Wolf Imprisoned for 19 Nights


IMPORTANT NOTICE!!! PLEASE READ!!! (from the translator)

NOVEL WARNING TAGS: R*pe, Abuse, Stockholm Syndrome, Blood/Gore

If the tags above aren’t your cup of tea, then I really suggest that you stop reading this novel. From the tags R*pe & Abuse, then you should have predict what will happen at first, and you should prepare your heart for that. But then there’s this tag Stockholm Syndrome, which means that the MC learnt to love the Gong (who forced him).

If there are people who do not like to read the rape and other disturbing scenes but wanted to continue reading the novel, then don’t worry, I will make a sign like = R*pe Scene Ahead⚠️. Then you can skip that part, scroll down, and you will see a sign = R*pe Scene Ended✅, and that’s where you can continue reading again.



Here, to the outside world is known as the Absolute Wing Hall── the irony is meant to the people sent inside. Those people will be forever cut off the wings of their desire, and that is, the desire to escape. It is a prison set up in a remote hill and deep forest.

This prison was established many years ago by High-ranking Government Officials, and it has been around for some years. However, not many people know this place. Only some police, private sectors, and politicians knew about it. Still, most people in the general public don’t know it. The people sent here are some very dangerous criminals who have been sentenced to life imprisonment for serious crimes, or some powerful people in the underworld who are very troublesome to the police. There are not that many prisoners, but when compared to the very sparse number of prison guards here, it’s actually quite numerous…

I was originally a small policeman in the country. A few days ago, the Superior Officer directly told me to take part in the interview and examination of the prison guards for Absolute Wing Hall. That was actually a very strange thing. I didn’t know why the chief above wanted me to participate. Besides, I’m just a little inconspicuous ignorant policeman who didn’t even know what kind of place Absolute Wing Hall was. At first, I was suspicious about this, and I was a little afraid of being called to do thankless work.

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“Yes, Chie── Xue, Xue Luoyi… Sir.” I did what the chief said, but it was awkward to recite his name. I stammered, yet the word chief still came out.


I feel so embarrassed that I scratch my cap and flutter my eyes. The chief doesn’t express any opinion, but just chuckles a few more times.

“Anyway, Ye ShiJiu, welcome on joining our poor number of prison guards.”

The chief stretches out his hand, making an inward welcoming hug, but anyone with a discerning eye knows that he is really just doing something on the comfortable chair behind the table. He doesn’t mean to get up and give me a hug at all. Of course, I wouldn’t really walk over to hug him.

“Thank you, sir.” I raise my hand in salute again.

“By the way, there are many rules here. I don’t think you are already used to them at the moment, but you can find a way to get used to it! Later, Cang Wu will take you to familiarize yourself with the environment here.” He retracts his white and long hand. His fingers are placed on his face, concealing his good looks and smile.

“Yes, sir.”

To my consistent answer and never relaxed attitude, the chief seems to find it funny. Although I don’t know what part of it is funny, the cruelty revealed in his purple eyes makes me shudder.

No, I am just thinking too much, I comfort myself.

“Okay, let’s do this first, let Cang Wu tour you around. I have something to do, so I won’t hold you back anymore.” He constricts his joking eyes. The rapid change makes me more sure of my impression of him.

“Yes, sir!” I salute for the third time.

Then, the Chief hooks his finger at the man standing upright on the side, and the man walks towards me slowly. Only then do I pay attention to the existence of this man.

The man is wearing a uniform similar to the German Nazi military uniform like me. It can be seen that he is also a prison guard. As the chief mentioned just now, the man’s name is Cang Wu.


“I’m Cang Wu, glad you joined us.” Cang Wu stretches out his hand to me, his stern face doesn’t have any hint of a smile, and his tone is more polite than sincere.

“Hello, I’m Ye ShiJiu Lang.” I also stretch out my hand and hold his slightly cold palm. He is slightly paler than the dark wheat complexion I have from being basked in the sun.

“Let’s go, I will take you to get to know the inside of the prison,” he said. His voice is void of any emotion.

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