Amorous Short Stories

STF Chapters 19-20

Chapter 19

“‘The Awakening of the Forbidden Flower’, fifth s*xual scene, action!” 

Mo Jinbei kissed Shen Xunyuan’s lips. It was as though he was licking the sweetest candy, savouring it slowly, “Open your mouth, let Brother in…” 

Shen Xunyuan’s eyes were dazed from Mo Jinbei’s kiss. She was an innocent young lady, so she didn’t know what her brother meant when he asked her to open her mouth. With a hint of hesitation in her voice, she asked, “Brother?” 

Mo Jinbei took the chance to insert his tongue into Shen Xunyuan’s mouth. He sucked her little tongue, their saliva blending together. Shen Xunyuan could only make “woo, woo” sounds, as she writhed continuously under Mo Jinbei’s body, igniting his desire. 

A second camera was filming their faces. The cameraman was a young lad in his twenties. He looked through the screen and saw the intermingling of the tongues of the male and female leads. He was so close that he could even hear the exchange of fluids from their mouths. At this moment, his breathing became heavier, as the organ between his legs hardened. 

If the cameraman was hard, then the person who was enjoying Shen Xunyuan’s body now, Mo Jinbei, was really burning with desire now. The female body under him was so soft, and the two soft mounds under his chest were so seductive. He squeezed them, pressed them, and if they weren’t on set, he really wanted to f*ck the young woman. 

Mo Jinbei released Shen Xunyuan’s lips, then started kissing her chest. Her br*asts were big and soft, and as she lay on her back, the angle of her br*asts’ sag was natural, unlike implanted br*asts, which would look like a pick no matter when. Natural br*asts were also very nice to touch; Mo Jinbei rubbed a br*ast with one hand, and used his mouth to caress the other. 

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This time, the cameraman didn’t follow his hand, as the lens stayed on Shen Xunyuan’s p*bic area. In the image, only Mo Jinbei’s hand that was caressing Shen Xunyuan’s p*ssy could be seen, but her c*nt wasn’t visible. 

When Shen Xunyuan saw that her c*nt wasn’t filmed, she heaved a sigh of relief internally, then replied, “Brother… Will your rod really make me comfortable?” 

“Of course… When has Brother ever lied to you…” 

“But… Brother’s rod is so big… I’m a little scared…” Shen Xunyuan put on a bashful expression. 

Chapter 20

“My silly sister… The bigger Brother’s rod is… The more you’ll love eating it… Do you understand?” Mo Jinbei’s hand continued rubbing Shen Xunyuan’s p*ssy, and his fingers were already wet. He thought to himself, What a sensitive body. 

Shen Xunyuan shook her head “earnestly”, “Brother… I don’t understand…” 

Mo Jinbei gave her a bewitching smile, “Then, let Brother teach you…” He grabbed Shen Xunyuan’s thighs and raised them upwards, then used the organ that was wrapped in a sock to poke at her entrance, “Can you feel Brother’s rod now?” 

Shen Xunyuan was scared, yet eager at the same time. Her gaze presented these two conflicting emotions aptly, “Brother… Are you going to thrust the big rod into my body?” 

“Yes… I’ll insert it in through this tiny mouth at your bottom…” Mo Jinbei held his c*ck, which was so erect that it hurt, and imitated intercourse, as he slid across Shen Xunyuan’s p*ssy, finally sticking to her belly. 

However, onscreen, Mo Jinbei was enjoying it, because he had entered his sister’s c*nt. He tightened his muscles, stopping for a moment, as though he was holding back and undergoing an immense test.

Shen Xunyuan understood it too; Mo Jinbei was “entering” her body now. She recalled the pain she felt when Xu Chengye popped her cherry, and her brows tightened as she begged, “Brother… It hurts… Go out…” 

Mo Jinbei took a few deep breaths, then coaxed his sister, “Be good… Brother won’t move… Let Brother stay in your body for a while…” Then, he rubbed her chest and kissed her, slowly calming Shen Xunyuan down. 

“Ooooo… Ahhh… Yes… Yes….” Seeing Shen Xunyuan respond, Mo Jinbei controlled himself as he thrusted in lightly for a few times, and after noticing that she didn’t reject him, he started to increase his speed. 

The hard and almost burning hot organ was being thrusted in and out between the couple’s stomachs. Even though there was a sock covering it, Shen Xunyuan could feel the heat radiating from it. As she thought about how Mo Jinbei was hard for her, her entrance started to uncontrollably leak a large amount of fluids. Following Mo Jinbei’s movements, the fluids eventually spread to his belly too. 

Mo Jinbei naturally felt Shen Xunyuan’s fervour. His c*ck continued to thrust on her belly, and the shameful liquid was pushed up by him, not only sticking on his stomach, but also dampened the white sock covering his cock. 

He really wanted to insert his c*ck into her body. Mo Jinbei had never felt such an intense sexual desire. Her p*ssy should be very good at sucking his rod, and should feel soft and tight, as seductive as her br*asts. 

Director Guo didn’t call for them to stop, but Mo Jinbei felt like he almost couldn’t take it anymore. The area between Shen Xunyuan’s thighs were like a pile of mud; her s*xual fluids had started flowing down her b*tt and dripped onto the floor, appearing especially conspicuously on the wooden floor. 

The white sock that wrapped his c*ck grew increasingly tighter as the thrusting between the bodies continued. Just when Mo Jinbei pulled out again, unexpectedly, the white sock was stuck between their bellies, while his c*ck escaped its cover! 

Mo Jinbei paused subconsciously, as he contemplated pausing the filming. However, Director Guo didn’t tell them to stop, and he was truly attracted to Shen Xunyuan. Lust took over his rationality; he decided to make the best of the situation. He secretly pushed Shen Xunyuan’s b*tt up, raising her entrance, and almost without any resistance, he thrust into Shen Xunyuan’s p*ssy! 

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