Wolf Imprisoned for 19 Nights


WARNING: This whole chapter is NSFW (of course, as usual it’s tagged as rape cuz our YanLang is still unstable).

“Ah, is it because I spoil you so much that you become so arrogant?” Gu Yan’s hands on my arms relax and re-encircle around my waist, caging me firmly in his arms. “Wolf── I am very angry, the better I treat you, the more willful you seem to be. But I don’t want to treat you the way I did when you first arrived. I like to keep you preserved by my side to watch and enjoy, instead of hurting you all over the place. I think I have been very patient with you compared to the past, but you have repeatedly challenged my bottom line… I’m very upset, in the end, how can I make you become obedient? Should I treat you as roughly as before…”

I immediately feel a burst of goosebumps all over my body. Right now, my body has already developed a sense of deep-rooted-fear from my painful, horrid memory of Gu Yan’s brutal treatment at the beginning. It’s the kind of pain that courses through my flesh and blood, etched deep into my bones that causes shivers to run down my spine.

“… Or should I change my ways? Should I stop hurting you, but instead humiliate you in front of others?” Gu Yan heated breath waffles against my ear, and his hand that is originally around my waist reaches out to my chest, skillfully unbuttoning my uniform shirt.

“Gu Yan!” I panic and try to grab Gu Yan’s right hand, which continues to open my buttons, but Gu Yan easily seizes both my wrists with his left hand and holds them high above my head.


“Don’t struggle too much, you don’t want to taste a dislocated arm again.” Gu Yan gently nibbles on my cheek, his long fingers unruly sliding on my bare chest.

“Gu Yan, please don’t! There are other prisoners sweeping the floor elsewhere, and there’s a chance someone might pass by here!” I shout in horror.

“Ah, of course I know that, but I don’t mind. Although everyone already knows you’re mine, I don’t see anything wrong with asserting my sovereignty more directly in front of others.”

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“Let go of me! Let go of me!” I growl in a low voice.


I struggle and arch my back, occasionally attempting to dodge left and right, but how could I escape if my most fragile part is being stroked and forcibly played by his hand? Under his skillful manipulation, my desire gradually swells, and waves of treacherous pleasure rises from my body, accompanied by a hair-raising fear that assaults me.

“Very comfortable, isn’t it?” Gu Yan kisses my neck, stretches out his red tongue and licks me all the way down, and finally stops at my collarbone. “Which side of the Wolf’s body is sensitive, of course I know the most…”

Gu Yan lightly squeezes my waist with his fingertips, then traces it upwards and presses around my nipple tip. A sudden electric current shock courses throughout my body as if I’m being electrocuted, making me curl my toes and limbs, yet still couldn’t escape his malicious play.

No! I’m really going crazy!

Gu Yan’s caressing combined with the constant sound of similar approaching footsteps and conversations by the corridor makes me extremely sensitive and nervous almost to the point of going crazy.

I don’t want to be seen by others doing this kind of disgraceful thing! I don’t want to!

“Please, I’m sorry! I won’t do it again… Gu Yan! Please, let me go!” Finally, I collapse, begging him for mercy in a frenzied manner.

“No, if I spare you right now, you will definitely not learn to behave.”

“Gu Yan, please…”

Gu Yan ignores my pleas for mercy, and the strength in his hand becomes a little bit stronger. The initial waves of pleasure before the climax in my body become more and more inescapable that I can’t even resist letting out a whimper from my throat. I don’t even dare to beg for sympathy anymore, fearing that the sound I might let out would embarrass me even more.

At last, Gu Yan squeezes my hardness in the palm of his hand, and my body jerks convulsively as I let out muffled grunts and finally releases in his hands. I stare at the milky white fluid in his palm and on my own limp desire, and an inexplicable sense of emptiness and wrongdoing pressing my whole body from within, making my eyes redden in shame.

I feel cold all over myself, why does myself down there still respond to Gu Yan?


I can’t believe my willpower to be so fragile, and so easily be broken down into pieces. I obviously hate Gu Yan so much…

“Wolf, you have always been refusing to admit your weakness, but now you look at me with such pitiful, aggrieved eyes… This will really make people want to bully you, and let you know the immensity of heaven and the depth of earth.1The immensity of heaven and the depth of earth – refers to the things that a person still doesn’t know or understand, because of being naive, arrogant, conceited and/or ignorant.

Gu Yan lifts my right leg, making the muscles on my upper thigh become sore from being straightened. The foreign bodily sensation when his fingers infiltrate my back entrance with my own sem*n’s lubrication makes me want to die in pain.

When Gu Yan finishes expanding me, I’m almost suffocated from the searing pain as he gradually thrusts his weapon inside me.

My tied hands hang powerlessly on Gu Yan’s shoulders, as if I’m clinging to him around his neck. I feel embarrassed and humiliated, but I don’t really have power left to remove my hands.

Gu Yan purposely maintains his posture where he can completely submerge his whole vigorous desire inside me. Standing still with him kissing, licking, and biting my cheeks and lips from time to time, as if waiting for me to adapt while soothing me.

The uninterrupted noise of people passing and leaving near us keeps my nerves tense and on edge all the time, and makes my body unusually stiff.

I’m terribly afraid that someone will really come and see the scene of me and Gu Yan having intercourse.

“Ah, you’re so nervous, are you really that afraid of someone coming over?” Gu Yan exhales a slightly hot breath in my ears, and his strong hands keep touching the back of my head. “I’m sorry, I was just lying to you. Yes, many people have seen that I dragged you here, so there’s no way anyone would have the guts to come in and bother── because I am the king, Gu Yan…”

“Wolf, you don’t have to worry, and just leave your body to me.”

Gu Yan’s words seem to be magical, because my body gradually relaxes, and with Gu Yan’s low, magnetic whispers coming in my ears from time to time, he grips my hips and starts to thrust up and down.

Constantly being filled and pounded, with the throbbing pain and pleasure that appears to be there yet seems not, my senses to the outside world seem to have been cut off as I whimper in response to Gu Yan’s rhythms.


So tired, really tired──

I have never been so exhausted as I am today. I didn’t even bother suppressing the natural sexual response in my body, allowing Gu Yan to invade and trigger torrents of pleasure in my body.

Too lost in my thoughts, I don’t even notice that my whole body is practically clinging on Gu Yan without any inch of space left between our bodies, just as I’m depending on him, and giving all myself to him.

Erza: I feel bad for Wolf, but I can’t deny the hotness overload in this chap >.<. The syndrome is shaking ~o.o~~

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