Chapter 45: Filial Piety

Yuhu Immortal Sect.

Xie Hongchen had been traveling outside and had not returned, but it had no impact on the Huang Rang.

At night, she trained hard, and during the day, she made time to breed on the Qilu Terrace. She was extremely busy, and besides still mentioning Xie Lingbi every day, she rarely thought about others.

But finally, Xie Hongchen came back.

On this day, Huang Rang brought the well-cultivated seeds to the outer gate post and sent them to He Xijin. Delivering items within the sect had different speeds. The fast ones were sent using teleportation talismans, ensuring they arrived on the same day. The slower method involved manual transportation, which took a bit more time.


Of course, the price was different too.

As Huang Rang was filling out the list, suddenly a disciple from the post said, “Senior Sister Huang, there’s a letter for you here.”

“My letter?” Huang Rang was puzzled. Who would send her a letter?

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Huang Rang also stood with the other disciples on the side of the road, giving way. “Master.” She respectfully greeted him.


Xie Hongchen didn’t look at her and just made a light sound of acknowledgment before continuing on his way to the Emerald Peak.

Sure enough, he distanced himself again.

Huang Rang wasn’t surprised; before they entered the Dream Realm, when she and Xie Hongchen had just gotten married, he had been like this too. The first three days were full of newlywed bliss and sweet affection. But after three months of traveling outside, he became extremely indifferent.

He was used to distancing himself to keep his emotions in check.

Huang Rang wasn’t sad.

The days of real sadness had long passed.

She turned back to the post and thought for a moment before sending another letter to someone else, Huang Shu.

In the letter, Huang Rang tried her best to describe her life in the immortal sect. She mentioned artifacts that Huang Shu could never have imagined, which were just common trinkets here.

Her words were sincere, and she told him that she had the master’s careful guidance and the senior brothers’ care. Between the lines, she earnestly asked her father not to worry.

The letter was soon delivered to Xiancha Town.

When Huang Shu opened it and read its contents, he was infuriated!

This person had always been greedy and shortsighted, and now that Huang Rang had joined the immortal sect, she was living a divine life. But what had he gained from all this?!


The next day, Huang Shu set off, traveling all the way from Xiancha Town to Yuhu Immortal Sect. Of course, he couldn’t afford expensive teleportation talismans, so he could only travel by horse.

By the end of the year, he had finally arrived at this legendary sacred land of the immortal sect.

The Yuhu immortal Sect was unlike the mortal world, and there was no festive atmosphere. Huang Shu looked at the towering immortal mountain, feeling a sense of awe. After hesitating for a while, he finally found a disciple and asked, “Excuse me, Immortal Elder, my old self has a daughter who is cultivating here. She is under Master Xie’s guidance, and her name is Huang Rang. Do you know her?”

The disciple, upon hearing this, naturally knew that there were only three direct disciples of the Master.

He hurriedly said, “It turns out to be Old Huang. Have you come to visit Senior Sister Huang during the New Year?”

Huang Rang joined the sect later, but as a direct disciple of the Master, her identity was extraordinary. Other disciples also referred to her as Senior Sister. Hearing this, Huang Shu replied, “Exactly. I ask Elder to convey my regards.”

The disciple said, “Old Huang, there’s no need for formalities. I will take you to the inner sect and arrange for you to stay.”

It wasn’t uncommon for sect disciples’ parents to visit. Many parents were worried and came to see their children. The outer sect had dedicated guest rooms, and parents would stay for a couple of days to chat with their children.

But Huang Rang’s current status as the Master’s direct disciple made her situation special. Therefore, the inner sect disciples arranged for Huang Shu to stay nearby.

At that moment, Huang Rang was cultivating on the Qilu Terrace. When an outer sect disciple came to find her, they excitedly delivered the “news” to her.

As expected, he had come.

Huang Rang smiled and thanked the disciple who delivered the message. Then she blinked her eyes, and tears welled up instantly. She took out a handkerchief and gently wiped her eyes, pretending to be near the martial arts field.


Coincidentally, Xie Hongchen’s second disciple, Xie Li, who was now Huang Rang’s second martial brother, was also practicing in the martial arts field.

When Xie Li saw Huang Rang, he was about to call out to her, but he suddenly saw her looking down with a handkerchief, seemingly crying.

What had happened? Did someone dare bully his junior sister?

Xie Li wanted to approach and ask, but seeing the worried expression on her face, he decided to follow her discreetly and accompany her all the way to her residence. Outside Huang Rang’s room, there was already a man waiting.

Xie Li later asked a disciple responsible for arranging accommodations for the Emerald Peak personnel, “Who is this person?”

