After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 37

Interestingly, today Ji Anning also changed her dressing style and wore loose clothes.

During the holiday, she specially went to the famous clothing market in the provincial capital. That market was large and well-known, and many out-of-towners would go there to shop for clothes when they visited the provincial capital.

It was famous for being cheap.

In her previous life, Ji Anning was excessively harsh on herself to the point of obsession. In this lifetime, she was determined to change and bought some new clothes for herself.

Cheap goods naturally didn’t have good quality. The poor quality and rough craftsmanship were visible to the naked eye, far inferior to the larger children’s clothes that she could still wear despite being a bit tight. But when a burlap sack was worn on a beautiful girl, it became a fashion statement. When the appearance was good enough, others would automatically overlook everything else about the beautiful girl.


“I’ll go find Director Xu later,” Ji Anning said, biting her chopsticks.

“Huh?” Wen Yu asked, “Our department’s Director Xu? Why?”

“No, it’s the logistics Director Xu,” Ji Anning said. “There are some work-study positions available in the school cafeteria, but they are few and highly sought after. At the beginning of the semester, my grandmother hadn’t adapted to the new environment yet, so I had to take care of her. When I went to apply, there were no positions left. I’ll go see him later; maybe a position has opened up.”

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After hearing Ji Anning’s story, he frowned. “It’s not that the teachers didn’t want to help you, but the spots were limited from the beginning. If you didn’t apply early, I couldn’t squeeze you in. I know you have difficulties, but there are more than just you who have difficulties in the school. Everyone who comes to me for help is a student with family difficulties…”


He spoke in an official tone. Ji Anning felt a little disappointed and could only ask him, “Could you please let me know if someone quits and a spot opens up?”

Director Xu was a busy person, so he wouldn’t pay attention to these details. He declined, saying, “The cafeteria will post an announcement when the time comes. You need to pay attention yourself. Otherwise, if everyone comes to me asking for priority consideration and notification, whom should I prioritize?”

Ji Anning wasn’t oblivious to people’s expressions, but sometimes, she couldn’t care about saving face. She had encountered situations where she was coldly treated when seeking help more than once.

Just as she was about to say, “I’m sorry to trouble you,” Wen Yu’s voice suddenly sounded, “Director Xu, please help us out.”

Both of them looked towards the door at the same time, and Wen Yu leaned against the door with a cheerful smile.

“Oh? Wen Yu?” Director Xu was pleasantly surprised. “Why are you here? Honestly, you haven’t come to see me for so long.”

“Aren’t I here now?” Wen Yu said with a cheerful smile.

Director Xu suddenly reacted and looked at Ji Anning, then looked at Wen Yu. “Who are you guys…?”

Wen Yu really wanted to tell Director Xu, “This is my girlfriend,” but he figured Ji Anning, being stubborn, wouldn’t like it. He walked over and happily told Director Xu, “She’s my junior sister from the club.”

Although he didn’t say “girlfriend,” he couldn’t hold back in the end and put his hand on Ji Anning’s shoulder with a smirk.

Ji Anning: “…”

“Oh, I see…” Director Xu understood immediately and said generously, “I’ll talk to the cafeteria later. You two go back for now, and I’ll call you.”


Although it was Ji Anning’s matter, Director Xu said “I’ll call you” to Wen Yu.

Wen Yu smiled cheerfully. “Thank you so much.”

After leaving Director Xu’s office and descending one floor, Ji Anning asked, “Are you close with Director Xu?”

“Not really,” Wen Yu smiled. “My family donated a building to the school.”

“…” Ji Anning sighed. “Thank you.”

“Now that it’s settled, why are you sighing?” Wen Yu followed up.

Ji Anning pouted and blew her bangs for a while before saying, “Do you know what I was thinking when I came out of the office just now?”

“What?” Wen Yu asked.

“I was thinking,” Ji Anning sighed, “having money is really great. People everywhere greet you with a smile, give you a green light, and things can be done with just a word. It’s terrifying how easily money can corrupt people’s hearts. I can’t believe I’m thinking like this.”

“Since you’ve been corrupted, why not just be my girlfriend?” Wen Yu smirked. “I’m very skilled at corrupting others with money.”

He really had no talent for telling jokes!

Ji Anning gave him a disdainful look and walked away quickly.


Despite being rejected once again, Wen Yu’s cheerfulness only grew stronger—he simply loved her vibrant appearance. He didn’t realize that he was starting to develop a faint sadistic streak. Ji Anning’s disdainful look made his heart itch, and he followed her with a smile, saying, “Hey, wait for me! It’s the first day back after the holiday, so do you still need to go to Shu Chen’s place? Will you come to the fighting club tonight?”

