Young Masters’ Little Maid

Chapter 046 Deceived by The Eldest Young Master

Hearing what the other side had also said, they both immediately turned their heads to face each other, fiercely glowering at the other party.

“Brother, you’ve already harmed her to this extent, and when she sees you, she’s afraid. What else do you still want?” Fan Moyi growled with anger.

Meanwhile, Fan Mohan’s face turned calm. “She promised that she’d be mine and would be by my side.”

“You forced her to do that! She basically didn’t have a choice!”

“That was still her own choice.”

“That’s enough from the two of you!” It was the last straw for Doctor Qi, and so he interrupted their bickering, “If you want to quarrel, then make those noises outside. The patient needs to rest right now!”

The two brothers immediately choked back their anger, and the two then quietly left the room, one after another.

No one knew what these two ended up privately discussing. In any case, when Li Yiyi woke up again, she could feel that her head was no longer aching and that her throat was also much better, only her body was still a bit weak.

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Li Yiyi just stared blankly.

“Third young master, did you not hear of that night’s activities from the eldest young master’s room?”

“The best materials were used to construct this house, so the soundproofing is also superb. A person from the outside can’t hear what’s inside unless you have a disco party in your room.” Fan Moyi answered as a matter of factly.

Li Yiyi’s body quivered.

‘Fan Mohan! He deceived me!’

‘That wicked man!’

“Yiyi, is something wrong?” Fan Moyi also noticed something amiss, “Did brother bully you too ruthlessly? I’ll go find him to settle this now!”

After saying this, he turned his body, intending to get off the bed.

However, Li Yiyi swiftly pulled him back.

“Third young master, no need.”


“Third young master, let’s not mention his name right now, okay? Hug me tightly, I’m super tired.”


With this, Fan Moyi happily reclined down the bed as Li Yiyi took advantage of this situation to dive deeper into his embrace, nearing her face to his chest.

Watching how she timidly relied on him, Fan Moyi’s mood unexpectedly turned complicated.

“Yiyi.” He softly called her, “When you were unconscious, brother and I were talking… about you.”

Li Yiyi lifted her head. “Is this about the issue of who will I be with? Didn’t I say that I’ll continue to serve the eldest young master, but also you too… If you won’t despise me, I also won’t abandon you.”

“I definitely won’t despise you! What will I hate about you?” Fan Moyi said clamorously, “But brother…”

“I need the eldest young master’s money.” Li Yiyi quietly said.

Fan Moyi was tongue-tied for a while, but in the end, he could only let out a disappointed sigh. “Yiyi, I’m sorry.”

Li Yiyi smiled, not saying anything.

After the two hugged each other, Li Yiyi sensed a very hard object pressing between her legs, lightly rubbing itself at the base of her thighs.

“Third young master?”

Fan Moyi buried his face on the crook of her neck, speaking in a low shameful voice, “Yiyi, you’re mad. I also don’t know how it happened. Earlier, obviously it was still good, but now…”

Li Yiyi simply pursed her lips and turned her body over, her hand entering the seams of his trousers and capturing his very hard staff.


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