After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 38

Compared to those who were known to be bad people from the beginning, it was even more detestable to be betrayed by those who had disappointed your trust.

Sun Yaxian was shallow and vain. From the beginning, she was jealous of Ji Anning being liked and pursued by Wen Yu. This jealousy drove her to spread rumors and make up stories about Ji Anning.

Zhao Chen was clearly a pervert, relying on his family’s wealth, having no moral boundaries, shameless and despicable.

Ji Anning realized that, compared to the two of them, she hated Yu Xia the most.

Because among these people from her previous life, Ji Anning spent the most time with Yu Xia, they had helped each other, and they could even be barely called friends.


For Ji Anning, who hardly had any friends, this was already very rare.

The result was that this girl personally brought her a drink spiked with drugs.

At the moment Ji Anning saw through it, a chill ran down her spine.

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“Did you have a grudge with anyone? That girl in your class, Sun Yaxian?” Wen Yu remembered Sun Yaxian’s name this time.


“No. She’s just annoying,” Ji Anning denied.

Although Sun Yaxian was hateful, she didn’t have the guts to do something illegal like drugging someone. Ji Anning still found it unbelievable what Yu Xia had done.

Why did she do it? What could she gain from it?

Although Ji Anning said that, Wen Yu still kept Sun Yaxian in mind.

He didn’t show it and only asked, “Is everything arranged at the cafeteria?”

“I went there this afternoon, and it’s all set,” Ji Anning replied.

That was something worth celebrating. The cafeteria work wasn’t daily; students could arrange their schedule according to their own class timetables. For Ji Anning, it meant she had more free time during lunch, and she didn’t have to leave early every day if she didn’t have to serve as a substitute.

Her focus should be on her studies.

Wen Yu was also happy. “Remember what you promised, we should have meals together from now on.”

“Only for lunch,” Ji Anning said. “Dinner is not possible; I have to go home and heat up food for my grandmother.”

She also thought that if she had enough time, she could cook dinner for her grandmother. Freshly cooked meals are healthier.

Wen Yu clicked his tongue and said, “Sit here, sit down, this is how you use it…”


He was teaching Ji Anning how to use the fitness equipment in the club training room.

During this week of vacation, Wen Yu had carefully prepared a training plan for Ji Anning. While guiding her through muscle training, he said, “I thought about it. Instead of looking for part-time jobs everywhere, I’ll arrange a job for you.”

Ji Anning glanced at him and asked, “What can you arrange?”

She knew that Wen Yu came from a wealthy family and seemed to own several companies. But isn’t working at a company usually a nine-to-five job? She was still a student and could only work part-time during her free time.

Ji Anning was right. Wen Yu didn’t know if there were any part-time jobs available in his own companies, but doing such a part-time job for students was no different from finding a job on her own.

But Ji Anning couldn’t do much else either. She had just transitioned from high school to university a month ago and didn’t have any professional knowledge or special skills.

“Well, I have to go to the company two or three times a week for about a week. How about I arrange for you to be my secretary?” Wen Yu said, “Salary won’t be a problem.”

“Forget it,” Ji Anning glanced at him and refused, “I want to earn money honestly.”

What kind of secretary would she be? She couldn’t follow him from nine to five. It was just a way to give her money to spend.

Wen Yu was someone who never worked for free. She had already taken on the job at the cafeteria as a favor to him and was asked to have meals with him every day. If she took on the title of a secretary and relied on him for financial support, who knew what excessive demands this guy would make.

Ji Anning glanced at him, clearly seeing through his intentions. Wen Yu rubbed his nose and laughed awkwardly.

He had carefully designed a training program for Ji Anning. In addition to physical and core muscle training, he selected three moves for her in combat skills, targeting the opponent’s eyes, throat, and groin.


“At your age, with your physical condition and zero foundation, you won’t achieve much through training,” he spoke the truth, “but since your goal is self-defense, let’s focus on these three moves. They’re simple, but effective.”

These three moves were a bit vicious. When executed effectively, they could cause significant harm to the opponent, going beyond the scope of sports competition.

But that’s exactly what Ji Anning wanted.

Today, she learned the first move, the “groin kick.” Leg after leg, she practiced with the sandbag over and over again.

That sandbag seemed to have a grudge against her, as Ji Anning didn’t hold back with any of her strikes.

The members of the combat club glanced at this beautiful girl, observing her fierce expression, and couldn’t help but feel a chill down there, involuntarily crossing their legs.

Wen Yu stood by, arms crossed, watching quietly.

At this moment, he wasn’t playful or surprised. He just watched calmly.

Wen Yu thought that if he found out who had done something to Ji Anning, what they had done, he would definitely kill them! However, Ji Anning’s clear avoidance of the topic made it evident that she didn’t want to talk about it, and he didn’t want to push her.

He suddenly remembered what she mentioned earlier about her “enemy.” Could it be related to this incident?

Wen Yu’s eyes deepened, showing an unpredictable change.