During the afternoon break, Ji Anning received a phone call from Wen Yu. “It’s done. Go to the cafeteria and find Manager Hu. He’ll arrange your schedule. Let me know the details once it’s sorted out.”

“Okay, I’ll go after school in the afternoon,” Ji Anning replied.

“Oh, and let me tell you!” Wen Yu never did anything for free. “I helped you with this, so as a reward, you have to have meals with me in the future!”

In fact, Ji Anning couldn’t avoid having meals with Wen Yu even now. It made no difference to her. Moreover, she had already made up her mind to further interact with Wen Yu.

She didn’t know the exact grudge between Wen Yu and Yang Bo in her previous life, but with the advantage of rebirth and foresight, she couldn’t help but try to remind him.

“Okay,” she readily agreed.

After hanging up the phone, Ji Anning remembered another matter.

“Xin Yu, Xin Yu,” she called out to Meng Xinyu and asked her, “How’s the camera quality on your phone? Can you take a picture for me? I need it for job applications.”

Her phone was a knock-off with terrible camera quality.

Meng Xinyu’s phone was just as bad as Ji Anning’s.

“I’ll take it for you.” One of Meng Xinyu’s roommates named Bai Lu took out her phone.


Bai Lu had an iPhone, and the photos she took did turn out better.

“You are really photogenic,” Bai Lu praised as she sent the photos to Ji Anning. Then she casually asked, “What kind of job requires you to send photos? Is it related to etiquette?”

“No, I want to try applying for a job as a fashion model,” Ji Anning said.

Meng Xinyu and Bai Lu were both surprised and excited. “A model? Wow, like walking the runway?”

It seemed that girls had a special longing for modeling. Ji Anning smiled and told them what she knew. “…It’s just wearing clothes and posing for photos for online stores.”

Meng Xinyu said, “I thought those were professional models hired by modeling agencies.”

“Not necessarily. You can apply on your own, and if the other party thinks you’re suitable, they’ll arrange a photoshoot,” Ji Anning explained. “A girl who had done it before told me. I don’t know if I’ll be chosen or not.”

“Do you need to worry?” Bai Lu patted her chest. “With my photography skills, I made you look so beautiful! You’ll definitely catch someone’s eye!”

“Forget it. It’s because you’re naturally pretty!” Meng Xinyu laughed and poked Bai Lu’s head. Then she asked Ji Anning, “You’re looking for a new job again? How many jobs have you had?”

Meng Xinyu asked at the right time, giving Ji Anning the opportunity to tell them, “I quit the part-time job at the bar.”

“Oh, you quit? Didn’t you say you earned a lot there?” Meng Xinyu was surprised.

“Or maybe it’s just the bad environment that makes me feel uneasy,” Ji Anning said.

“Yeah, that place is just too chaotic,” Bai Lu said. “We were actually quite worried about you.”

The way Bai Lu spoke sounded so natural, as if it came straight from her heart, which made Ji Anning pause for a moment.

In Ji Anning’s memory, although Bai Lu didn’t actively spread rumors in the previous life, she had heard them and even echoed them when others talked about it. But now, when Bai Lu looked at her, her eyes were so pure and simple, truly expressing her concern for a fellow classmate.

Things were different now, in this lifetime, everything was different.

“Do I have something on my face?” Bai Lu looked at Ji Anning who had been staring at her and touched her face.

Ji Anning smiled to conceal her thoughts, pondered for a moment, and brought up Zhao Chen. “Actually, right before the break, there was a male student from our school who came to the bar where I work, and he was quite…annoying.”

“Who? Do you know him?” Meng Xinyu asked in surprise.

“He said his name was Zhao Chen, a sophomore. He kept pestering me for my phone number… I just really dislike that kind of person,” Ji Anning said, unconsciously hugging her arms and rubbing them.

It was a natural reaction for a girl to remember someone disgusting and detestable.

Meng Xinyu and Bai Lu could sense Ji Anning’s emotions.

“What happened next?” They frowned and asked.

“After that, I didn’t feel at ease, and he was drinking… so I called Wen Yu,” Ji Anning said.

The two girls went from being worried to hearts filled with admiration and exclaimed, “Wow~” excitedly, asking for more details, “And then? And then? Did he come to save the beauty?”

After knowing the rest of the story, both of them were overjoyed, saying, “He really came, wow…”

Lost in a moment of infatuation, Bai Lu advised Ji Anning, “Anning, Brother Wen Yu is so good, you have to hold on to him. Don’t overthink things, as long as someone treats you well.”

Meng Xinyu had a different focus. She said, “There are still many bad people in society, just like those annoying guys in school. Should I talk to my fellow villager as well? Tell her not to work at the bar anymore. Their family’s situation isn’t particularly bad, she just likes to spend money…”

She mentioned Yu Xia, and Ji Anning’s gaze froze once again.

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