After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 39

Wen Yu, with his tall stature and long legs, caught up with Ji Anning in just a few steps.

“Wait!” He grabbed her. “Are you angry?”

Ji Anning turned around to look at Wen Yu, her lips still carrying a smile, but also a sense of helplessness. However, she was definitely not angry.

Wen Yu felt relieved.

“You forgot your phone,” he waved the small box in his hand, shamelessly boasting.


Ji Anning almost burst into laughter at him again. Helplessly rubbing her face, she thought for a moment and said, “Thank you for your trouble.”

“Huh?” Wen Yu didn’t understand.

“Thank you,” Ji Anning said softly, “for accommodating my little self-esteem…” 1 Isn’t that a little sweet.

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In Ji Anning’s heart, Wen Yu was someone who didn’t care about others’ feelings, did as he pleased, and was reckless. She didn’t expect him to protect her fragile self-esteem so cautiously.


Although the process was awkward and laughable, as she laughed, a hint of uncontrollable bitterness emerged in her heart.

That’s why she ran away just now, giving herself some breathing space and time.

Ji Anning gazed at Wen Yu’s thick eyebrows and handsome eyes. Her eyes were shrouded in a hazy mist, beneath which hid her own inexplicable emotions.

In this gentle gaze, Wen Yu felt time slowing down, even the beating of his heart became unusually slow. He knew that she had received his feelings for her.

The wind blew against Ji Anning’s forehead, and her gaze made him want to kiss her.

But he didn’t dare. Wen Yu didn’t dare and didn’t want to disrupt the tranquility of this moment. He didn’t want to rudely approach the girl who seemed unusually soft.

When she was strong, he wanted to conquer her, to destroy, to possess, to unveil all her masks.

But when she was so soft, he acted cautiously, not daring to make any reckless moves.

This tender and beautiful gaze ended with a sudden gust of night wind.

Both of them had just finished exercising, their hair roots were still sweaty, and as the cold wind blew, Wen Yu and Ji Anning turned their heads and sneezed at the same time.

Ji Anning was frozen last night, so today she deliberately added a jacket. She quickly reached out to grab her hat, but before she could touch it, Wen Yu lifted his hand and placed the hat on her head.

“Quickly zip up your jacket,” he said.


Ji Anning reached for the zipper, but while she was looking down, Wen Yu, without any concern, stuffed the new cell phone into her half-open backpack.

Ji Anning looked up at him.

Wen Yu chuckled, his eyes filled with a triumphant sense of achievement.

“If you want to be hypocritical, then be hypocritical. I don’t mind,” he said, his eyes shining mischievously in the darkness. There was confidence in the smile on his lips. “You can be as hypocritical as you want. I actually like your hypocritical side.”

“You see, even when I’m like this, are you moved?” He shamelessly pushed his luck again. “So, how about being my girlfriend?”

Ji Anning couldn’t help but laugh at his antics. Her smile in the night was as pure and beautiful as the moonlight, making Wen Yu’s heart skip a beat.

Ji Anning was indeed touched, but she smiled and declined, “No.”

Wen Yu: “…”

Wen Yu felt like he was choking.

However, Ji Anning reached out and grabbed the collar of Wen Yu’s clothes, closing it for him. “Put on your clothes properly.”

Wen Yu’s clothes were still open, revealing only a short-sleeved shirt underneath. The temperature had dropped significantly in the past few days, but he hadn’t added any layers. He was still dressed so lightly.

Deep down, Wen Yu actually appreciated her concern, but as a young master who had just been rejected once again, his pride was hurt. He snorted and pulled his hat down, saying in a resentful tone, “Mind your own business! It’s not like you’re someone important to me.”


In her previous life, this guy had always been a gloomy and fierce man in front of her, never showing this stubborn and childish side. Ji Anning couldn’t help but find it somewhat adorable, which made her suppress her laughter.

Anyway, he had a good physique and was quite formidable. Ji Anning’s lips curled up as she glanced at him sideways. “Do whatever you want.”

Her words directly struck Wen Yu’s heart, tickling him!

Wen Yu grabbed her wrist, resentfully saying, “You’re always leading me on.”

As he spoke, his thumb caressed her smooth wrist, so delicate that it made one’s heart flutter.

“I’m not,” Ji Anning denied. “Don’t talk nonsense.”

Wen Yu huffed and said, “If that’s the case, then stay away from me! Don’t talk to me, don’t bother with me, don’t give me any hope!”

Ji Anning was speechless.

She really couldn’t do that. Not only could she not stay away from him, but she also wanted to get closer to Wen Yu and learn more about him, the people around him, and the things happening around him. She wanted to know why he suddenly disappeared from school in their previous life, where he went, and what he did. What was the story between Yang Bo and him? What grudges or conflicts were there?

She even wanted to discover any hints and clues to foresee the truth in advance so that she could warn him and help him avoid things that could possibly be avoided.

In this lifetime, she wanted to make him happy.

And to do that, she couldn’t stay away from him.


“You see, you can’t bear to stay away!” Wen Yu’s eyes sparkled, a smug smile on his lips. “I knew it, you like me!”

His self-centeredness was giving Ji Anning a headache.

Ji Anning was speechless. She pulled back her hand and walked ahead, saying, “You have an overactive imagination.” She adjusted her hat, and its brim blocked the faint light from the street lamp, hiding her palm-sized face in the shadow.

