You’re Fired!

Chapter 40.2 The mind was already very sick, but the body still has to stay healthy!

Bai Duanduan doesn’t know why she wasn’t allowed to get out, so she tapped the car window violently. Ji Lin only gave her a condescending look before he turned his head away. His face was indifferent as he looked at the man blocking the car and his eyes were stoic as he began to untie his cuffs.

From Ji Lin’s stance, was he going to do it himself?

But didn’t this man just ask herself, the woman, to go up?

Was that okay?

Now like a cannibalistic flower suddenly protected in a greenhouse, Bai Duanduan could only look out through the car window, but this cannibalistic flower herself was worried about Ji Lin. Although with his tall stature and long legs Ji Lin usually looks like a well-dressed beast in a suit and shoes and war of words was not a problem for him, but it doesn’t look like he could fight…..


Bai Duanduan began to desperately pat on the window glass, “Forget it, Ji Lin, quickly open the door lock and leave it to me!”

As a result, it was better if she hadn’t pat, but once she did, Ji Lin gave her another warning look. 

The man was surrounded by a dozen or so unpleasant-looking, strapping youngsters, yet there was not even a hint of panic on his face, as if he was at ease wherever he was.

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Gde yqvla y pbsav xkdwvl, Jyk Pwydewyd qkdyzzu blyae y hsknl qasx swvpkel.

“Kk Nkd, vyjl y bkv qasx xu pvknj!”

Gzsdt okvb vbl eawdjyae’p ydtau asya, obyv qszzsole oyp —


With her own vast experience, the sound was very recognisable — it was the sound of a human body falling to the ground after being hit.


Was it Ji Lin who had been struck?

Bai Duanduan’s heart seized up for a moment. She was locked in the car and fidgeting. Obviously just now she was inwardly slandering Ji Lin, the dog man, for letting herself go up to fight, but now she hated herself for not being outside. 

And after that loud “bang”, just when Bai Duanduan thought there was going to be an intense fight, or at least a death struggle, there was no more sound…..

Although she knew that Ji Lin was probably a novice fighter, this…… was too novice!

At least it should take a long time to tangle with the opponent before he should fall! 

But this turns out to be a deadly move! Ji Lin went down straight away! That drunken man didn’t look that powerful! He was even older than Ji Lin, and he was still drunk. If she’d gone up by herself, he’d have fallen over long ago!

It’s just that Ji Lin has collapsed, and he didn’t even made any noise. She was afraid that if he passed out, she’d still be locked in the car. Wouldn’t she have to call the police and smash the windows to get out later? After that she will have to carry Ji Lin to the hospital.

He doesn’t look too light, could she carry him by herself? If she smashed his car’s window, would he claim damages from her again? And the most important thing was—

What happened to Ji Lin outside the car?

Bai Duanduan was usually a decisive person when dealing with cases, but at that moment, her mind was in a mess.

And just as she was completely clueless, a hand pulled open the car door accompanied by the sound of unlocking.

Bai Duanduan looked up in panic, and then bumped into a pair of calm eyes.


It was Ji Lin!

“Are you alright?”

Ji Lin’s cold voice rang out almost simultaneously with Bai Duanduan’s, “Let’s go.”

Bai Duanduan was taken aback, and carefully observed Ji Lin’s face and the skin exposed on the outside of the clothes, but found no trace of being beaten….

Ji Lin got out of the car again to take away the suit jacket that he had just used to cover the windshield, and only then did Bai Duanduan’s vision finally clear up —

The drunk man had disappeared….

Bai Duanduan immediately stepped out of the car door, and then saw the drunken man lying on the ground covering his head and moaning…..

He was not unconscious, but his moaning was too weak. Ji Lin’s car was well insulated so she didn’t hear his weak moaning from inside the car. 

Just looking at the person on the ground, and then looking at Ji Lin who was standing on the side, Bai Duanduan was truly puzzled.

“This? You put him……”

Ji Lin looked at the ground with an impatient face and frowned, “I didn’t do anything to him, I just threw a punch. Didn’t he have a big mouth and wanted to fight me? He rushed up with a stick so fiercely, but I didn’t even use ten percent of my strength, so how could he go down with just one punch? Was it all a fake set up to lure me for a one on one fight and then blackmail me for money later?” 

After saying that, he looked at his right hand, “My hand is all red and it is a bit uncomfortable punching him without boxing gloves.”




In the end, Ji Lin’s punch made the other party’s alcohol trance completely sober up and his professional negotiation skills made the other party give up his heart to continue to pester, and was slinkily helped away by the remaining few so-called brothers. After seeing all this, Ji Lin also cancelled the police alarm……

Subsequently the whole thing was dealt with and Bai Duanduan who was sitting in the passenger seat, looked at Ji Lin who was driving smoothly beside her, and was still somewhat insubstantial.

