Chapter 4: Superpowers

  After Huo Rongshen passed out, the entire villa was in disorder.

  The housekeeper and servants were all panicking, especially Old Madame Huo, who had, all the more, fallen apart, and could not even bother reproaching Jiang Dai. As soon as the medical personnel arrived, all she could think of was to ask persistently how her son was.

  After performing a range of complex check-ups, the doctor gave a reluctant look. “There is nothing wrong with Mr. Huo. As for passing out so suddenly…… It could be possibly due to a sudden decrease in blood sugar.” 

  With a grave look, Old Madame Huo exclaimed, “Just low blood sugar?!”

  The doctor theorized, “It could also be from being emotionally traumatized.”

  Old Madame Huo turned towards Jiang Dai and demanded, “What on earth did you say to Rongshen? He was always health-conscious, strong, and healthy, so you must have gone over the line to cause him to pass out suddenly?!”

  Jiang Dai chose to remain silent. She definitely could not say that she had cursed him, causing Huo Rongshen to be struck by lighting.

  The doctor busied himself with trying to mediate the situation. “Old Madame Huo, you do not have to be so nervous. Being emotionally traumatized is only a guess, and it could also be due to a combination of various other reasons. Even though Mr. Huo is still young, he works under high pressure on a long term basis, which might cause him to be overworked.”

  At this very moment, Huo Rongshen woke up. Old Madame Huo threw herself at his bedside. “Rongshen, you’re awake? You’ve scared mum half to death!”

  Huo Rongshen’s complexion appeared normal and seemed like he did not have the weakness that one should have after passing out.

  He reassured calmly, “I’m fine.”

  Old Madame Huo still remained agitated. “Passing out is such a serious matter, how could you say you’re fine! How does your heart feel? Is there any discomfort? These days, there is so much news going on about young people dying from cardiac arrest……” 

  Huo Rongshen drew his brows together slightly. His murderous aura, at long last, managed to influence Old Madame Huo. 

  Silence returned to the bedroom. The man, who was currently lying against the bed headboard, cast a meaningful stare at Jiang Dai.

  Jiang Dai began to feel scared in her heart, as the scene earlier was rather strange. She had only wanted to divorce and did not want to cause anyone to lose their lives. This man, supposing that, was to confront her about the lightning earlier…… She would be at a loss for words.

  However, Huo Rongshen stared at her for ages then moved his thin lips a little. The words that left his mouth were vastly different from what she had expected. 

  “Jiang Dai, I will not agree to a divorce. I will never agree to it.”

  “……” Old Madame Huo looked strangely at her son.

  Jiang Dai was a little startled. “……That’s it?”

  This man was struck by lightning and passed out in broad daylight, yet the first thing he said to her, after waking up, was unexpectedly a serious reiteration of his disagreement with a divorce?

  She was silent for a moment and figured that with the current situation, she would not be able to have a fruitful discussion. So, she just threw up her hands and said, “Forget it, since it is only a piece of paper. Once President Huo has thought it through, then come look for me to sign it.”


  Jiang Dai left the bedridden b*stard heartlessly and went downstairs. Very quickly, Assistant Wen Yan followed her out and questioned, “Young Madame, earlier you mentioned the divorce to President Huo in the study?”

  Last night, Young Madame notified that she needed the car to return to her parents’ home today. Usually, whenever she returns home, Wen Yan would accompany her. When he reached on time after rushing over, President Hui passed out at the same time. 

  Jiang Dai did not deny and said, “Yes.”

  “Then President Huo…… was he so infuriated with you that he fainted???”

  As if looking at an idiot, Jiang Dai’s eyes swept over him.

  Wen Yan said to himself, “This is unlikely. President Huo is always expressionless. So, even if you were to suggest a divorce so suddenly, it would be unlikely to cause him to faint from anger.”

  Jiang Dai boarded the car, as Wen Yan, who started the car, continued to mumble repeatedly.

  On the verge of laughing, she asked, “Wen Yan, did you hear the sound of thunder this afternoon?”

  Wen Yan tried to recall for a moment and answered, “I heard it. The weather today is rather strange, to think there was both thunder and lightning in broad daylight. I even thought there would be a heavy downpour afterward, but in the end, not a single raindrop had fallen.”

  Hence, Jiang Dai confirmed that she was not hallucinating. Half-jokingly, she probed, “If I were to say…… During the divorce discussion, I was confronting Huo Rongshen. With a slip of the tongue, I cursed him to be struck by lightning. Immediately after that, he passed out after being struck by lightning. Would you believe that?”

  Wen Yan, who was sitting at the front of the car, remained silent for half a minute, then laughed awkwardly. “Ha, hahaha. Young Madame, you are so humorous today.”

  Wen Yan clearly did not believe her, so Jiang Dai shrugged her shoulders.

  She also thought it was peculiar.

  Was it really a coincidence? The sound of thunder just happened to rumble across the sky. Meanwhile, Huo Rongshen, who did not sleep well last night, had fainted because he was feeling unwell?

  Or could it be…… After she had woken up as this vicious supporting actress, she had obtained a golden finger?

