Young Masters’ Little Maid

Chapter 045 Still Found Her

Fan Mohan’s eyes were slightly cold.

“Who gave you the confidence to come and negotiate with me?”

An icy and gloomy gaze and a slow unhurried tone chilled the deepest levels of Li Yiyi.

Fan Moyi rushed to block Li Yiyi’s front, “Brother, don’t bully her!”

“Third young master, this matter is between me and the eldest young master. Please let us settle it ourselves.” Li Yiyi shook her head at him at once.

Fan Moyi was furious. “Yiyi, you don’t know how cold-hearted this guy is. With the negotiation between you two, he’ll surely make you pay a disastrous price!”

Fan Mohan raised a brow. “So this is how you see me? Would you believe that through your words, I can make sure that you’ll never see her again for the rest of your life?”

“Brother don’t be too excessive! It’s obvious that we all met her at the same time. You only got her first because of your power and influence, and I still haven’t settled the score with you about this just yet! Now, you still want to play this kind of game with me?” Fan Moyi rambled on with rage.

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After that, an unknown medicine was injected into her body, but there was also someone who fed her mouth a few pills.


She still recalled at that time that she resisted using her whispers.

But, Fan Moyi gently appeased her. “Yiyi, take the medicine and you’ll get well.”

“Want plum candy.” She immediately raised her request.


After she took the medicine, as expected, a sweet yet sour plum candy was stuffed into her mouth.

The lingering bitter taste was instantly overcome by the plum candy’s flavor. Li Yiyi was so pleased that the corners of her mouth unconsciously perked up as she took small bites of the plum. Perfectly content with the effects of the medicine, she fell into a deep sleep.

What she didn’t know that after she fell asleep: At this very moment, in front of her bed, Fan Mohan and Fan Moyi were both standing there. However, besides them, there was also a 50-plus-year-old doctor, his gaze turning complicated as he watched the girl peacefully sleep on the bed.

“You both finally found her.”

He lowered his head and heaved a sigh, turning his head to look at the men anxiously staring at the unconscious Li Yiyi.

“She suffered a lot these past few years? In all my years, I have never seen a girl who looked so happy just because she got a piece of plum candy! Look at what you both have done! Such a nice woman was tortured like this by you both!”

The cool Fan Mohan didn’t utter a word, while Fan Moyi lowered his head in shame. “I made a mistake. In the future, I’ll be able to properly protect her and wouldn’t let anyone bully her!”

As he was saying this, his line of sight turned sideways to face Fan Mohan.

Fan Mohan’s face was still ice-cold, and he still didn’t say anything as if he didn’t care about his younger brother’s threat.

Fan Moyi’s anger nearly made him want to jump up and fight him!

But when the doctor saw what was about to happen, he swiftly asked, “What do you both think? Her… What do you intend to do with her?”

“She’s mine!”

The brothers said in unison, shouting it without the slightest hesitation.

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