I Fell in Love with My White Moonlight’s Arch-Enemy

Chapter 8 Where did you learn such licentious behavior

The pampered Xie Lin disliked taking a bath in the sea. He disliked the fishy scent and created a demon realm hot springs on the island.

Not only did he refuse to take a bath in the sea, he also didn’t permit me to go as well.

I didn’t like the hot springs, I only liked the sea.

But Xie Lin was a man of his word. He forced me to take a bath at the hot springs so I could only listen to his command.


While I was disrobing, a pill fell out of my sleeves. I was stunned for a moment before bending down to pick it up.

It turns out that the pill fell in between the layers of the sleeves, I hadn’t realized it before.

The pill was very bitter so I didn’t want to eat it but it also contained the medicine Immortal Lord Zezhou struggled very hard to find, so to not eat it would disappoint his kind intentions.

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I thought. It was probably not Immortal Lord Zezhou’s doing. He saved me from being bitten to death by dogs and brought me back to Cui Wei Peak. He took great pains to protect me so he had no reason to try and harm me.

However, I also believed in Xie Lin’s words.

I faintly guessed that perhaps Lu Yan was the culprit behind this.


Xie Lin probed around in my consciousness and said, “Half of your soul has been sealed, and the other half is exposed. This is all due to the effects of the pill. From now on, don’t eat that pill anymore.”

“But I want to cultivate,” I pulled on Xie Lin’s sleeve, “they all said I was trash.”

Xie Lin contemplated for a moment before saying, “There’s a way to cultivate the body in the demon clan, do you want to learn it?”

I naturally wanted to. I’ve wanted to cultivate for so long like crazy.


Xie Lin busied about finding the exit of the secret territory during the day and taught me how to forge my body during the night.

I moved to Xie Lin’s sleeping quarters and shared a room with him.

I never thought of the pain I would go through. Xie Lin had to use zhenqi1Zhenqi is the lowest level of qi that people seek to cultivate immortality. to cut off my veins and slowly reconstruct them again.

I wailed pitifully during the process and once it had ended, Xie Lin sighed, saying this was only the first day.

He then asked whether I still wanted to continue cultivating and I couldn’t stop crying, saying loudly that I did.

Seeing me cry so pitifully, Xie Lin might have shown a rare moment of kindness and hugged me, comforting me with a few words.


Having not found the exit of the secret territory, we ended up staying at that place for nearly 3 years. I grew up very quickly and had now reached Xie Lin’s nose.

I asked Xie Lin, having been gone for so long, wouldn’t the people of the demon world be worried for him?

He responded that a year in this place was only equivalent to a day outside and told me not to worry.

I wasn’t worried because the time I spent on this island was the happiest time I spent ever since my escape from the mermaid clan.

I even thought that it would be nice if Xie Lin never found the exit, we could just continue living here forever.

I asked him this because I was afraid that one day, the secret territory would collapse and this beautiful dream would be shattered.


I woke up from Xie Lin’s embrace and realized that he was still sleeping. His sleeping posture was really horrible. Every time before we lie down, we each occupy half a space of the bed.

But after waking up, I would be completely wrapped around in his arms, and at times, it felt so hot I could barely breathe.

I would occasionally complain to him because his body was scalding hot, and the heat often transmitted to me.

He said that people of the demon clan had naturally hot blood and asked me to bear with him a little.

And since he had already lowered himself for this, I couldn’t bear to dislike him.


Rose-tinted clouds covered half of the sea and while Xie Lin wasn’t paying attention, I secretly sneaked off into the sea to play, catching plenty of little fish and shrimps.

The seawater was gentle so it felt as if I was returning to my mother’s arms.

I was playing so happily when I spotted Xie Lin’s figure with the corner of my eye and was scared of being caught that I hurriedly sunk back into the water.

After a while, I was pulled by Xie Lin out of the water.

Xie Lin’s face was really ugly, “I’ve already told you so many times. Don’t play in the sea. If a wave washes you away, you’re going to drown.”

I stammered, “I have a really good affinity for water. I was probably a fish in my previous life.”

Xie Lin: “Are you now talking back?”

I didn’t dare speak and just held his hand in apology.

Xie Lin flung away my hand and scolded me for dressing unkempt, asking me to hurry back and change out of my wet clothes.

I was planning to take off my wet clothes but midway through, Xie Lin turned his head away with an expression that looked even darker than before, “Where did you learn such licentious behavior!”

I put my clothes back again in grievance and muttered softly, “We’ve been taking baths together all this time.”

Xie Lin heard this and ordered me to keep my mouth shut.

For some reason, I grew bold and said loudly, “Drop the act. Don’t think I didn’t notice you always peeping at me while I’m taking a bath!”

Xie Lin didn’t get angry this time nor did he scold me.

But I saw the tips of his ears turn red.


My heart felt itchy and I neared Xie Lin, asking why he peeped at me as well as why the tips of his ears were red.

Xie Lin pinched my cheeks and maliciously warned, “You’re not having any fish tonight.”

He warned me everyday that I felt slightly restless in the beginning, but now I didn’t even bat an eyelash anymore.

I replied, “Then I’m not going to eat fish. I want to eat sea snails and clams.”

That night Xie Lin cooked up a lot of sea snails and clams for me.

I felt weird because the snail meat was hidden very deep inside the shell that I couldn’t get it out, so I resorted to eating the clams first.

But I couldn’t open the shells of the clam either!

I held the snail in one hand and the clam in the other, looking at Xie Lin with a pitiful look.

Xie Lin must have done this deliberately. He was bullying me.

I threw the things I was holding to him and walked angrily towards the sea.

Xie Lin asked, “Where are you going?”

“I’m jumping into the sea!” I glared at him, charging into the great sea with billowing waves without hesitation.

Xie Lin pulled me back and made me sit beside him, muttering about how my temper’s recently been growing bold while feeding me snail meat.


When I got to the last stage of forging my body, I had gotten used to the pain and no longer cried, gritting my teeth and enduring it.

After cleansing my veins, I laid down in Xie Lin’s arms, dripping with sweat. The clothes stuck to my body, completely drenched.

I was slightly out of breath, my arms wrapped around Xie Lin’s neck and my chin rested against his shoulders in passing. I asked, “Can I now kill a Qiong Qi with one punch?”

Xie Lin replied, “Don’t underestimate yourself, you can now even kill Su Zezhou with one punch.”

I was angered to death because he had actually mocked me, I was so angry that I tilted my head and bit him.

Now, I was biting at his chin.

Xie Lin scolded me for having such sharp teeth and even asked me not to get close to him. I refused and wrapped my arms around his neck, even circling my legs around his waist and complacently demonstrated my aggression.

Xie Lin raised his eyes to look into mine, his pupils profound.

I suddenly felt a little scared and hurriedly rolled the other way.

Xie Lin said, “You need to be disciplined.”

I was afraid he would discipline me so I shrunk down under the covers and pretended to be asleep and in the midst of hovering between slumber and sobriety, I suddenly realized that I no longer seemed to have thought of Immortal Lord Zezhou for a long time.

I wondered whether Immortal Lord Zezhou was missing me.

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