  Jiang Dai thought back of her secondary school days, where she had also read some comic series on the internet. In those series, it was a very common configuration for transmigrating female leads and supporting actresses to have golden fingers.

  For instance, what top student system, beauty cheat, personal spiritual spring dimension, etc…… 

  If this was really the case, could it be possible that her superpower was being a jinx???

  Jiang Dai was also not in a hurry and wanted to check whether she had unlocked a gold finger, so she would have to search for another chance to test it.


  Due to Huo Rongshen passing out so suddenly, much time was lost. By the time she had returned to the old Jiang family residence, it was already evening.

  The moment she stepped into the foyer, she could hear Father Jiang and Jiang Zhuyuan discussing in the distance.

  Jiang Zhuyuan was Jiang Dai’s cousin, the son of the Jiang family’s Second Uncle. A gold plated graduate1 海归镀金: It refers to someone who studies abroad for the sake of acquiring an unearned reputation or title. , who had studied abroad, but now in the Jiang clan, he managed to acquire the Vice President position.

  The arrival of Jiang Dai interrupted them. Pleasantly surprised, Mother Jiang walked forward and asked, “Daidai, why did you return so suddenly?”

  “I suddenly want to eat mum’s fish congee.”

  Ever since Jiang Dai had married, the days she returned home had lessened. Since she was their only daughter, her parents, without a doubt, missed her very much, but it was not acceptable for them to always urge her to return.

  As soon as Mother Jiang heard Jiang Dai’s answer, she felt very happy and hurriedly headed towards the kitchen. “This child, since you have something you want to eat, you should have called sooner. Luckily, it’s still early, so the kitchen staff is still preparing the dishes. Mum will go make it right away.”

  Father Jiang was also glad to see his daughter had returned, but he could not help frowning when he saw Wen Yan, who was following closely behind Jiang Dai.

  Wen Yan immediately went forward and handed over a few bags of expensive gifts. “Chairman Jiang, this is a token of President Huo’s regard. Recently, President Huo was tied up with the merger and acquisition matters in Australia, but once this period is over, he will definitely accompany Young Madame and visit her parents.”

  On many occasions when his daughter had returned home, somehow, his son-in-law was never seen with her. In his heart, Father Jiang had his doubts, but he plastered a smile on his face. “Rongshen is too courteous. We are all a family. Xiao Yan, it is not often your auntie will be cooking, you should also stay and have some.”

  When Wen Yan was about to refuse politely, he could hear Jiang Dai say faintly, “Don’t be so polite, just stay and have some. My mum’s fish congee is delicious. You’re in for a treat.”

  All along, Wen Yan never dared to go against Young Madame’s will, so he sat down obediently. Father Jiang could not help but chat with him.

  It went without saying that Jiang Dai’s cousin and cousin-in-law, who were on the sidelines, were also considered as guests, but once Jiang Dai returned, they were ignored and left out.

  When everyone was not paying attention, Xie Meiqi, Jiang Dai’s cousin-in-law, whispered into her husband’s ear, “The leading billionaire son-in-law is incredible. He was seldom seen by anyone and only sends a small assistant, yet your uncle treats him like a distinguished guest.”

  Her cousin, Jiang Zhuyuan, also grimaced mockingly.

  If it were before, Jiang Dai would never have noticed these details, but now everything was different.

  Fortunately, she was an influential villain supporting actress of this comic world, so the sequence of her clan’s rise and fall was written clearly in the plot.

  Jiang Dai’s fierce gaze swept over Xie Meiqi, giving her a massive shock. She thought she had lowered her voice when she was speaking earlier, so it should be unlikely for Jiang Dai to overhear?!

  She hurriedly smiled and held Jiang Dai’s hand affectionately. “Daidai, you had gotten into a car accident recently. It had frightened me badly. Are you okay now?”

  Jiang Zhuyuan pointed out, “No matter how severe it was, that was still a car accident, so you have to take care of yourself. Look at you, Daidai, how skinny you have become.”

  Jiang Dai sneered in her heart, but grinned, “Brother, you have mistaken. I had to go out of my way to maintain this figure of mine. I much preferred a slim appearance, unlike Sister-in-law Meiqi.” 

  The face of Xie Meiqi, who had a slightly fuller figure after giving birth, darkened. She made a subconscious move to sit up straighter and drew in her abdomen, feeling much offended.

  Father Jiang, who was listening at the side, felt very dissatisfied and pulled a long face. “What slimness? You are almost as skinny as a piece of paper! Do not learn from those girls who lose weight carelessly. They do not look good at all!” 

  Jiang Dai knew her father loved her dearly. It was just that ever since she had Huo Rongshen, she became so busy with her love life that she had unconsciously neglected her parents, who truly loved her.

  She wrinkled her nose, much like how she did when she was little. “Oh, so dad thinks that I am ugly?”

  Father Jiang froze for a moment and waved his hands repeatedly. “Not at all, I didn’t mean it this way……” 

  Jiang Zhuyuan laughed, “Daidai is still young and still loves to act cute with Uncle.”

