You’re Fired!

Chapter 40.1 The mind was already very sick, but the body still has to stay healthy!

Bai Duanduan doesn’t know about the episode that happened on Dai Qin’s side. She just felt that when Dai Qin reappeared after packing up her things, although her face still looked pale and haggard, her eyes had become different. How to describe it, it was as if she had been injected with vitality. Obviously still the same Dai Qin, but it seemed like she was no longer the same Dai Qin.

But Bai Duanduan didn’t think too much about it, she sent Dai Qin home, and only then did she haul Ji Lin’s car back to the law firm. Bai Duanduan had said too much, both during and after the negotiation, and now she didn’t want to say a word, while on the other side, Ji Lin was obviously not interested in talking either. He was quiet and calm on the outside, but on the inside he was just the opposite. Ji Lin felt a little distracted, the way Bai Duanduan looked just now lingered in his mind, and her words were imprinted in his heart like a brand.

Had he changed for her? That was impossible. Ji Lin denied Bai Duanduan’s claim in his heart without even thinking about it. Would he change for her? Huh. He would never waste his time talking about such nonsense. That was just a momentary distraction then and nothing more. Bai Duanduan was just a toxic subordinate, he definitely didn’t treat her special, and he would definitely never treat her special….

Ji Lin’s heart was in turmoil, and his eyes were clouded with uncertainty as he looked at Bai Duanduan, while the other person in the car, who started it all, sat there unaware of it.

After getting in the car, Bai Duanduan reported Xue Wen about their “success” this time, and then the two chatted about other things. Bai Duanduan was chatting with Xue Wen about the latest film and television gossip, when Ji Lin suddenly slammed on the brakes.



The brake was so sharp and abrupt that Bai Duanduan didn’t have time to be cautious and not only did her phone fly out, but she almost hit her forehead as well. She looked up and realised that a man had appeared in front of Ji Lin’s car at some point.

If it had been a mere pedestrian who had appeared out of nowhere, at least it would have been avoided without any risk. However, the man’s spiteful gaze at Ji Lin and the baseball bat he carried in his hand made his appearance seem no coincidence, and as if to verify that this man’s appearance was premeditated, soon a dozen men, all wearing baseball caps and masks, appeared at the end of the road, encircling Ji Lin’s car at once.

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At times like this, it looked like someone was bound to get out of the car to negotiate and face this miserable life head on.

Bai Duanduan turned her head to look at Ji Lin, but to her surprise, Ji Lin pursed his lips and was also looking at Bai Duanduan.


The man outside staggered closer to the car, it looked like the drunken man was really going to smash the car in his irrational state……

Ji Lin lifted his chin and spared the words, “All right, you go out.”

? ? ?

“I go out? ? ?” Bai Duanduan was taken aback before she reacted and she was moved to say, “Don’t do it Ji Lin, although he did come for you and you feel that the wrongdoer is looking for you and so you asked me to go down and hurry away from this dispute. But this man doesn’t look sensible either. In case I go down there, he may think that I have a good relationship with and may not let me go!”

“You are sitting in the co-pilot seat, he’s been out of work for most of the year, poor and crazy at heart, and drunk out of his mind, so of course he’s not going to let you off the hook either.”

Bai Duanduan was puzzled, “So you’re telling me to go down for?”

“You go down and negotiate.”

? ? ?

Ji Lin patted Bai Duanduan on the shoulder, then turned his face sideways and said, “The time has come to show and prove yourself.”


“You want me to use my legal expertise to communicate with them?” Bai Duanduan said blankly, “But I’m not good at criminal law and public security management punishment regulations, and in terms of professionalism, you’re better, right?”

Ji Lin mused, “I’m talking about your other professional ability.” He looked at Bai Duanduan, “Aren’t you a good fighter? Last time I saw you fight a drunken man with no effort, so shouldn’t you use your professional ability at times like this to protect your boss?”

? ? ?

Ji Lin said with a matter-of-fact face, “He said he wanted to fight one on one, and as you are my employee, I’m sending you to fight him one on one.” After he finished, he said to Bai Duanduan without sincerity, “Go on, Bai Duanduan, I believe in you, go for it.”


