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  • After Being Turned Into a Dog, I Conned My Way Into Freeloading At My Rival’s Place

    Chapter 13: Questioning Phase

    Translator: Mukyuu
    Editor: Mikyuu

    Ning Yue decided he needed to go home and double-check what “rival” really meant, and when he was done checking, he’d forcefully throw the definition in Ning Yan’s face. 

    Ning Yue fled from Ji Shao’s home with his palm against his forehead. 

    Lin Rong had a question to ask but he could only stretch out a hand in vain. 


    Lin Rong wore a thoughtful expression on the way home. 

    When the door had shut, he finally murmured to Ning Yan, “… Yanyan likes men too?”

    Ning Yan jumped and looked back at the guy in shock. 

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    Lin Rong bent down and cradled Ning Yan’s face in his palms. The emotion in his eyes was something Ning Yan had never seen before. 


    Deeply in love

    He added in a low voice, “So when Yanyan told me before that he likes girls, was that a lie? Or did he only realize later…” 

    Ning Yan shivered. 

    No, he, he wouldn’t ever lie!

    Even though he had said that mostly to appear tough, he really hadn’t realized that he didn’t like girls back then, so that didn’t count as lyi

    Ning Yan froze. 


    By that logic, how come it feels like he doesn’t like girls now?

    As soon as the thought appeared in Ning Yan’s mind, his heart constricted. 

    The white puppy froze. 

    Lin Rong didn’t get an answer to his question. He contemplated for a moment while holding the puppy’s face and then took out his cell. Just as he was about to dial the number Ning Yue left behind… 

    In the next second, the puppy’s mouth opened and then clamped down on his phone. 


    “…” Lin Rong looked up expressionlessly. 

    “…” The puppy’s eyes shifted side to side out of nervousness. 

    His heart beat a rapid staccato, Ning Yan’s thoughts ran chaotically along the lines of No way, he can’t let the big pervert make the call. He hadn’t even figured it out, so what could Ning Yue know, and if Ning Yue said the wrong thing, wouldn’t that cause trouble… Ning Yan went from feeling sheepish to feeling panicked to feeling calm and then to feeling self-righteous…

    So he let go of the phone and barked angrily, “Woof!”

    Then he turned around, rushed away, and hurriedly pushed the empty dog bowl out, all the while continually barking, “Woof, woof, woof, woof!” 

    Lin Rong stared silently for three seconds. 

    Ning Yan pretended to snarl. 

    Lin Rong took a deep breath, let it out, and then glanced at the phone. 

    Ning Yan’s anxiety rose. 

    Luckily, the man stood up after a moment of silence, put his phone down on the table, and went to pour kibble for Ning Yan. 

    Ning Yan secretly let out a sigh. 



    Ning Yan continued observing, still feeling a little bit guilty, until he realized the man really had no intention of continuing the previous discussion. Only then did he relax. 

    While he was chewing on the kibble, he felt the man lightly ruffle his fur, using only the gentlest touch. 

    And in that moment, Ning Yan again felt his heart tighten. 

    He paused his movements. 

    Does he like men?

    Ning Yan didn’t know. He never really considered this question. 

    He looked up and gave the man a soft look. The man remained squatting and looked back at him with a similar tenderness. 

    Ning Yan seemed to realize something during this staring contest. 

    Though he didn’t fully understand what the fleeting emotion meant, he knew it now resided in his heart. 

    The man cocked a finger and scritched his chin. 

    Ning Yan subconsciously reacted by lowering his head and licking the man’s finger. 

    The man laughed quietly; his voice sounded beautiful.



    When Ning Yue returned home, he suddenly remembered something he forgot to ask: what did Ning Yan eat at Lin Rong’s? 

    But Ning Yan had always been a bit spoiled, so if he had nothing to eat, he’d have complained then. Since Ning Yan said nothing, he probably ate decently. 

    So he immediately tossed the question aside. 

    As for Ning Yan, he was forced to think about his life choices as he finished off the dog food. The question of his sexuality confused him and his expression was the very definition of bewilderment. 

    But whenever Ning Yan encountered something he couldn’t figure out he also became easily distracted. Gradually, his thoughts turned towards a more important matter. 

    —How to stick to the man like glue. 

