After Being Turned Into a Dog, I Conned My Way Into Freeloading At My Rival’s Place

Chapter 12: We Can’t Tell You What We Can’t Tell You

Translator: Mukyuu

Editor: Mikyuu

Ning Yue nodded elegantly in answer to Lin Rong’s question. 

Lin Rong rubbed Ning Yan’s head once and murmured, “He and Yan… Ning Yan are quite different in their personalities.” 

“…” Ning Yue asked, “Do you have misconceptions when it comes to Ning Yan’s personality?” 


Lin Rong hesitated and just as Ning Yue was about to continue, Ning Yan barked in anger, “Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof!” 

Ning Yue was merciless. “Dogs do take after their humans.” 

This guy is only pretty on the outside. 

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On this matter, he, Ning Yue, and Ji Shao were in silent agreement. 


Only the puppy was still stuck in his own drama, alternating between puffing out his cheeks or baring his teeth at Ning Yue. 

Ning Yue: Silly dog. 

He adjusted his position and then said directly, “Ning Yan asked me to look after the dog before he went into seclusion. When he shuts himself away, he doesn’t have the energy to take care of anything else. Nothing could be done about it. But about a week ago when my dad was walking this guy, he accidentally let the dog get away.”

In a flash, Ning Yue shifted the blame to his own dad in C City, who was completely unaware. 

Lin Rong lowered his gaze and said, “I guessed that Sese had a previous owner, so I tried walking around Dark Blue—that’s where I found him.” 

Ning Yan hadn’t realized that Lin Rong had snuck out to do that in the past few days and was somewhat shocked. 

Ning Yue calmly kept the story going, “Hmm… I also didn’t realize he’d get that far.” 

All of a sudden, Ning Yan became a dog with incredible traveling and survival skills. 

Ning Yue then asked, “Actually, I’m just here to confirm it so that I can tell Ning Yan what happened. I’m quite busy myself nowadays and I also don’t trust my parents to watch him anymore. So now that I’ve made sure, could I trouble you to look after the puppy for a while longer?” 

Lin Rong asked in surprise, “You’re not here to take him with you?” 

Ning Yue firmly denied, “No.” 

Lin Rong had been mentally preparing himself before he came, but the answer he got was not the one that he expected. 


Lin Rong subconsciously patted Ning Yan’s puppy head and his gaze, when it landed on the man sitting across from him, was probing. 

He wasn’t unhappy, he just felt that this entire thing was a little out of the ordinary. 

This man is perceptive

Ning Yue thought and, as he looked sideways, he took in his younger cousin glancing occasionally upwards at Lin Rong, as if he was uncomfortable with the entire situation. Ning Yue sighed. 

Don’t like lying? Or don’t like lying to the man next to you?

You’re already like this and you’ve got the audacity to insist that you “hate” Lin Rong?

Little liar

You scream the loudest but, at the important moments, your reactions are more telling than anything.

Ning Yue shook his head and shifted in his seat. 

Lin Rong’s expression also changed slightly. 

He sensed that the important part was coming next. 

And in the next second, Ning Yue stared into his eyes and slowly said, “I know that you’ve already sensed that something is going on, but for reasons I can’t explain, we can’t explain things to you.” 


Ning Yan was shocked. He hadn’t thought that Ning Yue would just blurt it out like this. 

Ji Shao sat to the side, smiling and keeping quiet throughout the conversation. 

Lin Rong was taken back and looked between the two of them. When he finished processing, he glanced down at the puppy by his feet. 

The puppy’s eyes weren’t as impudent as before. Or rather, the puppy had been more well-behaved ever since the previous night. 

Now the puppy was staring at him unblinkingly as if he was worried about something. The feeling that something weird was going on settled in Lin Rong’s heart. 

He opened his mouth, looked up, and questioned Ning Yue, “… This has something to do with Yan… Ning Yan?” 

Ning Yue, “Just call him Yanyan, no need to hide it.” 

Lin Rong, “…” 

His ears turned red again. 

Ji Shao, “Pfft.”

Ning Yan wagged his tail. 

Ning Yue continued, “It does involve him. When things are over, you’ll naturally know what happened. Right now I hope that you won’t ask. Even if you ask, it’s not that we don’t want to tell you but that we can’t tell you. 


“Please trust that we won’t hurt you and please… take care of him for us. Can you do that?” 

Ning Yue indicated the puppy with his eyes.

Lin Rong’s gaze darkened at the explanation. 

There were a lot of subtle hints and vague answers. 

Enough to make him have more questions. 

Off to the side, Ning Yan thought worriedly, Is this really going to work?

But in this case, the man only looked at Ning Yue for a few seconds and stopped asking questions. He nodded once, silently and decisively, before answering, “Yes.” 