Bai Duanduan was so shocked that she was on the verge of losing her breath as she stared at Ji Lin, “Are you serious?” She looked at the drunken man outside the car, “It’s true that this level is not difficult for me, but Ji Lin, do I need to remind you? I’m at least a woman.”

What the fück does this man know about gentlemanly manners and the responsibilities that a man should take? What’s more, this was something he had caused himself, and he had asked herself to go at such a critical moment? Bai Duanduan was simply stunned, she couldn’t imagine that not long ago, she had found Ji Lin gentle? Like a god? A god? A heartthrob man? He was a 24K purebred dog man. She had been poisoned by him to put on such a thick filter, right? Bai Duanduan felt that she should really go see an ophthalmologist.

She stared angrily at Ji Lin and was on the verge of splitting her insides in anger, “At a time like this, Ji Lin, how dare you let a woman stand in the way? Are you still a man?”

She thought that if she could not awaken the conscience of the dog in front of her, she could at least make him feel ashamed, but instead Ji Lin smiled and replied as if he was a man.

“Every successful woman needs a silent man behind her, and you can interpret me as the man standing behind you.”


I’ve seen cheeky people, but I’ve never seen such cheeky people….


Bai Duanduan was simply furious, however, the group of men outside the car were still surrounding the car and the drunken man was still shouting, so this was not a way to go on. The most time saving way was indeed to get out of the car and beat the drunken man into submission.

It’s just that throughout this process, Ji Lin, the dog man, was so calm!

However, Bai Duanduan might not have thought that the calm Ji Lin, who was sitting in the driver’s seat, was actually not that calm inside, his heart was irritated beyond belief.

Ji Lin had deliberately let Bai Duanduan out of the car.

He felt that he had recently been paying more attention to Bai Duanduan than was normal. He shouldn’t be paying so much attention to her, nor should he be helping her out all the time. This feeling was strange. Ji Lin had never experienced it before. In the past he had a set of completely mature rules for dealing with people, which allowed him and his money to live well. However, recently in Bai Duanduan, he found that his principles were changing little by little.

Although it was impossible to say and he was unwilling to think what the reason was, it was not a good sign.

It was too costly and uneconomical.

He had to be a little cruel to Bai Duanduan and keep a little distance from her, but this woman was so toxic that Ji Lin sometimes couldn’t help but move closer to her, so he had to keep her away from him.

This time, he let Bai Duanduan out of the car on purpose, thinking that she would be able to resent him and stay away from him. And the fact that he could still treat her so coldly was proof that he had nothing special for her at all, that there was no such thing as a change of heart as she claimed.

Theoretically, thinking like that, Ji Lin should be relieved at that moment, but no, he was nothing but annoyed. There was a feeling in his gut that something was going to happen.

And this premonition finally came true when he saw Bai Duanduan glaring at himself twice before reaching for the car door with one hand.



Bai Duanduan reached out to pull open the car door, but at that moment, Ji Lin, who had been calm and silent in the driver’s seat, suddenly turned sideways and yanked back Bai Duanduan’s hand in an almost rude manner.

Bai Duanduan frowned as she looked at Ji Lin, wanting to ask him what was wrong again, but Ji Lin didn’t even look at her directly. He turned his head away slightly and his gaze fell on Bai Duanduan’s side.

He had asked herself to fight, but he still won’t even look at herself, that was too rude! This man was really too much of a dog!

However, Ji Lin was not only rude at the moment, even his voice was a little annoyed and impatient, “Alright, don’t go, sit properly in the car.”

He waved off these words, looking a little exasperated, then turned around and opened the door on his side of the car and got out himself. Only before he got out did he finally look at Bai Duanduan and gave her a hard stare.

? ? ?

The one who caused the trouble was the drunken man who was blocking the car, okay? What is this angry look in Ji Lin’s eyes? Why did it look like she had provoked him? And didn’t he want to be the man behind her? Why did he get out of the car by himself at this moment?

Bai Duanduan watched with a puzzled expression as Ji Lin got out of the car and locked the door.

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