    Ning Yue told him yesterday that the closer he and Lin Rong became, the faster their auras would adjust themselves, so Ning Yan was, at that moment, trying to come up with all sorts of reasons to stay on the big pervert. 

    … But the big pervert had made up his mind and refused to hold Ning Yan, as if he were now in the monk period1“Monk period” refers to the refractory period, aka the recovery period after orgasm during which a person cannot be aroused. after climaxing! 

    This guy had held him tenderly last night and petted him. But today, as soon as Ning Yan stood up and put his paw on the guy’s knee, the guy only spared him a glance and complained, “It gets too hot holding you.”

    Ning Yan, “…”

    Isn’t the AC on?!

    The man then said, as subtle as possible, “And you haven’t bathed.” 

    Ning Yan, “…” 

    Where did the jerk from yesterday who pulled him out of the toilet and comforted him go?!?! Get out of here! 

    Plus, he is Lin Rong’s favorite Yanyan’s dog! His favorite Yanyan!

    Ning Yan was so angry. He paced around the man’s legs while keeping an eye on the man. 

    But clearly the man could very clearly tell the difference between the person he liked and the dog of the person he liked. 

    While Ning Yan’s forceful gaze looked him up and down, Lin Rong sat on the sofa and silently read for about 10 minutes; then he slowly raised his legs and put them on the sofa. 

    Ning Yan: Thank you but I wasn’t going to sit on your feet.

    Ning Yan gritted his teeth silently and started counting down the days until he could take a bath. 

    Ning Yue and Ji Shao had begun to stroll around the neighborhood at approximately eight or nine every night. On Friday, Ji Shao also ran into the director and screenwriter couple who liked to come out then to walk their dog. The two seniors walked up to him in delighted surprise and began chatting with Ji Shao while Ning Yan whispered to his cousin and Lin Rong held onto the leash. 

    Ning Yan kept spewing complaints, “He thinks I’m dirty. If he doesn’t hold me, when am I going to turn back into a human?” 

    Ning Yue didn’t really want to know whether the brat’s main question was when Lin Rong would hold him or when he would turn back into a human. He merely said off-handedly, “He thinks you’re dirty? Don’t tell me you haven’t taken a bath since he picked you up from the streets?” 

    Just as Ning Yan opened his mouth, he remembered the toilet incident and shut it again. 

    The evasion only aroused more suspicion. 

    Ning Yue narrowed his eyes and asked, “What happened? What are you hiding? Spit it out!” 

    The director watched the two dogs hold a conversation through barking while his own Bichon could only sit confusedly off to the side. He sighed and stated, “Our Ranran is still too introverted.” 

    Ji Shao caressed Ning Yue’s head and Ning Yue moved his head away unhappily. The actor said with a smile, “My darling is actually really easy-going.” 

    The director and screenwriter couple then looked expectantly at the normally quiet Lin Rong. 

    “…” Lin Rong finally said politely, “Sese likes to be where the action is.” 

    Ning Yan: … Bullshit! 

    The three of them chatted pleasantly as if they were parents talking about their children. 

    Ning Yan thought silently to himself, Tomorrow is bath time and if Lin Rong doesn’t remember, he’ll park himself by the bathroom and refuse to leave! When he’s all nice-smelling, he’ll climb into the big pervert’s bed! 

    The sooner he turns back into a human, the sooner the two of them stop being in danger!

    When he made up his mind, he suddenly let out a loud sneeze. 

    Lin Rong looked down. 

    Ning Yue asked perceptively, “What, you catch a cold?” 

    Ning Yan shook his head in confusion, “No? Achoo!”

    Ning Yue stared at him for a few seconds and decided, “I’ll come to pick you up tomorrow night.” 

    Ning Yan blinked in surprise, “Ahh?” 

    “Didn’t you ask me what it ‘felt’ like before you shapeshifted?” Ning Yue answered calmly, “You’ll have cold-like symptoms and will develop a fever.” 

    Once Ning Yan understood, his body tensed up.

    Wait, does Ning Yue mean… he is about to transform?

    Ning Yue’s voice turned serious, “Once you start having ‘feelings’, you’ll only change after 24 hours. You can’t be separated from Lin Rong for too long, so I’ll come to pick you up tomorrow night.” 

    They set up a time and Ning Yan inexplicably began to feel nervous. 

    He, he was finally going to turn human for the first time?

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