The disciple hurriedly replied, “Junior Brother, that’s Senior Sister Huang’s father. He just arrived from Xiancha Town to visit Senior Sister.”

Xie Li nodded, still feeling puzzled—why was his junior sister crying the whole way? Could it be that she was so happy that she was about to meet her father that she was moved to tears?

That couldn’t be it. Huang Rang’s expression didn’t seem like she was delighted.

Xie Li pondered for a while and suddenly dismissed the nearby disciples. He secretly approached the residence to eavesdrop!

He was more free-spirited compared to Nie Qinglan; if it were Nie Qinglan, he would never eavesdrop on people’s private conversations.

Inside the room, Huang Rang respectfully bowed and said, “Daughter pays respects to Father.”

However, Huang Shu’s expression was not pleasant. In front of other disciples, he could control himself, but once inside the room with only Huang Rang, his face darkened.


“So, you still recognize me as your father? It’s been several months since you joined the Yuhu immortal Sect,” Huang Shu said with a deep voice. “You haven’t come back even once. Do you think you’ve grown wings now that you’ve reached higher realms?”

Xie Li was bewildered by this. Huang Soil’s father didn’t seem very affectionate. After not seeing his daughter for several months, he didn’t show any trace of fatherly concern.

In the room, Huang Rang maintained a respectful tone and said, “Father, what are you talking about? How could your daughter forget about you?”

Huang Shu sneered, “Don’t try to fool me with those words. If you had married the 86th Prince back then, the court would have bestowed Xiancha Town upon the Huang family. But now that you’ve joined the immortal sect, your father hasn’t gained any benefits!”

Xie Li listened with eyes wide open and mouth agape.

Over the years, he had encountered many ignorant people, but he had never heard such words before.

Huang Rang still patiently poured tea for Huang Shu and said, “Father, please calm down first. You are my closest kin; how can I not consider you? Once I attain immortal skills, I will naturally protect you and bless the people.”

“Bless the people?” Huang Shu chuckled in anger and retorted, “Have you gone mad? What do you think you are? Just a lowly bastard born to a lowly woman. You actually think you can join these immortals and bestow blessings upon the common people?”

As Xie Li listened to the increasingly harsh scolding, he finally understood what was going on. His anger surged, but he restrained himself because the person before him was his junior sister’s biological father.

Nevertheless, this matter had to be reported to their Master!

Xie Li felt frustrated.

Huang Rang continued to speak humbly, “Father, please calm down. When I left home, I didn’t take any family possessions with me. Now that I’m in the sect, I have nothing. Once I become skilled in crafting and alchemy, I will be able to support you. I promise that all my earnings will be handed over to you.”

Despite her humble stance, Huang Shu grew even more enraged. “Nothing? Hmph, the court promised me Xiancha Town, and Yuhu immortal Sect can’t just take in my daughter without providing anything in return!”

He still wanted Xiancha Town. Huang Rang thought with a cold smile, but on the surface, she remained submissive and said, “Father, I have mediocre talents. It’s already a great grace that the Master has accepted me as a disciple. How could I dare to ask for more? Father, you are only concerned about me helping the family financially. I will work hard in cultivation and breeding, and that will be enough.”

Huang Rang’s expression was full of impatience as she continued, “How much money can you earn from those seeds you cultivate?! Besides, Master Xie is still a man! As long as you climb into his bed, what wouldn’t he do for you?!”

Her words were spoken as if it were a matter of course. Xie Li listened, dumbfounded.

He immediately stopped eavesdropping and hurriedly went to Ye Yun Hall.

Inside the room, Huang Shu was still scolding Huang Rang, who remained silent, appearing filial and virtuous.

Ye Yun Hall.

Xie Hongchen was organizing his travel notes when Xie Li rushed in and knelt down, saying, “Master, I have something to report!”

“Why are you so impulsive? What’s the matter?” Xie Hongchen knew this second disciple’s temperament. Unlike Nie Qinglan, who was steady, Xie Li was hot-blooded and caring. Moreover, Xie Li was also abandoned at the sect’s gates, sharing a similar background with Xie Hongchen, which made the master treat him with particular fondness.

Xie Li said, “Earlier, Junior Sister’s father came to visit, and I noticed that she seemed upset, so… I eavesdropped on their conversation.”

“Huang Rang’s father?” Xie Hongchen’s expression froze momentarily. He had already decided not to pay much attention to this disciple, but upon hearing this, he furrowed his brows. He knew very well what kind of person Huang Shu was.

“Eavesdropping is a petty act. You shouldn’t have done it,” he reproached lightly.

Xie Li hurriedly said, “I know my fault! But Master, you don’t know that Huang Soil’s father is truly despicable. He… he…” Xie Li was so angry that he couldn’t speak for a while, and Xie Hongchen had to prompt him to continue.

