Chapter 3.1: There’s Someone Outside

  When the man with a darkened face got up from the ground, the atmosphere in the master bedroom became ghastly silent and tense.

  Yet Jiang Dai wrapped her hands around herself and leaned against the bed headboard leisurely, without any traces of remorse on her face.

  She had only exerted a little force, so she would never have thought she would be able to kick him off the bed. From the sounds of it, he seemed to have fallen really hard, but the floor was carpeted, so it was unlikely for him to injure himself.

  Jiang Dai felt a slight pleasure of revenge.

  She observed for a long time and realized that this b*stard kept his body arched after standing up. His face was livid with rage, his lips were pale, and his dull eyes held a hint of baffled questioning…… 

  Jiang Dai pondered for a moment, in hindsight, she became aware of——the fact that she had somehow kicked the man’s unspeakable part?

  This would be rather awkward.

  She coughed and regained her composure. “When I was in the hospital for half a month, I gave a serious thought about our relationship and came to a decision. The doctor mentioned that I should not stay up late, so I have to sleep now. We will talk more tomorrow.”

  His rage made Huo Rongshen’s face turn very ugly, contorted. To the extent where he could clearly feel his temple twitching violently.

  Jiang Dai, this woman……really did have a temper. On the whole, she could still be considered tender and sensible.

  To actually do something so violent to her legal husband, like kicking him off the bed, he had reasons to suspect this woman had a few screws loose in her head.

  The man pursed his thin lips slightly and spoke cooly, with a slight hint of sarcasm, “You hit your head during the car accident so I won’t make a fuss over this. Go to the hospital tomorrow and get another check-up.”

  After getting along with him for so long, Jiang Dai surely knew that he did not have a good temper. To have used this sort of authoritative tone, which over righted all else, he must really be infuriated. Furthermore, he was most likely waiting for her to take the initiative and coax him.

  It was all her f*cking fault, letting him get accustomed to this!

  Jiang Dai snorted in her heart. She then turned over to lie down, covered herself in a blanket along the way. “Huo Rongshen, it should be me who is too lazy to make a fuss. So please leave and don’t affect my quality of sleep.”


  Jiang Dai woke up naturally at 11 a.m. and felt so comfortable all over, uncaring whether the angered man, who had stormed out of the room in the middle of the night, had slept well or not in the guest room.

  After washing up, she went downstairs and headed to the dining room.

  Right now, it was her usual brunch time. Scrumptious dishes were already laid out on the table.

  Picking up on the smell of freshly grilled bacon, it whetted her appetite. She was indeed hungry.

  It was a shame an uninvited guest sat at the table, somewhat affecting her mood to eat.

  Adorned with brilliant jewels and pearls, Old Madame Huo had an accusatory look, as she raised her chin haughtily. Her gaze swept over her daughter-in-law and asked bluntly, “Jiang Dai, I heard that you kicked Rongshen out and had him sleep in the guest room last night?”

  Jiang Dai ate some steamed egg custard with milk in small bites, while slowly sipping coffee, not feeling surprised at Old Madame Huo’s reaction.

  Old Madame Huo had planted her people in their newlywed villa, so if anything were to happen, she would know about it very quickly. Having lived here for a year, Jiang Dai had already gotten used to it.

  In the past, she had the intention to build the relationship between her mother-in-law and herself well. Whereas, Huo Rongshen never had the time to pay attention to the friction between the two women. Also, he had never excessively favored his mother, so Jiang Dai’s mood was very stable.

  She was always someone who sets clear objectives for whatever she does.

  Three years ago, Huo Rongshen had caused her heart to skip a beat, so she wanted such an outstanding man to be her boyfriend. That was why she took the initiative to make the first move right away, catering to his likings, then strike and success in one shot.

  Once the relationship progressed steadily, she also felt that Huo Rongshen was the most suitable candidate to be her husband. Hence, she confidently went about to build her marriage, which consisted of complicated personal relationships with members of the Huo family, including the mother-in-law, who was prejudiced against her.

  If you were to look at it now, the marriage, which she had painstakingly built, was just a big joke. She was merely a vicious ex-wife whose sole purpose in the comic was to push the male and female leads to intensify their relationships. 

