Wolf Imprisoned for 19 Nights


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My consciousness seems to be still loose in hazy pieces, as if aware of the outside world, yet it exists in a brief darkness.

When I return to my senses, my whole person is already sitting on the floor. The buttons of my top uniform have been neatly buttoned, and my uniform pants are put on me as well with only half of the belt left to tie…

Gu Yan is currently squatting in front of me, fighting with my belt, and trying hard to fasten it.

“Gu Yan…”


“Wolf, are you all right?”

Gu Yan reaches out and strokes my cheek, but I don’t shake his hand away as I always do before, only staring at him silently.

“I’m sorry, I went too far, but I was just so angry because of you, Wolf…”

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──Ebu xl? Ebu eslp kv byhl vs cl xl?

“Can you walk on your own? Or do you want me to help you… Hmm?” Gu Yan’s hand on my waist doesn’t have the intention to relax. I understand that even if I forcefully insist on walking by myself, I will eventually be rejected, and besides, I know I can’t walk properly in my current condition.


I spread my entire body weight in Gu Yan’s arms, completely relying on his strength to support myself.

“I want to take a hot bath…” Utters with my own, weak voice.


Gu Yan caresses the back of my neck, like petting a cat, and he drops a few soft kisses on my face.

The relationship between Gu Yan and I seems to have become even stranger, and even the way we get along is gradually changing. On the surface, it seems the same as before, but I understand in my heart that there’s already an indescribable difference──

I’m now sitting next to Gu Yan, both of us eating breakfast quietly.

These days, Gu Yan perversely wants me to accompany him at every meal. Fortunately, I no longer feel nauseated due to stress and pressure as I used to. Staying with Gu Yan has become a common thing, and I can also eat my meal properly.

Recently, Gu Yan has been watching me especially closely, as if he’s deeply afraid that one carelessness would let me escape his sight.

Gu Yan is unusually vexed with my closeness to Josh. After that incident, he constantly warns me not to get too close to Josh. On the surface, I promised him to avoid Josh as much as possible, but in fact, there are still a few times where I secretly keep in touch with Josh, concealing that Josh and I have contact with each other from Gu Yan, and occasionally meeting and talking to him with about a sentence or two.

On one hand, Josh is a very pleasant child, and I don’t refuse to have interaction with him; On the other hand, possibly since we’re both older brothers that have younger sisters, Josh is particularly dear to me. He and Xiao Cheng are similar in age, and sometimes, I reflexively feel like having a younger brother.

──Perhaps it’s empathy? And also I miss Xiao Cheng so much…

“This one is the longest I’ve seen… Is it really different when you choose something yourself?1You guys will understand more what Tian Hai meant here in the next chapter. The blond man sitting across from me raises the corner of his mouth, and teasingly looks at me with a strong sense of playfulness in his blue eyes.


Longest? I don’t understand what Tian Hai means.

“Of course, you should know this best, Tian Hai…” Gu Yan replies, before glancing at the empty seat on the side. “Speaking of which, where is Cang Wu?”

“In my room, still sleeping, probably tired.”

“Oh, did you go too far last night?”

“No, about this, I got pissed because of what happened. Yesterday, Cang Wu was actually drunk when he came to my room. And I hadn’t had the time to do anything yet when he fell asleep as soon as he hit the pillow.” Tian Hai’s expression visibly drops down a few degrees. “I don’t know who he got the drink from…”

“Cough!” Coughing a few times, the soup I have just eaten chokes my throat, and my face turns beet red.

…In fact, Cang Wu was in my room before going to Tian Hai’s cell last night. Because Yaren and Teal ‘sneak’ in a batch of wine from outside again. But this time, they brought in a little too much, so they fit some into my fridge, because Cang Wu’s place is already full as well.

Yet after fully stuffing our small refrigerators, there’s still some bottles that couldn’t fit in. Seeing the remaining few bottles of wine, I felt pity and a little greedy, so I called Can Wu over and chit chatted for a while as we got ‘rid’ of those wines along the way.

I don’t know that Cang Wu’s alcohol tolerance is not good…

“What’s wrong?” Gu Yan asks in amusement, smoothing my back for me.

“I’m okay…” I cover my mouth, wipe the tears choking out from the corners of my eyes, but face Tian Hai’s aqua blue eyes as I steady my sight.