“You put someone down with one punch?”

Ji Lin frowned, “You’ve already asked me five times. Are you a repetition machine? Also let me correct you on one point, don’t make it sound like I was in an illegal and disorderly fight. I was acting in self-defense.”

“It’s either that….. or……” Bai Duanduan weighed her words, “You don’t look like the kind of guy who’s good at solving problems with force? And you know how to box?”

“Yeah, it’s true that I wasn’t good at it before.” Ji Lin stared ahead without squinting, but his voice did take on a slightly unnatural tone, “I enrolled in boxing classes not long before.”

Bai Duanduan was in awe. If she hadn’t been brought up to learn sparring and grappling herself, she wouldn’t have learned it. It’s amazing that someone like Ji Lin, who was so busy during the day, still insisted on practicing boxing in his spare time and was so good at it.

“Can I ask, for what reason did you learn to box?”

It was quite a common question, yet Ji Lin looked a little uncomfortable and he said with some annoyance, “Are you doing due diligence? So many questions. Do I have to report to you as to why I learned boxing?” 

Alright, alright, she’s not going to ask anymore, okay? In modern society, we all understand that even if the mind was already very sick, the body still needs to be healthy! You need to exercise more to strengthen your body!


However, there was one more question that Bai Duanduan was still very confused about, “One last question! Why did you lock me in the car just now? I thought you didn’t want me to see you get beaten up so you blocked my view, but aren’t you a good fighter? Why didn’t you let me see your heroic action? Or……” 

Bai Duanduan blinked, “Were you trying to …… protect me from internal trauma? Like you think it’s bad to let a young girl like me see a bloody and violent brawl scene?”

This time Ji Lin finally gave Bai Duanduan a sideways glance. His expression was calm and his tone seemed natural. He just coughed slightly and then almost immediately denied it, “I’m protecting you? You’re really thinking too much, I’m just standing in the shoes of a fellow male, looking down and taking pity on your future husband.”


“I hope you will watch less violent fights, imitate less, be less domestically violent towards your future husband and engage in less domestic battering activities to avoid affecting the physical and mental health of your future children.” 


Bai Duanduan was simply furious to the point of tearing the walls, “Would I do it with my future husband? It’s simply impossible! With my force level, I can absolutely suppress him! If he is a normal person and knew the difference in power between him and me, he wouldn’t have the guts to try to fight me! Nor would he even try to piss me off! I am convinced that our relationship will be particularly strong and harmonious!”


“Besides, that’s not what you just said! You also told me to go straight down and get involved in a bloody brawl!” Speaking of which, Bai Duanduan became curious again, “So what made you change your mind?”

Ji Lin doesn’t look like someone who could immediately find a conscience…..

Ji Lin looked more uncomfortable this time. He even looked a little grumpy at being pushed to the edge, but in the end, he answered the question, “I suddenly want to seize this opportunity to practice my boxing skills? Is there a problem? And Bai Duanduan, didn’t you just say it was the last question? How come there’s a question again?”

At this moment, he happened to encounter a red light, and Ji Lin obviously didn’t want to pay any more attention to Bai Duanduan. He pursed his lips and took out his mobile phone and lowered his head to tap something quickly and almost at the same time, Bai Duanduan received an alert on her WeChat.

It was a transfer message.

Ji Lin had sent her a red packet of two hundred yuan.

Soon, the light turned green and Ji Lin put down his mobile phone and concentrated on driving. His expression was normal, not at all able to tell that he had just transferred money to herself.

Bai Duanduan looked at WeChat, unable to calm down for a long time. The iron rooster Ji Lin would actually send herself a red envelope. She was even a little touched for a moment, “This red envelope, is it to compensate for my mental trauma and lost wages for being innocently involved in today’s incident?”

Ji Lin calmly said, “It’s hush money.”

Was it hush money or was it similar to the extra income you get for being innocently involved in the incident?

Bai Duanduan immediately promised, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about this, even if…..”

Ji Lin gave her a look, “I’m not talking about that kind of hush money.”


“Here’s two hundred yuan for you, and don’t talk to me again for the rest of the five-minute journey.”


The author has something to say: 

As for the reason why our Partner Ji learned boxing, please refer to the context in chapter 2, hahahahaha

Partner Ji from that chapter: No, I’m not embarrassed, I’m not shy, absolutely not.

[Small Theatre]

After Bai Duanduan and Ji Lin announced their marriage at the law firm, everyone sent in wedding gifts:

Yang Fan: Partner Ji ! I heard that this golden pain medicine is very good! There is also this Yunnan Baiyao, a medicine for bruises and injuries. You keep it for future use. If you run out of it, ask me for it again!

Wang Fangfang: Partner Ji, this hemostatic patch is very useful!

Xiao Jing: Partner Ji, you deserve this bulletproof vest.

Ji Lin: ….. 

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