Chapter 3.2: There’s Someone Outside

  The smile on Jiang Dai’s face widened further. “I said you do not have to worry. I won’t hold up your son because we will be divorcing real soon.”

  “?????” She went as far as to touch her ears, suspecting whether she had gotten on in years and started to hear imaginary voices.

  “Jiang Dai, you…… What’s the matter with you?”

  Jiang Dai paused after every word she uttered, “Yes, you heard me right. I want to divorce Huo Rongshen.”


  Huo Rongshen, who had just pushed open the doors to the dining room, just happened to hear this sentence. That extremely handsome face of his immediately went blank.

  He stiffened for a few seconds and walked straight into the dining room with a deadpan expression. “What did you say?”

  Jiang Dai’s gaze fell on the man’s face and drew back her smile. She then held up her glass of orange juice and took a sip. While she was teasing her future ex-mother-in-law, she was caught in action by her future ex-husband, causing the situation to be so f*cking awkward. However, she did not really care.

  On the other hand, Huo Rongshen cared very much. With his long legs, he moved forward in a couple of strides and seized the woman by her slender wrist. “Jiang Dai, you better make yourself clear. What on earth do you want to do? Divorce?”

  When the word left his mouth, even its intonation was changed, resulting in a strange pronunciation.

  He was so angry that he did not get a wink of sleep last night. Early in the morning, he rushed to the office for a morning meeting, as he thought of the woman at home, who had hit her head, vowed that she would find him to talk once she had woken up. By the doings of ghosts and gods1 鬼使神差: It refers to unexpected happenings or a curious coincidence. , he rushed back once the meeting ended.

  As a result, he heard this sort of nonsense…… 

  Jiang Dai knitted her brows and pulled her hand from his painful grip. She took a deep breath and said, “Since President Huo returned coincidentally, to cut a long story short, let’s divorce. I have already drafted the agreement.”

  Huo Rongshen was startled for a second, then laughed hysterically.


  There was not anyone in Yanjing City who did not know that it was Jiang Dai who chased him in the first place.

  This woman loved him, admired him, and was infatuated with him. How was it possible for her to come up with the idea to divorce? 

  The chances of the sun rising from the West were much higher than Jiang Dai wanting to divorce!

  It was most likely she was still angry with him for not turning up to pick her up at the hospital, or else she had read some scandal on the internet that was written groundlessly by some media.

  This woman’s childish jealousy made Huo Rongshen smile. However, he continued keeping up his cold facade and looked down to squint at her. “Jiang Dai, there is a limit to being difficult. You should know I won’t be pushed around by this.”

  The corners of her mouth quirked up. Huo Rongshen always acted in such a manner.

  Now, she just could not be bothered to argue with him. “President Huo, I have something on this afternoon, so I have no time to quarrel with you. The divorce agreement has already been printed and placed in your study.”

  Huo Rongshen’s face changed slightly, as his eyes bore into her and examined her face, which was shining with a subdued pinkish hue like a cherry blossom, for a long while. She did not even batter her eyes. Whereas, he could not find a hint of humor in her. 

  Finally, he felt a little agitated. With a deep voice, he asked, “You are serious?”

  “Of course.” Jiang Dai said in a carefree manner as if she felt very relaxed after making this decision.

  Huo Rongshen was exceedingly astonished, while Old Madame Huo, who had finally recovered from her surprise, shouted angrily, “You want to divorce? Do you think my Hou family is somewhere where you can marry and leave whenever you want to? You have only married for a year, yet now you wish to escape lest others can tell you are here to defraud us of our properties?!”

  Being involved in a divorce was such a huge matter, so the wheels turning in Old Madame Huo’s head picked up speed. Recently, the shares of the Jiang clan had plunged greatly. Soon, it would not hold out anymore. To have suggested a divorce at this juncture, it would most likely be for the property!

  Yet again, Huo Rongshen grasped Jiang Dai’s wrist. His somber face looked like he could eat someone at any moment. “Follow me upstairs.”

  Jiang Dai was dragged by Huo Rongshen out of the dining room, while Old Madame Huo was still chasing after them. She yelled from behind, “Rongshen, you absolutely must not let this woman succeed! If she really dares to divorce, not a single cent will be given to her!”