As the training gradually came to an end, the club members left in groups of two or three.


Ji Anning was drenched in sweat, her muscles sore. When Wen Yu said, “That’s enough for today, let’s call it a day,” she went to change her clothes.

After changing, she looked around and realized that most of the people had already left. Wen Yu had changed his clothes and was talking to Chen Hao. Guys were always faster at changing.

When he saw her coming out, Wen Yu said, “I was just talking to Chen Hao about self-defense. You girls need to be more agile and use whatever sharp or hard objects you have around you as weapons. If used properly, even high heels can be lethal. You…”

He looked down and noticed that Ji Anning was wearing a pair of flat shoes.

“…” Wen Yu swallowed back what he wanted to say and changed his words, “Take a look at what you have on you and show me. I’ll demonstrate.”

Ji Anning reached into her backpack and took out a pen, saying, “I used this when I encountered a pervert on the bus. I stabbed his hand and made it bleed.”

“Not bad. Sharp objects can be used as weapons,” Wen Yu said as he took the pen from her hand and weighed it in his hand.

After weighing it, he clenched it and suddenly reversed his hand!

The sound of it piercing through made Ji Anning shudder.

When she looked again, the pen had already pierced halfway into the sandbag, with the remaining half sticking out, swaying slightly with the sandbag.

Both Ji Anning and Chen Hao were stunned.

Wen Yu said, “Let me see what else you have around you.”

As he said that, he rummaged through Ji Anning’s bag, even though she had already unlocked it.

Ji Anning was shocked by his actions and didn’t react in time. By the time she realized it, Wen Yu had already taken out her phone.

“Even this phone can be used as a weapon,” Wen Yu said without waiting for her to stop him, and he picked up her phone like a brick, directly smashing it onto the sandbag.

With a loud bang! It showed just how much force he used!

Ji Anning was stunned.

Fortunately, the sandbag had some elasticity despite being hard. The domestic knockoff phone, not to mention its performance, was indeed hard enough to be used as a brick.

With that strike, the sandbag shook, but Ji Anning’s knockoff phone remained intact.

Wen Yu: “…”

Chen Hao: “…”

Wen Yu remained unfazed and said, “You see, domestic phones are great in this aspect, sturdy! Treat it as a brick and smash the opponent’s head hard! Like this…”

While speaking, he started moving his feet.

Ji Anning suddenly realized what he was about to do!

“Don’t…” She reached out her hand.

Wen Yu had planned it all in advance, so how could he give her a chance to stop him?

Before he finished saying, “Like this…” he had already snatched Ji Anning’s knockoff phone and forcefully smashed it onto a piece of fitness equipment.

Duang! Crack!

Finally, the screen of the knockoff phone shattered as expected.

Phew… Wen Yu felt relieved—it had been bothering him for a while, that knockoff phone of Ji Anning’s!

“Oops, I broke your phone. Sorry about that,” he apologized insincerely, then turned to Chen Hao and asked, “Do we have a spare phone in our club? Where is it? Bring it out for Anning.”

Chen Hao also pretended, “I think it’s in the drawer. Let me find it.”

He went to the side cabinet by the wall, where miscellaneous items were kept, and after a quick search, he pretended to be surprised and said, “It’s here!”

He came back with a small box and said, “Here, Anning. Use this from now on! Look at how clumsy Wen-ge’s hands are. Your phone is useless now!”

Ji Anning stared at the small box in Chen Hao’s hand.

It was white and brand new, likely the latest model of a fruit-themed phone that had just been released.

The plot seemed far-fetched, and the acting skills of the two actors were also poor.

Ji Anning covered half of her face with her hand and didn’t know what to say.

She opened her mouth to speak, but couldn’t hold back and burst into laughter—she was genuinely amused by the antics of these two guys and their foolishness.

Chen Hao was still struggling to hold back his laughter, while Wen Yu had his tongue pressed against his cheek, his gaze drifting to the ceiling. His mouth twitched, and he was on the verge of breaking character.

Seeing Wen Yu’s behavior, Ji Anning felt her temples pulsating.

Her phone was still in Wen Yu’s hands, being flipped over and over between his slender fingers. Ji Anning glared at Wen Yu and snatched her phone back from his hand, then turned and ran away.

Wen Yu finally broke character and laughed.

He snatched the phone from Chen Hao’s hand, leaving him with a remark of “Get a new sandbag tomorrow,” and chased after Ji Anning.

Only Chen Hao was left in the small building. He stood there with his arms crossed, staring at the half of the pen sticking out of the sandbag for a long time. Then he reached out, grasped it, and pulled it forcefully!

As expected, the filling material gushed out like a waterfall, covering the floor.

Damn it! The script didn’t include damaging the sandbag!

Buying a new sandbag and hanging it up was all his responsibility as the vice president!

Wen-ge, do you have to go through so many antics just to chase after a girl?

Sansukini: Awww… so sweet.

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