Chapter 77: Congratulatory

The ancient mansion was in chaos, and the farmers who came to buy seeds gathered around to watch.
Seeing the other party making a scene, some people tried to advise, “Mr. Third Dream is not that kind of person, this aunt…”

But as soon as these words were spoken, several people from the other side immediately cursed, “How do you know if he’s that kind of person? Bastard, are you in cahoots with them?”
A few strong men stepped forward, grabbed the speaker by the collar, and angrily demanded, “Tell us, who are you to Mr. Third Dream?”
The person was just an ordinary farmer and became flustered on the spot, repeatedly explaining, “I don’t even know…”

The several strong men were not willing to let him off lightly and continued to berate him. It was only when some people nearby quietly helped him out that the situation eased a bit. Someone also whispered, “These people are really unreasonable.”

But in the end, no one dared to take the lead in arguing.
These people clearly don’t look like good-intentioned individuals.

At this moment, at the Breeding Institute


Huang Rang had been simmering a pot of soup since last night. As soon as it was light outside, she sent it to Di Yiqiu.

Of course, she couldn’t enter Di Yiqiu’s study room. She could only have Li Lu deliver it on her behalf.
Li Lu was sharp-witted, and everyone in the Celestial Court knew that Huang Rang had a favorable impression of the Chief, something anyone with eyes could see.

However, the Chief had no interest in her—this was also something that was clear to everyone with eyes.
He took the soup bowl and smiled, saying, “Miss Rang is really considerate. However, the Chief is young, and all his thoughts are devoted to official matters. I’m afraid he might not appreciate Miss’s kind gesture.”
Huang Rang didn’t mind and simply said, “Please have Deputy Chief Li deliver it for me, and don’t worry about the rest.”

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Di Yiqiu paused with the charcoal pencil and then put it down. He didn’t even ask what the matter was. He immediately stood up and strode out.


He truly respects Mr. Third Dream. Li Lu hurriedly followed.

The ancient mansion was bustling today.

There were several new “victims” inside. Among the victims were fierce-looking strong men, an eighty-year-old woman, and even five or six-year-old children with pigtails.

So the old woman cursed, the children cried, and the strong men grabbed and interrogated the farmers who were accused.

Di Yiqiu didn’t go in. He listened for a while from the side and already understood the situation.

Li Lu also furrowed his brow and said, “Chief, someone is accusing Mr. Third Dream of selling fake seeds, which is a serious crime.”

Di Yiqiu nodded, and Li Lu observed his expression and asked, “Do you want to send someone to take them to the White Tiger Bureau for thorough questioning, as this matter will take time to verify?”

“No need,” Chief pondered for a moment and said, “Go summon the magistrate of Jingzhou for interrogation.”

“Magistrate of Jingzhou?” Li Lu furrowed his brow. Wasn’t the Chief going to help Mr. Third Dream? Nevertheless, he replied, “Understood.”

A while later, the magistrate of Jingzhou arrived.

As the name suggests, the Magistrate of Jingzhou in the capital city is appointed to serve the public. He embodies serving the public, enforcing the law justly, and maintaining impartiality.

He walked up to several victims, his expression serious.


“Alright, alright, this is the magistrate from the county! He’s an upright official and will surely help clear Mr. Third Dream’s name of any wrongdoing,” someone in the crowd whispered.

However, as soon as this was said, others questioned, “These officials are all part of the same clique. Will he really help our master?”

So, for a moment, there were those who remained cautious and those who held expectations.

The magistrate of Jingzhou stared at the victims. Since the chief had instructed him to interrogate them on the spot, he did not set up a separate courtroom. Instead, he asked, “What happened?”

The victims, upon hearing this, immediately burst into tears and kneeled before him, recounting the “tragic events” of being deceived into buying seeds and having no harvest.

The magistrate of Jingzhou quickly understood with a few words—the accusation was that Mr. Third Dream had privately sold fake seeds.

However, at this moment, the Chief from outside the house suddenly said, “Never mind, let’s have Mr.Li from the Ministry of Justice handle this.”

Um… So, the magistrate of Jingzhou was informed that he could leave.

Mr. Li from the Ministry of Justice entered the scene. He was also skilled in handling interrogations. He approached the victims with the same seriousness and asked, “What happened?”

“Mr. Li is also good, not a clueless official,” someone muttered softly.

So, the victims, once again, broke into tears and kneeled before him, recounting the “tragic events” of being deceived into buying seeds and having no harvest.

Only this time, there were fewer tears.


And when Mr. Li got to the bottom of the matter, another official from the Celestial Court, Mr.Zhong, was sent to handle the case.

He walked up to the victims, observed them for a while, and asked, “What happened?”

“…” The victims rubbed their faces, continued to wail, and recounted the “tragic events” of being deceived into buying seeds and having no harvest.

The entire morning, the court sent eight different officials to take charge.

