Chapter 026 The Second Young Master is Angry (Finger Play)

Such a shameful thing to say, but he naturally let these words slip through his mouth.

Li Yiyi suddenly raised her head, “Second young master, what do you mean?”

“What I meant was: Suddenly finding this girl to be such a scam artist. Unfortunately, you’re such a seductive person but also a pitiful one, so I won’t let you get away so easily. I also don’t want to wait.” Fan Mohuan caressed her and captured her chin as he faintly said this.

Li Yiyi’s body turned rigid.

Before her brain could react, she had already felt warm liquid secretly flowing from her body’s private area.

She was moved by the man’s words.

Li Yiyi, you’re so useless!

She quietly scolded herself in her heart.

You clearly told yourself that you shouldn’t hold any expectations for this man. But right now, when he said a few unclear words, you already couldn’t contain your desires!

Her face changed to crimson red from the shame she felt in her heart and quickly wanted to break free from Fan Mohuan’s embrace.

However, when he saw that she unexpectedly wanted to run again?

Fan Mohuan’s eyes darkened.

“As expected, the words you said were to deceive me?”

“Second young master, I… You still believe that I’m deceiving you! I should leave.” She didn’t want to let herself go on with this painful torture.

Knowing that her real identity was unworthy of being associated with him, it would be better for her to break it off early, giving relief to herself.

After all, the meaning of the words he had just said simply meant that he didn’t care that she had already slept with Fan Mohan and Fan Moyi.

So, he still doesn’t have her in his heart. Then, why should she show affection to him?

Hearing what she said, Fan Mohuan’s eyes suddenly showed a dangerous sign.

“Yiyi, you truly don’t listen. Moreover, your words have also successfully offended me. Do you know how offending me ends?”

The man’s previously graceful voice pierced her ears, and Li Yiyi felt chills running up and down her entire body.

“That’s right.” Soon, the man nodded his head, his mouth producing a meaningful chuckle, “I’ll f*ck you until you can’t cry anymore.”


This time, not only did Li Yiyi’s body feel cold all over, all of her internal organs felt the chill as well!

However, upon hearing her cry out in alarm, she was already carried by Fan Mohuan to the chair. He set her up and showed the quivering little cave between her legs.

The man then used his right hand’s index finger to draw the flower petals between her legs, teasing them a bit.

A muffled moan escaped Li Yiyi’s closed lips, her lewd juices flowing out.

Fan Mohuan’s fingers were dampened by the liquid as he sent his fingers to her. “You got excited that quickly? Being randomly touched by a man would cause this reaction. If I hadn’t taken you away earlier, wouldn’t you already be this wet under that Huang and be a total wreck?”

Li Yiyi pursed her lips. “Second young master, did you just put yourself on the same level as Doctor Huang? I thought that you had always looked down on him.”

As soon as the words left her mouth, her petals felt a painful sensation.

She opened her eyes wide from surprise—— This man had unexpectedly bitten her!

He nipped on her petals hard. Fan Mohuan even ended up tasting blood on the tip of his tongue, the smiling expression on his face gradually showing unrestraint.

“That’s right, I truly look down on him. It seems like you look down on him too. That’s good, that makes me feel relieved.”

What was he relieved about? Li Yiyi thought this. However, she quickly couldn’t give it any more thought, because——

“Second young master, don’t. You can’t——”

While she was lost in thought, the man had suddenly inserted a finger to explore her cave. The slightly calloused finger rubbed against her walls, and Li Yiyi could feel her passage excitedly gush out even more liquid.

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