A straightforward answer without a moment’s hesitation. 

Everyone knew, without explanations, why his decision to fully cooperate was this decisive. 

Ning Yan’s eyes lit up, Lin Rong agreed!

Ning Yue looked straight at Lin Rong for a while and then his lips curved upwards. His tone shifted and he asked, “But during this time, if Ning Yan misses this guy, I might come and take him away for a day. Is that okay?” 

Is this also some meaningful gesture that they can’t tell him for “inexplicable reasons”? 

Their gazes crossed for just a second before Lin Rong nodded again, “Sure.” 

This was a very successful talk and Ning Yue was very satisfied. 

Ning Yan was also a bit surprised. 

The Pact-aura hadn’t retaliated and Lin Rong managed to grasp the main points. Ning Yue’s move was amazing! 

Even though they still can’t let Lin Rong know the truth, at least they can honestly let Lin Rong know that part. 

Now, even if he had to stay with Lin Rong, Ning Yan wouldn’t feel awkward. 

After they wrapped up the most important part of the talk, Ning Yue sipped at the tea and said, without a hint of pretend politeness, “But there’s no need to be gentle with the dog. If he’s being a brat, just spank him; don’t spoil him.” 

Ning Yan, “???” 

Lin Rong nodded his head and gently said, “I’ll spank him.” 

Ning Yue’s face indicated his approval, “That’s good.” 

Ning Yan, “??????” 

Do you know what you’re saying?

Once the conversation turned to training Ning Yan, the entire atmosphere lightened up and even Ji Shao joined in the talk and shared his experience with training. 

Off to the side, the puppy went from being shocked to trying to get the humans’ attention by barking to finally howling in anger. 

“Okay, okay, let’s stop here.” Ji Shao said smilingly. 

He asked Ning Yue, “Don’t you need to go take care of stuff?” 

Ning Yue looked at his phone and nodded. 

Ning Yan thought of something and let out a series of furious barks. 

Ning Yue listened and then lifted his eyes to indicate that he understood. 

The guy had buried his clothes and phone in the park near Dark Blue under a streetlamp that looked like something like this. 

And also vaccines and the neuter… Ning Yue almost swallowed his tongue. Getting shots was one thing, but the other— 

He insisted, “That’s right, make sure you don’t take him to get neutered or Ning Yan will cry for three days and three nights.” 

Ning Yan: Is this a matter of crying for three days and three nights? 

“…” Lin Rong agreed with a grave expression, “Got it.” 

Hmph, he listens as soon as you mention that name!

Ning Yan lifted his chin with a contradictory expression. 

When he realized Ning Yue was about to leave, Lin Rong stood up and followed him to the foyer. 

After he put on his shoes, he paused and asked quietly, “Will Yanyan go to He Congsheng’s party in a week?” 

Ning Yan’s steps paused and his heart shuddered once. 

He Congsheng’s birthday party? 

Ning Yue flipped through his memories and remembered what that was. 

It seems like Ning Yan had agreed to go, but he clearly can’t right now. Though Lin Rong still doesn’t know about him being the white puppy… 

As he was thinking, Ning Yue noticed the white puppy furiously shaking his head. 

Ning Yue’s eyebrows rose. 

He didn’t know what was going on, but he turned around to inform Lin Rong, “Not going. He doesn’t have time.” 

Ning Yan barked excitedly. 

Afterwards he ducked behind Lin Rong and sneakily poked out his head. 

Ning Yue, “…” 

When he got the answer, Lin Rong loosened his clenched fists. He turned around in confusion and, just as he was about to look at the puppy who was acting weird, he heard Ning Yue add on drily, “… Also, that, don’t you worry. Ning Yan has no interest in He Congsheng, not like that.” 

The man’s pupils contracted suddenly. 

He turned around to look at Ning Yue. And his attitude in that exact moment even made Ning Yan, who was hiding behind him, shiver. 

Just that sentence is enough to cause this big of a reaction?

Ning Yan looked up and his eyes almost couldn’t contain how moved he was. 

This guy… just how in love is he? 

The man opened his mouth and asked hoarsely, “Brother1In this case, by calling Ning Yue “brother,” Lin Rong is using a familiar form of address for an older male. Note that “brother” is also often used to address older male cousins, so this is what Ning Yan would also call Ning Yue. , Yanyan he—” 

“No,” Ning Yue raised a hand to interrupt him. He took a deep breath and said, “I need to think.” 

When did He Congsheng fall for this idiotic puppy? 


One of them keeps shouting about “eternal rival” but can’t even bear to have said “rival” suffer from jealousy!And the other has started calling him “Brother”?!2“Brother” can be used generically for an older male or it could also indicate an older male family member. Ning Yan’s spouse would most likely address Ning Yue as “brother.”

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