Amorous Short Stories

STF Chapters 17-18

Chapter 17

When Shen Xunyuan woke up the next morning, her head felt heavy. She sat up, and felt something strange between her legs. She tossed the blanket away and pulled up a bit of her p*nties. The inside of her thighs were red, as though there was an abrasion. She touched it lightly; it wasn’t very painful. She thought to herself that it must have been caused by Mo Jinbei during their bed scene. 

Since it was a bed scene, there would definitely be body contact. Shen Xunyuan was well aware of this. She didn’t care too much about the strangeness between her legs, as she wore her clothes and got up. 

“Shen Lang?” Shen Xunyuan called out as she walked into the living room, but there was no response. She looked at the time on the wall clock. Oh, that kid must have gone to school. She sighed unconsciously. She was going back to the set in the afternoon, and Shen Lan would only return home after the night self-study period. If that was the case, how could they resolve their conflict? 

After Shen Xunyuan washed up and went to the kitchen to warm a glass of milk, she saw a glass of milk already in the microwave oven. There was also a sandwich beside the oven. Her mood immediately improved; it seemed like her brother was still very cute. 


Shen Xunyuan arrived punctually on set in the afternoon. Director Guo and Mo Jinbei were discussing the next scene. Mo Jinbei was listening attentively, as the fluttering of his slightly curved lashes tickled people’s hearts. 

“Director Guo… Brother Mo…” Shen Xunyuan greeted both of them. 

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Shen Xunyuan’s ears were red from his remark. She stomped her foot, “Brother… I don’t want to talk to you anymore…” 

Mo Jinbei stood up and pulled Shen Xunyuan into his embrace. He buried his head into her neck and breathed in, “Sister smells so nice…”

Shen Xunyuan softened and leaned into Mo Jinbei’s arms, then said coyly, “Brother…” 

“Brother wants to kiss you… Can I?” Mo Jinbei’s hand had already reached into Shen Xunyuan’s collar. When he held that soft mound, he immediately started kneading it hard, “Sister’s br*asts are so well-developed… They are so big and soft… They almost can’t fit into Brother’s hands.” 

“Brother’s so hateful… Stop saying those embarrassing words…” 

“Alright… Brother’s going to stop talking… Brother’s just going to do it…” Once he finished saying this, Mo Jinbei immediately covered Shen Xunyuan’s tiny mouth, making her moan, unable to say another word. 

Chapter 18

Once Shen Xunyuan’s nightgown was taken off by Mo Jinbei, she was pressed onto the study table. Just when her legs were wide open, ready to welcome her brother’s love, Director Guo yelled, “Cut!”

“Jinbei, go and prepare your privates, later on, there’ll be a lot of contact with Xunyuan.” 

Mo Jinbei was still propping himself up above Shen Xunyuan. He grunted a reply to Director Guo, then smiled at Shen Xunyuan, “Give me a moment.” 

Due to the kissing and caressing just before this, Shen Xunyuan’s body was still glistening in an alluring pink shade. What did Mo Jinbei mean? He made it sound as if she was waiting for him to touch her! Unfortunately, Mo Jinbei was such a renowned actor, and Shen Xunyuan couldn’t afford to offend him, so she could only nod in acknowledgement. 

It was more than twenty minutes later when Mo Jinbei returned to the set. Shen Xunyuan was seated at a chair by the study table, looking at Mo Jinbei as he slowly walked over. He was wearing a white bathrobe. The belt was hanging loosely, revealing a large portion of his muscular chest. He wasn’t wearing any bottoms, and his two long legs, especially the muscles on his inner thighs, which moved as he walked, was extremely arousing! 

Director Guo got everyone in position. Shen Xunyuan was very cooperative; she removed the towel that covered her chest and obediently lay on the study table. She then opened her legs, and resumed her position from the previous scene. Right now, she was not wearing anything; even her shy pink p*ssy was exposed. 

Her contract included terms for full frontal n*dity; even though her entrance wouldn’t be filmed, but her pub*c hair would. And right now, only Mo Jinbei needed to carry out protective measures; after all, he would only show his b*tt, but his c*ck wouldn’t be visible. 

After Shen Xunyuan was ready, Mo Jinbei stood between her legs, then removed his bathrobe. Shen Xunyuan couldn’t avoid that nose-bleeding sight. She thought to herself, Mo Jinbei has such a good figure! His muscles are well-proportioned and not overly defined, his shoulders are broad and his waist is narrow, and his legs are unbelievably long! 

And the thing between Mo Jinbei’s legs caused one’s imagination to run. The gigantic s*x organ was wrapped in a new white sock. One could only imagine how thick Mo Jinbei’s c*ck was from measuring the size of the sock’s circumference!

Shen Xunyuan had previously heard about this from her manager, Sister Li. Some male actors would wrap their d*cks in socks when they filmed bed scenes with a lot of skin exposed. What was different was the size of their socks. Some used children’s socks, some used women’s socks. Actors who used male socks, like Mo Jinbei, were probably rare. 

“Are you done looking?” Mo Jinbei noticed how Shen Xunyuan was staring between his legs and chuckled. 

It was then that Shen Xunyuan finally reacted and quickly turned her head. At that moment, Mo Jinbei was faced with an earlobe that was so red that it looked as though it was almost bleeding. He felt a rush down his lower abdomen, and the giant between his legs twitched twice uncontrollably. 

“Xunyuan, in the next scene, you’ll need to be a little more open. Don’t worry about being exposed, even if your lower body is captured during filming, it’ll be edited out during post-production. So, you should just follow Jinbei’s lead later on, and shout out if you are comfortable. Remember, you have to respond to Jinbei, do you understand?” Director Mo stood behind the screens and said through the mic. 

Shen Xunyuan closed her eyes, as she started to get into character. On the other hand, Mo Jinbei completely laid on Shen Xunyuan’s soft body. He caught his erect rod and pressed it on her flat stomach. 

The camera zoomed in on Mo Jinbei’s heaving back and muscular b*tt. With the grace and danger of a cheetah, he settled between Shen Xunyuan’s legs, exactly covering her most private area. 

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