You’re Fired!

Chapter 41.1 “You just can’t wait to poison me?”

After accepting the red packet, Bai Duanduan thoughtfully kept quiet. The two drove all the way back to the law firm and each returned to their desks, where Bai Duanduan handled a few more emails of legal advice before packing up and getting off work.

Because she had solved such a problem for Dai Qin, Xue Wen invited her to dinner in the evening, and by the time Bai Duanduan said goodbye to her and went home, it was already 8:30 in the evening. 

After thinking about it, she decided to go to the supermarket to buy some daily necessities before returning home. Although she got two big bags of snacks from Ji Lin when her shopping plan was interrupted by the naughty child last time, she was yet to purchase the daily necessities.

Bai Duanduan picked things from the left and right shelf and procured another cart of goods. However, just as she was about to go to checkout, she remembered that she had forgotten to buy rubbish bags and turned back to the shelf of rubbish bags. 

The most popular section of the supermarket was the food section, and there were hardly any people near the shelves on the rubbish bag side. Bai Duanduan found what she wanted to buy at a glance and was about to drop it into the shopping cart and be done with it, when she heard a voice from the opposite section of the shelf—


“I heard that Bai Duanduan left ZhaoHui and went to Sheng Lin.”

“The one where Ji Lin is?”

“Yeah, this woman has many tricks up her sleeve, and the ones she picks up are all partners. The last one was Lin Hui and this one is Ji Lin. It’s also strange, what’s wrong with these men? Aren’t they all well-known barristers in their circles now? Can’t they hold on to themselves?”

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Mbl ydpola oyp kd y pswa vsdl, “Ekvb vbyv jkde sq zssj, obs nyalp kq y osxyd kp qkapv-byde sa plnsde-byde? Jwv y xyd zkjl Kk Nkd nyd’v cl plakswp ycswv Jyk Pwydewyd, bl’p fwpv rzyukdt yaswde yde okzz ewxr bla pssdla sa zyvla, fwpv zkjl Nkd Twk eke. Gqvla yzz, obs oswze zkjl vs tlv xyaakle okvb y osxyd zkjl Jyk Pwydewyd, obs zssjp zkjl y elxsd yde kp nshlale kd elpktdla zyclzp yde prldep xsdlu zkjl oyvla. Fbl kp elqkdkvlzu dsv y qyxkzu-qakldezu osxyd.”

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Mbl vball obs bye tyvblale vs nbyv olal yzz osxld, fwpv sd vbl svbla pkel sq vbl pblzq qasx oblal Jyk Pwydewyd oyp. Jlnywpl vblal olal ps qlo rlsrzl kd vbyv plnvksd sq vbl pwrlaxyajlv, vblu eked’v vbkdj vblu oswze cl shlablyae yv yzz yde olal tsppkrkdt byrrkzu.

Bai Duanduan couldn’t help but sigh in her heart. There are times when women in the workplace have to face not only male oppression, but more often than not, malice from the same gender.


She pumped her fist, thinking it was time to give these three gossip mongers a workplace education —

Anywhere, as a lawyer, one should not discuss other people’s only wrong doings in public, especially untrue ones. From the moment she heard that it was herself who was being spoken about, Bai Duanduan almost occupationally turned on the recording on her phone….. 

Wasn’t this a slander scene?

Yet before she could push her shopping cart around the shelves and walk to the other side, she heard another voice interject those three female voices.

It was Ji Lin’s voice.

“Hasn’t anyone taught you not to slander and defame other people in public?” His voice was cold and indifferent, and almost as soon as he spoke, he said exactly what Bai Duanduan was thinking.

Those few people probably didn’t expect to meet Ji Lin there by chance, so they all mumbled at once.

“You three are women yourselves, yet you’re attacking Bai Duanduan, who is also a woman with such nasty words. What with first-hand second-hand, take over or not.” 

It was about being slandered for having an affair with herself. 

Ji Lin’s tone already sounded vaguely suppressed with anger, “Don’t you feel ashamed to say such things?” 

OK, the next step was probably to clarify that he’s definitely not having an affair with a demon like her…..

As expected, Ji Lin suppressed his anger and opened his mouth, “Also, I need to clarify a few points.” 


He paused, “It would be saddening for you to know that men, at all, don’t find Bai Duanduan unsuitable for marriage. Men just like her demonic self. So what if she spends a lot of money? There are people who are willing to spend money on her, there are people who are willing to hold their fortunes for her to lose, so what’s it to you? Did she spend your money?” 

To Bai Duanduan’s surprise, he didn’t clarify at first that he had nothing to do with her but helped herself to spray it back.

