to bother with Sun Yaxian. She borrowed Meng Xinyu’s notes and busily caught up on the parts she had missed from leaving early.

In her previous life, she wasn’t close to her classmates, so she relied on self-study at home to make up for any gaps in her notes.

This time, she borrowed Meng Xinyu’s notes and couldn’t help but praise, “Xinyu, your note-taking skills are really good.” They were clear and detailed.

Meng Xinyu smiled proudly, and Bai Lu chimed in, “Of course, Xinyu is a top student. She’s aiming for a scholarship.”

Ji Anning exclaimed, “Wow!”

Meng Xinyu said, “My dad told me not to worry about family matters because he’s there. He said if there’s a suitable part-time job, I should take it, and if not, focus on studying. He wants me to get a scholarship, so I can study and earn money at the same time, a win-win situation.”

“Your dad is really nice,” Ji Anning expressed her envy and disappointment.

“Hey, now that you’re working in the cafeteria, are you not doing that food delivery job anymore?” Meng Xinyu asked.

They went to the cafeteria for breakfast this morning and unexpectedly saw Ji Anning behind the window. They found out that Ji Anning had been granted a position in the cafeteria’s work-study program.


“If that’s the case, you should manage your time well. Let me tell you, scholarships are quite substantial. You should give it a shot too,” Meng Xinyu said.

“I…” Ji Anning wasn’t very confident.

Her grades in the class were only average. It wasn’t very noticeable since she had just started school a month ago, but Ji Anning knew herself well. Her grades were only mediocre, and she hoped to avoid failing any subjects.

She couldn’t compare to top students like Meng Xinyu. And she remembered that Meng Xinyu did indeed receive a scholarship this semester.

Ji Anning realized that in her third year of high school, she knew she had no other path to take, so she studied with all her might and managed to get into Hua University. After entering university, she lost that fierce determination and was busy dealing with the pressing financial difficulties, unable to focus more on her studies.

Thinking about all this, Ji Anning suddenly felt fortunate that Wen Yu had helped her correct her path. She changed her mind and said to Meng Xinyu, “I’ll give it a try. My chances are slim, but at least I should make an effort.”

In this lifetime, even if she couldn’t achieve “better,” she should at least strive and make an effort for “better.”

On their way to the cafeteria at noon, they were intercepted by Chen Hao, calling out loudly, “Anning! Anning!”

Wen Yu initially wanted to call Ji Anning, but when he saw her happily chatting with her classmates, he suddenly remembered his promise not to let others gossip about her. Being quite well-known in school, he knew many people, so he nudged Chen Hao to call Ji Anning.

Chen Hao lived up to the task and said, “Let’s go, let’s have a meal together. Didn’t you make plans with Wen ge?” He even winked at Ji Anning, reminding her of her agreement with Wen Yu.

Ji Anning hesitated. She had agreed to have a meal with Wen Yu, but she also wanted to eat with Meng Xinyu and the others. It was a treatment she had never experienced in her past life, and she had become accustomed to loneliness. Today, when Meng Xinyu and Bai Lu found out she no longer needed to take their meal orders, they invited her to eat together, and she longed for that.

Wen Yu, being perceptive, noticed Ji Anning’s slight hesitation. He smiled at Meng Xinyu and Bai Lu and said, “Shall we eat together?”

No need to ask Wen Yu, Chen Hao was also a handsome guy with well-defined features—a member of the combat sports club. Regardless of his looks, his physique was something to be proud of.

Before Ji Anning could answer, Meng Xinyu already coughed, and Bai Lu poked Ji Anning from behind with her elbow.

Ji Anning understood that both of them were willing, so she happily said, “Sure, let’s eat together.” Now she could have the best of both worlds.

Sun Yaxian, who was in the cafeteria and saw Ji Anning having a meal with Wen Yu, sneered and walked away.

Meng Xinyu and her friends were also very observant. After finishing their meal, they chatted briefly with Chen Hao and then left, not wanting to be a third wheel.

Wen Yu praised Ji Anning, saying, “You get along well with your classmates.” It was evident from their interaction at the dining table that the girls had a good relationship.

Ji Anning’s eyes curved as she said, “It’s my first time having a meal with them.”

She felt happy, her smile was sweet, and her face was radiant.

Wen Yu thought she seemed completely different from when school started. She was even different from how she appeared in his dreams.

Wen Yu’s lips curled up in a smile, but then his gaze shifted and landed on Sun Yaxian, who was sitting at a table a few rows away.

Sun Yaxian was looking at him. When she noticed him noticing her, she gracefully stood up and left, casting a glance at him before she left.

Wen Yu raised an eyebrow, and his phone suddenly rang.

He answered, “Hello?”

It seemed to be a call from a friend, inviting him to do something over the weekend. Ji Anning didn’t pay much attention until she heard the name “Yang Bo” entering her ears. She looked up.

“Do you know him well?” Wen Yu asked. “I know him a bit. We had a meal together. Alright, then Saturday.”

He hung up the phone and saw Ji Anning looking at him. He asked, “What’s wrong?”

Ji Anning asked, “What are you doing on Saturday?”

“Playing sports,” Wen Yu said, “Playing squash. With my buddies.”

Ji Anning hesitated for a moment. If she asked directly about Yang Bo, Wen Yu might react strongly. Last time, she only mentioned that Yang Bo was good-looking, and he immediately showed a fierce look.

She carefully chose her words and asked

, “Is squash fun?”

Wen Yu was slightly surprised.

Knowing Ji Anning’s indifferent nature, he thought she wouldn’t be interested, so he didn’t ask her before.

“It’s fun,” he said, his gaze slightly shifting as he revealed a wolf-like smile and asked, “Do you have time on Saturday? Would you like to come with me?”

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