  Jiang Dai composed herself and remained silent.

  Old Madame Huo thought that she wanted to feign ignorance, so she called the housekeeper and ordered sternly, “Auntie Zhao, describe to me clearly what happened last night.”

  Auntie Zhao, who was over 50 years old, was an old servant in the Huo family. After they had married, she had always helped to take care of the Mirror Lake Mansion. Although she was Old Madame Huo’s trusted subordinate, on the surface, she treated Jiang Dai with respect. However, Jiang Dai had never bothered to take it to heart.

  Auntie Zhao answered respectfully, “Old Madame, young mistress and young master were fighting loudly last night, so many servants also heard it. Someone saw it with their own eyes that the young mistress kicked the young master out of the master bedroom.”

  Jiang Dai quirked up the corners of her lips slightly and asked, “The purpose of Old Madame Huo’s life was to be involved in your son’s married life?”

  The color drained out of Old Madame Huo’s face. She saw that something was not right with Jiang Dai yesterday, but she did not expect that her attitude was even worse today!

  With a straight face, she reprimanded, “Jiang Dai, is this how you should speak to an elder? What me being involved in your lives? Rongshen is always busy at work, so I, as the mistress of the Huo family, have the responsibility of supervising the younger generation! In the beginning, it was only because you had promised to give birth to three children, then I agreed to let you marry into the family. Now that you had kicked Rongshen out of the master bedroom so easily, how is that proper at all? At the moment, you have already graduated from university, so it is only right for you to do your duty and give birth.”

  Before the marriage, it was true that Old Madame Huo did ask Jiang Dai about her views on bearing children. The Huo Clan was a traditional aristocratic family, as well as a distinguished and great clan. There was nothing to be said against the fact that sons were thought of highly. Since Jiang Dai stated that she did not dislike children, when the time was right, she would bear a child. As for promising to give birth to three children, that had never occurred at all.

  After eating a piece of ham, Jiang Dai said slowly, “I’m sorry, but you’ll have to be disappointed.”

  Old Madame Huo immediately widened her eyes and fixed her eyes upon Jiang Dai in alarm. “You don’t plan to give birth? Jiang Dai, you…… How dare you! Before getting married, you clearly said that you would, you liar!”

  Leading billionaire socialite, who usually got whatever she wanted, was choking with anger to the point where she was speaking incoherently. Jiang Dai scrutinized Old Madame Huo’s current appearance and thought she was rather adorable like this.

  Jiang Dai wanted to tease her, so she drawled, “At that time, I was young and ignorant. Now, my views have changed.”

  In Old Madame Huo’s perspective, the tone that Jiang Dai used sounded resolute, without any hint of humor.

  The moment she thought that Jiang Dai was serious about not giving birth and Rongshen was also the eldest son, as well as the heir…… This sequence seemed like one that was leading the Huo family to die without descendants!

  “Jiang Dai, don’t think that just because Rongshen indulges you, you can act so unruly! Sons are matters of primary importance. If you are really unwilling to give birth, then get out of our Huo family as early as possible. Don’t hold up Rongshen.”

  Old Madame Huo had been just speaking impulsively. Even though she had spoken rather harshly, she felt uneasy in her heart.

  Although the eldest son was her biological son, he developed intelligence at a very young age, so he did not really listen to her. When it came to marriage, he did not even consult any elders for their opinions and was determined to marry Jiang Dai.

  If Jiang Dai was unwilling to give birth and Rongshen was willing to indulge her, then the Huo clan’s family line that the eldest grandson was in…… Would it really die-off?

  It must have been a sudden rush of blood to her head that made Old Madame Huo have the urge to lash out.

  With a smile, Jiang Dai interrupted, “You do not have to be so anxious, Huo Rongshen would not be the last of the family line. He has wealth, status, and his looks are passable. Women who want to bear his child are everywhere, are they not? Like Qi Yao, whom I saw yesterday, she is not too bad. Even though her IQ is rather low, at least she deeply loves Huo Rongshen.”

  Old Madame Huo was somewhat baffled, as she stared at her bewilderedly. “……What did you just say?”

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