  Jiang Dai changed the topic emotionlessly. “Oh, right. When I stepped into the foyer earlier, I heard dad and brother were talking about the shares. Please do continue. Coincidentally, I want to listen as well.”

  As soon as the topic reverted to the shares again, the atmosphere became more oppressive.

  In Father Jiang’s eyes, Wen Yan, who had stayed by Jiang Dai’s side and looked after her for three years, was not an outsider, so he did not intend to dodge the topic.

  “Zhuyuan, we can consider your earlier suggestion. Tomorrow, I will discuss it with the major shareholders again.”

  The shares of Bao Li Group had already plunged to its lowest, so Jiang Zhuyuan suggested to announce bankruptcy and resell the Bao Li brand, or directly use it to pay the debts with the bank and save the other subsidiaries.

  Jiang Zhuyuan wanted to strike the iron while it is hot. “Uncle, we should make a quick decision. Currently, Bao Li is still worth some money, who knows some big market makers would be willing to get their hands on it. Anyways, even if we do not have Bao Li, we still have many other subsidiaries. From now on, if we were to use the share dividend, there would not be much impact on the clan’s business.”

  Jiang Zhuyuan seemed to be so confident, yet Father Jiang remained grim. “This, after all, is one way of fixing it, but Bao Li is a brand that was founded by your great grandfather. Also, it was once the top company in the country……”

  ”Well, times have passed, and circumstances have changed. Nowadays, citizens seldom use local brands. So, this can’t be helped.” Jiang Zhuyuan heaved a sigh.

  Jiang Dai, who remained silent, sneered in her heart.

  After reading the comic, she knew very well the objectives behind Jiang Zhuyuan’s current plan.

  He was not entirely aiming to cut losses, but he had long since secretly made an agreement with Jiang clan’s rival, Zhang Clan Group, allowing the Zhang clan to acquire Bao Li at the lowest price as if collecting scrap products. In the midst of it, he would reap a rake-off of high profits.

  Right when the scale in Father Jiang’s heart gradually tilted towards Jiang Zhuyuan’s solution, Jiang Dai, who was pretending to play with her phone, suddenly declared, “Bao Li won’t go bankrupt, let alone acquired at a low price.”

  The moment these words left Jiang Dai’s mouth, Father Jiang was stupefied, and even Jiang Zhuyuan was also somewhat at a loss.

  With a firm tone, she asserted clearly, “There are three reasons. Firstly, Bao Li is our ancestral business, and, even more so, a well-established brand. Grandfather mentioned before that he would rather starve to death than sell it off. Secondly, all these years, these subsidiaries had set Bao Li as their core operation, so once Bao Li is gone, the sales of these subsidiaries would not last for long. Thirdly, the fluctuation of the share prices is only temporary. Soon after, it will stabilize.” 

  Jiang Zhuyuan’s expression gradually became ugly, as he could not figure out why did Jiang Dai suddenly interfere in the business.

  “Daidai, when grandfather was still alive, he loved you dearly. Brother, of course, understands your feelings, but when it comes to business, you can’t be swayed by your emotions. Don’t you know the share prices have already plummeted to just over two dollars? Right now, all we can do is cut losses without any delays!”

  With these words, he then turned and looked at his wife. Xie Meiqi, Jiang Dai’s cousin-in-law, chimed in with her husband, “That’s right. Daidai, what would a little girl like you know about the company matters? Stop talking nonsense.”

  Jiang Dai scoffed lightly, “I don’t understand? I’m afraid Sister-in-law Meiqi has forgotten what my major was?”

  After being rebuked by Jiang Dai, Xie Meiqi blanched.

  She had married into the Jiang family for six to seven years, so she had heard that Jiang Dai was once considered as a top student. She had long been recommended for admission to Yanjing University and majored in business management, as well as a minor in law, graduating with a double degree.

  Jiang Zhuyuan’s adaptability skills were much more advanced than his wife. “Daidai, it is true that you have majored in business management, and Brother also knows you always achieve great results since you were little. However, education and business are simply two separate matters. Having studied that major in university is just basically making useless comments without solving any problem. If you do not believe me, you can ask Uncle.””

  Father Jiang was suddenly cued and had mixed feelings. Even though he did not take his daughter’s impulsive words seriously, the first sentence Jiang Dai had said had made the most impact on him.

  “During that time, your grandfather did mention that Bao Li was our Jiang family’s well-established brand. It had been prospering since the Republican Era, and would never change hands easily. I did not expect that you would still remember your grandfather’s words……” 

  Jiang Dai actually did not remember a single word. What she had said was something that she had made up offhandedly. Which elder in a family clan would not be obsessed with their ancestral business?

  Jiang Zhuyuan became rather anxious, fearing that Jiang Dai would mess things up for him.

  “Daidai, you never interfered with the family clan’s business. Don’t you think it is a little too late to be acting impetuously at this time?”

  Jiang Dai’s mouth curved into a smile and answered straightforwardly, “Do you think it is too late? As long as Bao Li still has not been destroyed by some people, then it is not considered too late. Dad, I actually returned today for this matter. From tomorrow onwards, I want to work in the Headquarters.”

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