Even though his tone was mocking and pungent, Ji Lin did not use particularly foul words, yet his implied words had flourished out with his tone —

Where were these wild chickens coming out from to add more to their self imagined drama?

The three people really couldn’t say a word in retort, and there was silence on the other side of the shelf.

The only voice that rang out was Ji Lin’s cold voice, “I have not been deceived by Bai Duanduan either, so don’t rush to think that you have a mission to ‘clear the ruler’s side’1 it means that Ji Lin is emperor or ruler of some kind and it is these women’s sole duty to protect him from evil doers hahaha, don’t bother yourselves at all. She is what she is in front of everyone, and apart from standing up for the same gender, I have never seen her attack any female; it is you people, who usually look meek and kind on the outside, but end up attacking others like this behind their back. You all are not as good looking as Bai Duanduan, but you’re all still so ugly in your hearts.”

“As for you, what Xian is it? I’m telling you clearly, Bai Duanduan is at Sheng Lin now and will continue to be at Sheng Lin for a long time in the future. I won’t fire her unless she wants to leave on her own, and you don’t have to dwell on seeing her and feeling depressed. You don’t have to come to the second round of interview at Sheng Lin. I will communicate with the HR department to find your resume and return it to you.” 

Ji Lin sneered, “We at Sheng Lin will not want this kind of person who likes to attack internally. Being a lawyer is important professionally, but having a poor character is not acceptable.”

He said this before he turned around and probably walked away from the scene, because after this, the one called Xian in the three female voices just then finally broke down emotionally and was actually crying.

“Lawyer Ji, Lawyer Ji please……”

“Stay away from me.”

Ji Lin coldly and ruthlessly finished these four words, before shaking off the other party and leaving completely.


And the female voice then cried out to her companion in the same place, “What to do, what to do? My offer is gone, I really want to join Sheng Lin ah. I changed jobs this year and it’s hard to find a job that suits this salary and working environment … What should I do?…”

The next thing that rang out was the girl’s crumbling cries and the consolation sounds of her companions.

Bai Duanduan, however, has no interest in these follow-ups, and she really doesn’t want to appear at all at this moment to give the other side a filler, she doesn’t care at all about these people who scold her behind her back, it’s just……

Her heart was beating a little faster than usual.

It wasn’t until the people on the other side of the shelf were gone and there was no sound that Bai Duanduan realized that she should turn off the recording on her mobile phone.

She never thought that Ji Lin would defend her like this.

When Ji Lin said those words in a cold voice, Bai Duanduan experienced a strange tenderness. Although, this man was really sometimes so venomous that people wanted to beat him up, but when he was charming, he was really very, very charming.

Even Bai Duanduan herself didn’t realise that at that moment she was actually giggling like a fool while looking at the rubbish bags on the shelves. And it wasn’t until a moment later that she reacted, looked around awkwardly and when shen found no one was there, she gathered her thoughts and pushed her shopping cart away.

In the end, Bai Duanduan found Ji Lin in the checkout line. Ji Lin’s expression was still not very good. When he saw Bai Duanduan, he was taken aback for a second and only after a moment did he collected himself and return to his cold state. 

If Bai Duanduan had not been standing behind the shelves and heard the whole chaos, just by looking at Ji Lin’s cold and indifferent face, she probably would never have imagined what had just happened.

“Thank you.”

Ji Lin frowned “What?”


“For speaking up for me just now, thank you.”

Bai Duanduan thought that Ji Lin would be quite receptive to her gratitude, however, Ji Lin was not a normal functioning human being. Not only was he not receptive, his face even showed a bit of annoyance, “Where were you hiding? How much did you hear?”

Bai Duanduan noticed that his face was flushed with a red and white look. In order to avoid Ji Lin from getting embarrassed and thinking that he purposely didn’t come out, she lied very sweetly, “No no no, I just happened to walk by and heard you say that you would not fire me, so she did not need to dwell on the need to see me and she wouldn’t be hired.” Bai Duanduan knowingly asked, “So did the other person say something bad about me? Was it someone I offended?” 

Since Ji Lin wanted to, then let this man himself recount what really happened, Bai Duanduan thought to herself. She would only be responsible for blowing a wave of 360 degree rainbow farts after Ji Lin finished anyway!

However, the narrative she imagined from Ji Lin did not appear. The man actually coldly denied everything, “Don’t think I won’t fire you. I’m just making an analogy, her qualifications are too poor, even worse than yours. I can’t stand the presence of someone with her qualifications at Sheng Lin.”

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