Wealthy Supporting Actress Tore the Script

Chapter 56.3: The Love of His Life

  There was a fair bit of evidence suggesting that the Zhang clan siblings were involved in stock market manipulation by monetizing the most despicable means of playing people for a sucker. Even so, they would regard time and again the hard-earned money of those middle and small stock investors to be their personal vault.

  At the end of the day, the walls, as the saying goes, had ears.

  Amid the stock market news, the news of the China Securities Regulatory Commission working together with those in the Economic Crime Investigation Bureau had begun to circulate to a certain extent.

  As a result, related posts started emerging in countless popular stock market forums. 

According to reliable sources, Zhang He, the chairman of the Zhang Clan Ya Li Group, as well as his sister, President Zhang Man, are suspected of insider trading and market manipulation. As of now, they have already been frequently summoned for informal questioning. Once the accuracy of the news has been confirmed, the Zhang clan’s share prices will surely plummet.

  As far as Jiang Dai was concerned, everything seemed to be progressing as expected. Due to his illegal transaction with the Zhang clan, that unlucky cousin of hers was also summoned a couple of times for informal questioning.



  Meanwhile, the recording for ‘Youth Camp’ was still going on.

  Due to work demands, Jiang Dai would visit the site in person every now and then. Despite the love confession she received from Qiao Jinye that day, their relationship remained the same.

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  After the consecutive release of the trailer and pilot episode for ‘Youth Camp,’ the netizens began to rush to be the first in selecting their favorite contestants, as well as focus their attention on the Title Sponsor unanimously.

The downright stunning President Jiang, who is on camera for work, truly has celestial beauty! It’s safe to say that hardly any of these 100 Youth Camp contestants can compete with President Jiang in terms of beauty.
Omg, omg! My mum says that I must have gone out of my mind as I’ve gone from watching a talent search variety show to wanting the investor to debut as the center position!
This is Jiang Dai, the president of Bao Li Group? The Goddess of Luck that topped Weibo’s most searched hashtags a while back? I would have assumed she’s also a contestant if I’d missed the video nameplate that was added on the side! Wow, isn’t she far too impressive in various areas, like beauty and image?
Hahahaha! Oh man, that’s far too embarrassing! This is like an ‘Investor Is More Good-Looking Than the Artistes’ series!
It’s a good thing President Jiang doesn’t know how to sing and dance, right? Otherwise, the investor would have taken the spot for the center position. Hahahaha!
President Jiang sure is gorgeous! As for those who were so bitter about it back then, they must be flushing crimson with shame as they watch the show. To think that they mentioned that President Jiang was adept at retouching pictures once they saw her selfie and how she used the beauty filters available on the software for her live streams. You see that now? Not only is she good-looking, but she is so impressive!
Hahaha! Come on, everyone, let’s take this seriously. After all, this is the main stage for all the contestants! Apart from the ever-popular Ni Yue and Ran Mengmeng, that other girl, whose name is Liang Zhenyu, in the commercial is also beautiful and charismatic, to the point where she has an innate ability to draw people in. The same goes for me, as one look was all it took for me to like her.
Someone has finally discovered my diamond in the rough, Little Yu! We, Little Feathers1 小羽毛: I believe this is what her fans have called themselves since her nickname (小羽) also means Little Feather. , are taking this chance to express our excitement for her! ICYDK, Liang Zhenyu already possesses experience of being in a girl group when she was in Country H at the age of 15 and has just returned to her home country to pursue her career 2 years ago. Not only that, but she also has superior capabilities, especially when she has clinched the title for countless international dance championships since she was a child. On top of that, she has such powerful singing as well. So, be sure to select her whenever you pass by~
Liang Zhenyu is so beautiful! She looks exactly like the classic beauties found on frescoes! I love her!
Tsk! Has Qiao Yi begun releasing their astroturfers to boost their baby girl’s popularity? The live stream has only just started, and the competition has yet to start, so isn’t it a little too early for that?
The person above, what do you mean by that? Why do you say Liang Zhenyu is Qiao Yi’s baby girl? Do you have some dirt on them?
I seem to have caught the faint scent of a massive gossip……
Since Liang Zhenyu has only just joined Qiao Yi International not too long ago, why the f*ck are you trying to mislead everyone deliberately? Sure, Qiao Yi had indeed selected her to participate in the Youth Camp, but it’s unlikely for her to be a baby girl by way of seniority.
Seriously, what’s there to argue about? Tell me, which talent management company doesn’t have a main artiste that they’d prioritize in boosting their popularity? Wasn’t Bei Yunyun an artiste whose popularity was doggedly boosted by Shi Sheng Entertainment? Look at how they have purchased advertorials before the program has even begun! Also, that androgynous Ni Yue is more likely to be Xiang Mang TV’s baby girl since she participates in the TV station’s variety shows frequently at the beginning of her popularity as an influencer. What’s more, she had numerous big shots of the reality TV industry giving her guidance and screen time on the programs.
Liang Zhenyu is participating in this program as an individual, so she has performed solo for the first round of the talent battle in the pilot episode. If Qiao Yi were to have a baby girl, I’d say that person should be Ran Mengmeng, especially when the captain of Qiao Yi’s strongest team is Ran Mengmeng, the hidden gem from last year.
Aaaah, Ran Mengmeng is absolutely fabulous! Captain + Powerful Main Dancer! So, everyone, please do keep an eye out for our Mengmeng!

  As for the pilot episode, it comprised individual talent showcases and group performances. With such spectacular content, the netizens were still buzzing from the exciting discussions, so much so that a couple of them had topped the most-searched hashtags on Weibo.

  Amongst them, a particular hashtag appeared exceptionally novel yet bizarre——

  #Looking Forward to Seeing Title Sponsor, President Jiang, as the Guest Mentor# 

  The creation of the trending hashtag came about this way——Just as the airing of the pilot episode had begun, ‘Youth Camp’ announced on their official Weibo page to have the netizens suggest potential candidates to appear as the guest mentor for the first episode. By the end of the second day, they would then tabulate a name list based on the netizens’ recommendations before conducting a poll. Once the candidate with the highest votes was revealed, the production crew would do their utmost to invite the person to the program.

  This in itself was a phase that utilized interactivity to increase the audience engagement and participation, as plenty of variety shows did.

  When it came to the three official main mentors, they were all professionals in this area of expertise.

  One was a prevalent idol from a boy group, and the other was a well-known idol from a girl group. Even so, their popularity and fanbase were second only to, as well as rivaling, that of Qiao Jinye’s.

  Lastly, the third mentor was a female singer who debuted through the talent search variety show for quite some time. At this juncture, she was a big shot that had completed successful tour stops for her concerts all around the world. Although she did not make a debut through a girl group, her singing career had still begun on a talent search variety show, after all. Thus, it was no doubt that she was a suitable choice to be a mentor.

  With regards to guest mentors, they would pretty much be appearing as guests. Generally speaking, the production crew would invite some superstars or something based on the viewers’ preferences, in order to increase the program’s popularity.

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