Chapter 025 Spanking You

Fan Mohuan’s finger pointed at the chair inside.

This chair was something Li Yiyi was familiar with—— Every time Fan Mohuan examined her body before, she would sit in a chair just like this.

After thinking about it for a while, her body’s secret place had already been completely exposed to this man, but he just sat there without any confusion, even his breathing remained calm.

So now, why was he pushing her to sit there?

Seeing this thing again, Li Yiyi was fed up with him.

She excessively turned her head, “Second young master, if there is nothing else, I will take my leave.”

She then turned her body around, but Fan Mohuan had already grabbed her arm.

“Still not listening to me. Then, I’ll have to teach you a lesson.”

The man’s voice was deep, making Li Yiyi’s vision start spinning before her eyes. Not waiting for her to react, Fan Mohuan had already turned her over and had pressed her against the chair.

The man’s hands then immediately lifted her skirt while his other hand pulled off her underwear.

With her lower half exposed, Li Yiyi’s heart became tense. “Second young master, what are you doing—— Ah!”


The man’s palm had already landed on her bum.

Furthermore, Fan Mohuan wasn’t simply putting on an act. He really spanked her!

Li Yiyi’s small bum experienced a sudden burst of pain, nearly making her jump from surprise.

But, Fan Mohuan immediately exerted more strength in his other hand, causing her to be firmly pressed against the chair. Afterward——

‘Pa! Pa! Pa!’

He spanked her *ss numerous times, each time using his actual arm’s strength, striking her ruthlessly.

Li Yiyi’s bottom was spanked until it was bright red, her entire person still being somewhat stunned.

She began to struggle under his grasp. But the harder she struggled, the harder Fan Mohuan’s hits landed.

Li Yiyi was hurt as well as ashamed. Her eyes watered and tears streamed down. “Second young master, let go of me! You don’t have the right to hit me!”

“I don’t have the right, huh?” A chilling laugh escaped Fan Mohuan’s lips, “Who was that one that kept on saying that if I continued to treat her well, she would continue to cling to me, that I can’t get rid of her for the rest of my life? I have obviously treated her well before, but what happened to her? Do you know what this woman did?”

Li Yiyi froze.

Fan Mohuan gave her another big spank on her ass.

“I only left for a few days, and she was itching to throw herself to another man! If I had shown up a little later, wouldn’t you already be under him, wishing you were dead?”

Li Yiyi abruptly stopped struggling.

“I didn’t.” She softly said.

“Lies!” Fan Mohuan landed another spank.

“I really didn’t!” Li Yiyi choked out a reply in sobs, “He tried to coerce me by reducing my mother’s medical bills, I was a bit tempted. But, I ultimately refused his advances. At the time you came in, I had already pushed him away and wanted to get out!”

“Do you think I’ll still believe you?” Fan Mohuan sneered.

Li Yiyi closed her eyes. “Believing me or not is up to you.”

Fan Mohuan looked at the girl under him. Although she was crouched down, he could still see her body was tense. Her shoulders were also slightly trembling, obviously resisting the urge to cry.


Immediately, a single tear fell on the cortex cushion.

Afterwards, a succession of sparkling tears slowly flowed down. However, Li Yiyi still gritted her teeth, preventing herself from crying.

Fan Mohuan’s hand dropped.

“You… hey!”

He released a disappointed sigh and prompted the woman up, capturing her into his embrace. “Why is it that when you’re with my older brother or my third brother, they only get dried tears. But when you’re with me, you show me grieving tears every time? You make me feel so frustrated!”

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