Xie Li then repeated everything he had heard in the room, word for word. His memory was remarkable, and he didn’t miss a single detail.

However, when he got to the last sentence, both master and disciple felt awkward.

—”How much money can you earn from those seeds you cultivate?! Besides, Master Xie is still a man! As long as you climb into his bed, what wouldn’t he do for you?!”

Such words, spoken in the Yuhu immortal Sect, were utterly audacious.

Xie Hongchen paused slightly, then got up and left Ye Yun Hall.

Xie Li followed him, seeing that he was heading towards Junior Sister’s living quarters.

Inside the room, Huang Rang was crying softly.

Huang Shu was afraid that others might overhear, so he scolded in a low voice, “Crying? Do you have any face to cry?”

Huang Rang defended herself in a low voice, “Father, what are you saying? Master Xie is an upright gentleman. You can belittle me with such vile words, but how dare you slander him…”

Huang Shu grew even angrier and heard a loud crash as if he had broken something.

Xie Li became anxious, and Xie Hongchen no longer hesitated. He pushed the door open and entered!

Inside the room, Huang Shu was furious, and Huang Rang was kneeling on the ground, holding her forehead with her hand. Blood was seeping through her fingers. With her fair skin, the blood appeared particularly red. Xie Hongchen’s gaze swept over her, and then he spoke with a solemn voice, “What are you doing, Huang Shu?”

His voice was calm yet imposing.

Huang Shu couldn’t withstand his pressure and immediately knelt down on the ground.

“Master, Master Xie…” Huang Shu felt flustered and hurriedly explained, “I only came to visit my daughter after not seeing her for so long, and I missed her deeply. So I just reprimanded her a little, asking her to respect her master and work hard. Unexpectedly, she retorted against me…”

“Enough!” Xie Li supported Huang Rang and saw the heavy injury on her forehead, as well as a large paperweight that had rolled to the ground. Xie Hongchen was infuriated. This paperweight was used as a paper holder and was relatively large.

What kind of father would do this to his daughter?

Xie Li protected Huang Rang and said, “Master and Senior Brother have arrived; don’t be afraid.”

Looking at Xie Li, Huang Rang found his concern and distress touching.

In the past, they treated Xie Jiu’er just like this, didn’t they?

Huang Rang suddenly thought.

“The disciples under my leadership—when did it become your turn to discipline them?” Xie Hongchen sat down on a chair, asking.

His voice didn’t show any anger, but it held a weighty authority. Huang Shu trembled. He hurriedly said, “Master, she is after all my flesh and blood. I only said a few words… “

Huang Shu examined his hand; it seemed like he was making a decision. His hands were slender and beautiful, with calluses from years of sword practice on his fingertips and palm. This gave him an appearance that didn’t match his handsome looks and added a sense of danger.

He asked, “Do you know what punishment should be given for harming my sect’s disciples without reason?”

Next to him, Xie Li said, “His cultivation should be abolished, and he should be permanently expelled from the path of immortality!”

“What… what?” Huang Shu’s heart sank, still unable to believe it.

Huang Rang knelt down hurriedly, placing her hand on Xie Hong Chen’s knee, pleading, “Master… it’s all my fault. Please forgive him. After all, he’s my own father.”

However, Xie Hongchen had already made up his mind.

After his last visit to Xiancha Town, Xie Hongchen had already intended to punish Huang Shu for his actions. However, he restrained himself at that time because of Huang Rang’s presence.

Now, how could he easily spare him?!

Ignoring Huang Rang’s desperate pleas, he formed a hand seal with his right hand, and a ray of sword light shot straight towards Huang Shu!

“Daddy!” Huang Rang exclaimed in shock, rushing forward, but she was stopped by Xie Li. Still, the sword light couldn’t be stopped. It pierced into Huang Shu’s forehead, and he let out a wretched cry as blood slowly seeped out from the wound.

“Daddy…” Huang Rang held him, and he pointed at her, his eyes wide, his mouth opening and closing, but after a long while, he turned into a handful of golden soil.

Xie Hongchen destroyed his cultivation but didn’t expel his immortal root, which could be considered sparing him a way to live. However, now he was reduced to just a handful of lifeless soil. If he wanted to regain his human form again, it would probably take at least a hundred years?

Huang Rang held this handful of golden soil, tears streaming down her face.

“Daddy, it’s all because of me that you suffered like this… As a daughter, I can only helplessly watch you endure this hardship, and I… I really…” Her voice was full of sorrow and grief, and she couldn’t finish her words through her sobbing.

——I really… am extremely happy.

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