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Chapter 56.2: The Love of His Life

  Pulling her hair out, Jiang Dai could not refrain herself from asking, “Did these feelings start to develop back in senior year when we were about to graduate? Subsequently, these feelings were reignited once more all of a sudden?”

  In fact, Jiang Dai seemed pretty cool with this. Even if Qiao Jinye honestly had feelings for her, nothing could ever change the fact that they were still the best of friends.

  However, she was awfully curious about when these impure thoughts began running through her best friend’s mind?

  Qiao Jinye answered, “No, it didn’t begin in our senior year, but instead, I’ve started liking you since the moment we first met. Later, I debuted in a boy group and was pulled into a closed-off training course. Initially, I had plans to confess to you during that spring break at the end of your sophomore year’s first semester. However, I heard that not only did you have……a boyfriend, but you have also just fallen head over heels for him. What’s more, students in Yanjing University and Qing University had been buzzing about this.”

  Without a moment’s delay, he continued, “I know you, Jiang Dai. Since you took the initiative to pursue him, it wasn’t just a simple fling, and you would be in the relationship for at least a year and a half. At that moment, I couldn’t help but feel defeated. Hence, I headed back to work once my break ended. However, little did I know that you went so overboard that you actually married him.”


  Before the sound of his voice could fade, Jiang Dai’s innermost feelings were in disarray. “Um…… Let’s not talk about the foolish mistakes of my past, alright? I mean, there’s nothing I can do about it, but it’s all in the past, and I’ve already been divorced for about half a year. However, what I don’t understand is that we met during our first year when we first enrolled in high school, so why didn’t you……say anything?”

  In comparison, there had been a surge of complicated emotions that colored Qiao Jinye’s handsome visage.

  If it had been him standing here at this very moment and thinking back to why he dared not confess, there was nothing much that could be done regardless of how he mocked and held it against himself.

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  After holding her breath for quite a while, she stated, “Hm…… Alright, I get it. Anyways, it’s getting late, so I’d better get going. See you later.”


  Even though it was not awkward, her innermost feelings were still somewhat in disarray.

  As far as she could recall, the time she had received the most love confessions was probably her freshman year, so much so that she had received a never-ending amount of love letters, flowers, and chocolate. At one point, she had even begun to have a fear of men.

  Later…… Things had truly quieted down once she had Huo Rongshen.

  It might be due to the fact that the majority of the male students in the university did not have an income and were still spending their parents’ money. Hence, there would always be a sort of psychological resistance ingrained in these students whenever they encounter successful people like Huo Rongshen……

  Ever since they knew she was dating Huo Rongshen, not only did these male students no longer dare to confess to her, but some had also gone as far as to avoid her like the plague.

  Strictly speaking, she no longer underwent any experiences of being confessed to ever since she entered her sophomore year. To date, it had been approximately three to four years, so it was no wonder she found it so overwhelming.

  Without further ado, Jiang Dai reached out and opened the car door. Just as she was about to get into the car, Qiao Jinye extended his hand to press down on the door frame before grabbing hold of her wrist. 

  “Good night.” Qiao Jinye’s voice was deep with a hint of vibrato.

  After a slight pause, Jiang Dai replied, “……Yeah.”

  Under the supposed influence of the moon, one would find themselves becoming a moonstruck lover.

  For some unknown reason, Qiao Jinye’s eyes zeroed in on the woman’s bright red lips.

  Neither were her lips a dark nor a light shade of red, but instead, they just so happened to be of the most alluring baby pink color.


  Yet, it had never dawned on him that confessing to her so suddenly had taken a massive load off his mind, to the point where he was able to gain courage instantaneously.

  For a moment, Qiao Jinye was unable to contain himself from drawing closer to her and took half a step forward before leaning forward——

  On seeing this, Jiang Dai’s heart skipped a beat. Taking a step back, she narrowly missed a step and teetered on the curb’s edge. Without a moment’s delay, Qiao Jinye placed a hand on her back, supporting her upper body.

  Even through the thin layers of her clothing, she could feel the burning heat of his palm penetrating her skin.

  It was evident to Jiang Dai that her entire back was nice and warm right now.

  For the first time, it dawned on her that Qiao Jinye had such big hands. To think that just a single palm of his hand could cover the entirety of her waist to such an extent and with such strength as well.

  It was at this moment that she realized how much Qiao Jinye had grown, as he was no longer that immature introverted big boy. At this juncture, he had already grown into an incredibly robust man.

  The strength he had exerted with his palm had convinced Jiang Dai that if they were to trade blows right now, it was unlikely for her to win him with ease, like how she did back in high school.

  Needless to say, Qiao Jinye’s eyes remained trained on her seemingly compelling and overly alluring lips.

  Yet, she had subdued her body from giving him a certain signal.

  With that, he reminded himself that he had to take it nice and slow since it was not suitable for their relationship to develop too quickly.

  After all, the step he had taken today allowed him to make significant progress.


  ‌Hence, he had to grin and bear it. Given that he had endured it for so many years, what was another couple of days, right?

  Thinking about that point, Qiao Jinye released his grip on her waist and took half a step back. With a deep and gentle voice, he advised, “Why don’t you head back first? Anyways, travel safe and let me know once you reach home.”


  As soon as Jiang Dai had just completed her daily work the next day, Wen Yan made his way into her office to report the most recent news he had received from the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

  “The China Securities Regulatory Commission’s response to our application is that the Economic Crime Investigation Bureau has already filed a case and commenced an investigation. So, I believe they will bring the Zhang clan siblings to justice within the next few days.”

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