  Study, in front of the big study table.

  Huo Rongshen expressionlessly read the entire divorce agreement.

  Jiang Dai sat on the opposite and watched him look through the document twice, not uttering a sound. She prompted impatiently, “Have you finished reading it? If there are not any problems, then just sign it.”

  Huo Rongshen placed the agreement down. With a ghastly look to his face, he asked sarcastically, “Which unreliable lawyer drafted this agreement for you?”

  “……” Anger surged from Jiang Dai’s heart, as she slammed the table and stood up. “You better be more polite!”

  Watching her gnash her teeth, he then understood. Initially, he thought she was cheated by an unreliable lawyer, but he could never imagine that she had written this agreement herself.

  Regarding the part on dividing the assets, it indicated that she did not want anything of his. Also, she had stated clearly that she only wanted to take back her dowry.

  Unintentionally, she had left no consideration for Huo Rongshen’s face before the divorce. With much self-control, she continued, “I had drafted this agreement when I was in the hospital with nothing to do. Since neither we do have any children nor had they jointly purchased any properties, so the conditions are simple. President Huo, you would not make any loss, so hurry up and sign it.”

  Jiang Dai thought she was still pretty reasonable. She had wisened up and knew what was to come in the future, as well as the fact that Huo Rongshen would meet his true love, the female lead. However, at the moment, he still did not know. What’s more, the Huo clan was the wealthiest, and he was such a lucky guy as well, so there was no need to make a big scene when it came to splitting up.

  It was good to have a clean break, wasn’t it?

  Be that as it may, Huo Rongshen did not plan to give her any face.

  He sneered, “Jiang Dai, you are having an affair?”


  “You are just overthinking.”

  Ever since both of them had been dating, Huo Rongshen had assigned Assistant Wen Yan to follow Jiang Dai for 24 hours straight. To put it politely, he was there to serve her, but in actual fact, she had known all along that Wen Yan would report her whereabouts to Huo Rongshen at any time.

  Since Huo Rongshen could easily find out what she had done throughout the day, so how could he have the cheek to accuse her of having an affair?

  Huo Rongshen scowled, “If there is not a third party involved, why do you want to divorce so suddenly?”

  Jiang Dai could not resist the sudden urge and thundered, “Our personalities are incompatible, life after marriage is boring, the aspirations and interests of the married couple are not the same. If you want a reason, I can say a hundred different ones, so President Huo, which one would you like to hear?”

  Although Huo Rongshen seemed to look composed, his heart was in great turmoil. He had always thought he understood Jiang Dai very well, but at this moment, he could not figure out what was the matter with this woman.

  The only thing he could understand was that this woman was in a hurry to leave, with eyes sparkling joyfully. 

  Out of a sudden, he held up the agreement again and tore this thick document to shreds, then throwing it into the bin that was near his leg.

  Jiang Dai rolled her eyes and could hear the man say clearly, “Want to get a divorce? Dream on.”


  “I will send someone to investigate, Jiang Dai, you better pray hard that I do not uncover some improper men.” 

  In a fit of anger, Jiang Dai really wished to stand up and scold someone, but a sudden rush of blood to her temple caused her head to pound. She could only hold her head with her hand and sneered, “Sure, go ahead and investigate! If you were not able to find anyone and have wronged an innocent party…… Be careful of retribution and getting struck by lightning!”

  Simmering with anger, she spoke with no concern for anyone. 

  She had intended to end the relationship on a good note, yet here she was accused of being unfaithful. At this particular moment, Jiang Dai was really praying to God to help her clear her name!

  Unexpectedly, thunderous boom resonated across the sky——

  Subconsciously, she turned her head and looked out the window, only to see a bolt of lightning suddenly tore across the sky, and a peal of thunder followed. That shining white thunderbolt seemed to have passed through the floor-length window and entered the study……  

  The very next second, Huo Rongshen’s big body, collapsed with a loud crash.

  Both the thunder and lightning then retreated. Beyond the window, the stretch of cloudless blue skies returned.

  Jiang Dai stared at the man on the ground, being at a loss.

  This b*stard of an ex-husband……was really struck by lightning???? 

The author has something to say:

Goddess Dai: What’s wrong with this goddess’ mouth???

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