Tian Hai’s raised eyebrows make me break into a cold sweat.  But when he opens his mouth to say something, the radio in the Hall interrupts him, and I couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.


“Ye ShiJiu, come to me immediately after breakfast and give your digital watch to Teal. Teal! You will be responsible for sending the prisoners back for Ye ShiJiu after their lunch and free time.” Xue Luoyi’s loud voice echoes through the hall.

“Hey! Why me! What a pain!” But Teal’s unwilling voice is louder.

“Teal, you’d better stop complaining, or I will deduct more of your salary”

“How could you!” Even from a distance, I could already see Teal holding his head with a chagrined look on his face.

I don’t know what Xue Luoyi wants to see me about? To be honest, it’s never a good thing to be called by Xue Luoyi on the radio. But I guess it might be another hard work of me sorting out some data or clearing out some clutter for him.

But will there be so much work this time that I might not even make it before the period for escorting the prisoners back?

I couldn’t help but furrow my brows in confusion. But at this moment, I seem to have heard Gu Yan’s voice in my ears── “Make the most of it, it’s the first and the last time I’ll give you the greatest charity that I could.”

What does he mean? What does Gu Yan mean by this…

I look at Gu Yan with a puzzled face, but he just smiles and doesn’t say anything.

After breakfast, I immediately sail out to find Xue Luoyi.

I knock on the office door and am just about to enter, but the door opens itself first and Xue Luoyi’s tall, slender body steps out, forcing me to take a few steps back.

Scratching my nose, the strong smell of Xue Luoyi’s perfume makes me want to sneeze. His outfit today is a little exaggerated as usual. His big white windbreaker and black leather pants doesn’t make him look like a Prison Warden, rather, he looks like an artist making an opening show on stage.


“What do you want from me?” I ask coldly.

To be honest, since that time I was drugged by Xue Luoyi, I  have an even less favorable impression about him, and when I’m with him, I will be more wary and always on guard for myself.

“Uh-huh, come with me, I’ll take you somewhere.”

Xue Luoyi hooks his finger at me, and then trots away with his long legs. I pause, and then follow, not knowing where he’s taking me. Where to go? And to do what?

I trail Xue Luoyi out of the Absolute Wing Hall, and finally even out of the fence surrounding the Absolute Wing Hall. Looking at the black-painted iron railing gate that opens automatically, I become dumbfounded.

Xue Luoyi wants to take me out of Absolute Wing Hall?

Xue Luoyi walks out of the gate without any effort. Outside the gate parks an all-white sports car with an exaggerated style that matches Xue Luoyi’s. He opens the door and is about to get into the car, but finds me still standing in place.

“What are you staring at? Get in the car quickly.” Xue Luoyi urges.

The doubts in my stomach swell so much that it could no longer expand anymore. Under Xue Luoyi’s urging, I slowly proceed into the car, pondering in my heart what the hell is Xue Luoyi up to.

Is he trying to piss me off? Making fun of me? Or wanting to see me make a fool of myself?

I stare at Xue Luoyi’s hand as he starts the car, wondering if he is just trying to see my joy of leaving the Absolute Wing Hall before mocking me viciously?

However, after Xue Luoyi starts the car, he really drives the steering wheel away from Absolute Wing Hall. I watch the building with its white exterior and dark blue roof get further and further away as my heart beats faster and faster.

“…Where are we going?” I inquire with a slight tremor in my words.

“Where? You’ll know in a minute…” Xue Luoyi’s long fingers tap on the steering wheel, before glancing at me coldly and saying sarcastically, “But don’t worry, we definitely won’t go too far away from the Prison, we’ll go back after lunch so that you can come and have dinner with your dear, Lord Gu Yan.”


──I have to admit that I am indeed disappointed.

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      Hello! Sadly, AWH Series was published under Xian Huan Culture, which had already been shut down. You can only find this through their physical copies, all would be second hand already. But these are all the story names: Series #2 Forced in Prison (Yaren & Gui Shang ) / Series #3 Selfish Prisoner (Tian Hai & Cang Wu) / Series #4 丑陋牢狱 (Teal & Han Sen) [I’m still unsure about the Eng Trans of the title] / Series #5 The Absolute Wing Hall Series Extras (Extras of all the couples)