Amorous Short Stories

STF Chapters 15-16

Note: Chapter 16’s all about incestual non-consent action in Chapter 16! Read at your own risk! :p

Chapter 15

Ever since filming began, everyone had already spent more than a week on set. Today, Director Guo was kind enough to give the entire crew an entire day off. 

Shen Xunyuan dragged her fatigued body home. The house was as clean as before. Her brother was slightly obsessed with cleanliness, and he would always clean the house. Hence, Shen Xunyuan was happy to take housework off her hands. 

Knocking at her brother’s bedroom door, “Shen Lang, are you asleep? I’m back from filming.” 

At this moment, Shen Lang, who was in the room, shoved Shen Xunyuan’s p*nties under his pillow, then cleared his throat and replied, “Not yet, come on in.” 

After Shen Xunyuan entered the room, she saw that her brother was already in his pajamas and lying on his bed. She tried asking, “Do you want to go to the night market for supper?” 

True enough, Shen Lang frowned, “It’s already so late, why go to the night market? If you’re hungry, I’ll cook some noodles for you.” 

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“What type of movie did you accept for your chest to be scratched so badly? Could it be an er*tic film?” Shen Lang didn’t let Shen Xunyuan off easily, as he rattled off a series of questions. 

Shen Xunyuan didn’t immediately reply. She knew that Shen Lang would find out about it sooner or later, so why not reveal a bit to him now? “Yes… I accepted a movie… It’s quite risque…” 

“How risque is it… Do you have to expose your body [1]?” 

“You… Why are you asking this? And how would a high school student like you know all these?!” Faced with Shen Lang’s blatant questioning, Shen Xunyuan was somewhat flustered. 

“Sister… I’ll be in college next year… It’s perfectly normal that I know all these… I’m going to ask you again… This film… Do you have to expose your body?” Shen Lang was really annoyed that Shen Xunyuan kept treating him like a child. 

“I suppose so?” Shen Xunyuan didn’t dare to reply with certainty.

“I suppose so?! How did your manager discuss the contract for you? Why didn’t they clarify this? Don’t be cheated!” 

“I won’t! Alright, you’re still a kid, don’t bother about adult matters. I know what I’m doing.” 

Eventually, the siblings ended the day on a bad note. 

Shen Xunyuan tossed and turned in bed, unable to sleep. Her brother was so obedient when he was young, and listened to everything she said! When did he start to change? It was probably when he was in high school that he started acting strange. 

Su su su… She seemed to hear the sound of a spray, then a strange scent wafted over. Shen Xunyuan was originally wide awake, but she suddenly felt her eyelids growing heavy, and fell into a deep sleep almost immediately.

[1] Term used here was 露点 (lù diǎn), which means to expose a woman’s gen*tals. The terms 露两点 (lù liǎng diǎn, or “exposing two bits/points”) refers to revealing the chest, while 露三点 (lù sān diǎn, or “exposing three bits/points”) refers to full frontal n*dity.

Chapter 16

During this moment, the air seemed to have stilled. Five full minutes later, the silence was broken by the opening of the door.

After Shen Lang entered the room, he placed the spray botle in his hand casually on the cabinet beside the door. Then, he walked to the window and pushed it open. It was only when the room was infused with fresh air that he removed his mask. 

On the bed, Shen Xunyuan was in a deep slumber. She was laying on her side, and her cleavage was deep and fair. The addition of the red marks on them gave Shen Lang a strong urge to ravage her. 

“Sister… Why do you look so seductive?” Shen Lang had bought the knockout drug spray a long time ago, but he had always been hesitant to use it. If he didn’t quarrel with Shen Xunyuan tonight, he probably wouldn’t have taken it out. 

Shen Xunyuan lay motionless on the bed, but Shen Lang didn’t care. He hooked his fingers onto the strap on her shoulder, then pulled it down, revealing the snowy white br*asts. It was the first time Shen Lang had seen his sister’s br*asts, even though he had imagined it in his mind before. During those times, he would also be very excited, and rely on that enchanting image to cl*max. 

However, an imagination could never compare with the real deal! Shen Xunyuan’s br*asts were big and round, while her n*pples were small, and the ar*olas were also tiny circles. In contrast with her voluptuous mounds, they appeared even cuter. 

Shen Lang appeared frozen in place, his eyes completely drawn to Shen Xunyuan’s chest. There seemed to be a slight trickle from his nostrils. He touched the bottom of his nose, then looked at his finger. The tip of his finger was red!

He actually had a nosebleed?! Shen Lang hastily pulled out a few pieces of tissues from the bedside and wiped his nose carelessly, then shoved the bloodied tissues into his pocket. 

“Sister… You’re really sexy… Just by looking at your big b**bs alone… I’ve already gotten a nosebleed…” As Shen Lang mumbled, he leaned his head closer towards Shen Xunyuan’s chest, then covered his mouth on one of the swelling nubs and began to suck it ferociously. He didn’t have any techniques, and he wasn’t gentle. All he did was to rely on his instincts, a man’s instincts, to suck and nibble at Shen Xunyuan’s soft n*pples. “Ahhh… Ohhh… Ohhh… It smells so good… So soft… Sister’s n*pples are really nice to eat…” Shen Lang mumbled to himself as he continued eating Shen Xunyuan’s br*asts. Even though there was no response, he was still extremely aroused, and there was a large tent between his legs that was throbbing rather painfully. 

However, Shen Lang wouldn’t dare to drug r*pe his sister no matter what. He pondered for a moment, then took off Shen Xunyuan’s clothes and laid her on the bed, fully n*de. He was like the most devout believer, as he worshipped every inch of Shen Xunyuan’s body carefully, bit by bit, until her entire body was sticky with his saliva. 

“Sister… I really want to have s*x with you… F*ck you… You…” At last, Shen Lang raised Shen Xunyuan’s legs and placed them on his left shoulder, keeping her legs tightly closed. Then, he held the male organ that was already so hard that it was painful between her legs, and then pushed in slowly, finally immersing himself in the gap between her legs. 

“Ahhh… Sister… You are squeezing me so tightly… I want to f*ck you…” Shen Lang moved his hips quickly, thrusting in and out between Shen Xunyuan’s legs. After a short while, the sleeping Shen Xunyuan was also wet from Shen Lang’s rubbing, as Shen Lang’s shaft was covered with her sticky liquid. 

“Ahhh…” Shen Lang lowered his gaze on the glistening c*ck. He smiled, then thrusted violently for a few times, before shooting his c*m onto Shen Xunyuan’s v*lva. 

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