The old farmers who had been earnestly watching at the beginning started to cover their mouths and quietly laugh.

And as for the victims, they simply couldn’t shed any more tears.

By the time the ninth official arrived to preside over the case, their expressions had become extremely contorted and agonized, their throats dry and burning.

Tears were no longer forthcoming; they all had mournful faces, recounting the events as if they had been subjected to torture once again.

But it didn’t end there; there were hundreds of officials in the capital city who could preside over cases, big and small. Let’s take it slowly. The chief simply had a chair brought and sat in the cool shade outside the mansion. He sipped tea and listened to the various officials “investigate” the case.

They may not be humans, but you, Chief, are truly a dog… Li Lu had no words.

It wasn’t until the afternoon that all the victims cried out during their interrogations.

This time, the tears were real.


But other important figures also made appearances, one by one.

The first was the He Xijin family from the Ruyi Sword Sect. They arrived using teleportation charms, looking very serious.

As soon as he arrived, the crowd erupted in excitement.

“Alright, alright, this Sect Leader He, a remarkable figure! He will ensure justice for Mr. Third Dream!” a farmer whispered.

He Xijin and Qu Manying stood in front of the “victims.” Qu Manying asked, “What happened?”

The few victims felt as if they had found their saviors and begged He Xijin and Qu Manying to ensure justice…

After they had finally explained the whole story, another flash of the teleportation charm’s light appeared, and another couple appeared.

The crowd was surprised, and discussions resumed.

“Alright, this is the Sec Master of the Wenxin Pavillion, Zhang Shuju! Things will be alright now that he’s here.”

Indeed, Zhang Shuju, along with his wife, Feng Zheng’er, appeared. He also approached the victims, nodded slightly to He Xijin and Qu Manying, and then asked, “What happened?”

Um… The expressions of the victims had already started to change. But when Sect Master Zhang asked a question, they dared not remain silent.

Just as they finished answering, someone else arrived—Wu Zichou, the Master of the Ancient Fist Sect, and his wife, Dai Wushuang!

The two of them walked up to the victims, observed them for a while, and asked, “What happened?”

“…Please, just kill me now.” The victims were on the brink of collapse. Damn it, these big shots were all in cahoots! They cried out, “This is too much! They’ve lost all sense of decency…”

The He, Zhang, and Wu couples watched with amusement. They had heard about what was happening here and initially had only been observing, but now they had come purely for entertainment.

Seeing the victims hoarse and, in agony, daring to argue further, Qu Manying’s anger flared up. She suddenly turned stern and shouted, “Kneel!”

Following her command, there were several thuds as knees hit the ground.

All the victims kneeled down.

However, it wasn’t just them who were stunned by this—He Xijin, Zhang Shuju, and Wu Zichou, three powerful figures from the immortal sects, also bent their knees and knelt in response!

“…” The onlookers were wide-eyed in shock.

“Cough.” He Xijin, Zhang Shuju, and Wu Zichou exchanged glances, feeling a sense of camaraderie.

The three of them nonchalantly stood back up and brushed off the dust from their knees.

Qu Manying, Feng Zheng’er, and Dai Wushuang also exchanged glances.

“Cough.” The three wives tried to conceal their embarrassment.

The chief looked at He Xijin, then at Zhang Shuju, and finally at Wu Zichou. In the end, he gazed at the three and thought, “Not bad, not bad at all. They have good manners.”

The Chief calmly walked up to the “victims,” wearing a serious expression, and asked, “What happened?”

The “victims” went crazy; several of them wanted to slam into a pillar to end their lives on the spot!

But how could the chief tolerate such a thing?

Immediately, government officials blocked the victims and brought them back one by one to the chief’s side.

The Chief investigated the case thoroughly and, after hearing the cries of the “victims,” had them taken to the White Tiger Bureau.

For a long time after, the wails of these “victims” lingered in the air above the ancient mansion, refusing to dissipate. “Just cut me down, please; I beg you, my lord!”

Whether this case was ultimately concluded and how it was concluded, no one really knew.

In reality, no matter the outcome, it was always difficult to satisfy everyone. If the truth came out and the case was verified, it would undoubtedly be met with curses from the people who supported Mr. Third Dream. If the case was proven false, there would always be those who believed and spread rumors.

In the end, it was just a ploy to tarnish someone’s reputation.

But the chief’s unique way of handling the case ensured that there were no more “victims” showing up at the mansion, causing a scene like this again.

No matter how much the prestigious breeding families behind them offered, no one was willing to meddle in this anymore.

But along with this incident, another matter also became widely known, spreading far and wide.

This was the excellent family education of sect leaders He, Zhang, and Wu.

The three powerful figures from the immortal sects

As this matter continued to spread, and with the people not one to sit idle, they decided to give the three figures a nickname as a congratulatory gesture—The Three Immortals of Fear.

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