“Heh,” Wen Yu said. “I know you won’t admit it.”

He wasn’t completely self-centered. He could sense that Ji Anning didn’t dislike

him, even if she didn’t necessarily like him either. He just didn’t understand why she kept resisting him.

It felt like she had some untold secret.

Although Wen Yu often acted overbearingly, he deeply understood that you couldn’t force someone to reveal their true feelings. You could only wait until the day they genuinely wanted to tell you.

Therefore, he did not pressure Ji Anning.

But as he recalled, he had never shown this level of patience with other girls over the years.

There was something different about her.

Ji Anning pulled her hood and walked with her head down under the streetlights. Her own shadow beneath her feet would sometimes lengthen and sometimes shorten, much like her fluctuating mood.

If it weren’t for the unknown, mist-like circumstances ahead, accepting Wen Yu in this lifetime wouldn’t be impossible.

However, Wen Yu would suddenly disappear from the school next year.

What’s even worse is that Ji Anning doesn’t know when Wen Yu will reappear.

When she was still a spirit, she couldn’t sense time, only becoming clear when summoned and appearing as if in a half-dream state at other times.

When Wen Yu showed up to take over her grandmother, she knew. But after arranging things for her grandmother, he immediately left.

Her grandmother occasionally called her name, and that’s when she would become lucid. But as time passed, her grandmother’s summoning became less frequent. She thought she would dissipate completely from the world.

She saw him again because Wen Yu mentioned her name while confronting Zhao Chen, summoning her to the rooftop of the hotel where she accidentally fell to her death.

How much time had passed in between? A month? A year? Three years? Five years? Ji Anning didn’t know.

And then Wen Yu should have arranged everything and escaped safely, but he was still captured and imprisoned, eventually executed. How much time passed during that period? The sense of time as a spirit is too vague, and Ji Anning doesn’t know either.

There are too many unknown factors. Ji Anning’s heart is in chaos; she can’t accept Wen Yu and be with him right now.

Wen Yu caught up to Ji Anning in just two steps and reached out to hold her hand. Ji Anning struggled for a moment but couldn’t break free.

He held her tightly.

“Just hold hands for a moment,” Wen Yu said. “Just until we reach this intersection. It’s dark on this road, and I’m afraid of the dark.”

The location of the boxing club’s small building was remote, and the trees lining this path seemed to have been there for many years, with dense branches obscuring the light from the street lamps. The night was dark, indeed.

But Wen Yu’s words were shameless. How could someone as tall and strong as him be afraid of the dark? The dark should be afraid of him!

However, he held onto Ji Anning’s hand with a grip that was too firm. It prevented her from breaking free, but it didn’t cause any pain.

He was careful, even meticulously controlling his strength.

Ji Anning couldn’t help but remember their previous life when he once bruised her wrist. There was clear regret in his eyes, his lips tense, unable to let go of his pride and say the words of apology.

Ji Anning reminisced about this scene, completely devoid of the anger she had felt at that time. She even found Wen Yu’s behavior laughable.

He could playfully and shamelessly be someone she had no way to deal with.

The raised eyebrow and mischievous smile softened her heart like a pool of water. She whispered, “Just until the intersection…”

Wen Yu’s face lit up.

Wen Yu escorted Ji Anning home and only left after she had entered the building. He felt good throughout the journey.

He usually parked his car near the school gate and, as usual, lit a cigarette upon returning to the car. He shifted gears, raised his eyes, and saw a figure in the rearview mirror.

The person was illuminated clearly by the school gate’s lights, slim and fair, a beauty. Her sense of style surpassed Ji Anning by several levels, completely devoid of the common awkwardness found in freshmen girls.

However, her eyes were incredibly lively, or rather, too lively, revealing many little thoughts and calculations. It was as if one could see through her at a glance, making it hard to resist chuckling.

Wen Yu stared at the rearview mirror as he watched her walk back and forth behind his car, carrying a KFC bag. She hesitated and hovered, wanting to get closer but feeling timid. She lingered but couldn’t bear to leave.

Wen Yu remembered that dream, where this girl slandered Ji Anning, her lively eyes filled with obvious malice.

It was just a dream, nothing more.

Wen Yu reassured himself. He wanted to take another drag of his cigarette and start driving.

But he couldn’t help but raise his eyes again and glance at the rearview mirror. This time, he not only saw Sun Yaxian but also saw his own eyes.

His eyes were intensely dark like ink, harboring a deep malevolence. These eyes even startled Wen Yu himself, and he instinctively turned his head away, closing his eyes.

A scene flashed through his mind.

It was Ji Anning’s tearful face.

“If there is a next life…” she said.

Wen Yu abruptly opened his eyes.

That was another dream, another dream about Ji Anning. It was a dream that would quickly fade away upon waking up, but now he remembered it.

Wen Yu looked at himself in the rearview mirror once again.

This time, his eyes were back to normal. However, the hostility in his heart couldn’t be suppressed no matter what.

Wen Yu stared at his reflection in the mirror, reaching out to put the gear in place, opening the car door, and stepping out.

The sound of the car door closing, a loud “bang,” startled the beautiful girl who had been lingering around the car.

“Wen, Senior Brother Wen…” Sun Yaxian called timidly.

Her delicate and timid appearance was truly endearing.

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