Chapter 20: Traveling Together

To be honest, it’s not just Qu Manci who seems to have a problem with Di Yiqiu.

Even He Xijin, Zhang Shuju, Wu Zichou, and others, upon seeing Huang Rang, felt that the Chief might have some strange quirks. It’s one thing for a single man to reach marriageable age without considering marriage, but it’s another thing to not have any romantic relationships around him.

To dress up an incapacitated woman so lavishly—they’re afraid that’s not psychologically normal.

However, Di Yiqiu remained calm and composed. After meeting the Qu sisters, he began discussing the dreams with He Xijin and the others.

Everyone’s faces were very serious—just last night, everyone had the same dream, including the Qu sisters. At this moment, Madam He said, “This dream is from ten years ago, during the days when my youngest son celebrated his coming of age. Chief, do you remember that I mentioned bringing my younger sister to visit back then?”


Only then did Di Yiqiu recall that indeed, ten years ago, He Xijin and the others had come to visit him once. It was for the marriage of his younger sister-in-Law. However, at that time, Di Yiqiu politely declined, and they did not meet.

Yet, in the dream, he had agreed to let He Xijin and the others help him.

“What strange occurrence is this? It’s simply unheard of,” Zhang Shuju murmured.

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Huang Rang, who was listening to their conversation on the side, felt the same way.


When things go awry, there must be something supernatural at play. But what kind of sorcery is so powerful that it can engulf the entire world in the same dream?! And after waking up, everyone remembers the events in the dream vividly, as if they had experienced them firsthand?

The group had no clues, so Di Yiqiu spoke up: “In this dream, it seems that the situation originated from the Yuhu Immortal Sect. I would like to ask a few seniors to accompany me on a trip to the sect.”

Naturally, as the foremost immortal sect, it was possible that the Yuhu Immortal Sect was the source of this strange dream. They couldn’t just stand idly by after such a significant event.

He Xijin nodded repeatedly and said, “Thank you, thank you, thank you…”

Zhang Shuju took on the explanation, “Furthermore, in the dream, Xie Lingbi and Xie Hongchen were both seriously injured. We don’t know if there will be any effects on them after waking up.”

Di Yiqiu secretly admired this and said, “The ideas of the two seniors coincide with mine. Among them, Xie Lingbi and Xie Hongchen have profound cultivation and might be able to conceal any injuries. However, I implore the three seniors to meet Xie Yuanshu. In the dream, we surrounded and killed Xie Yuanshu. His foundation is shallow, and if he is injured, there should be traces.”

This matter was thus decided, and everyone had no further objections. However, Qu Manying spoke up: “My husband and the two seniors are going to the Yuhu Immortal Sect, but as women of the family, it’s not appropriate for us to go. We might as well stay at the Celestial Court for a day. Chief, I wonder if it’s convenient for you?”

Clearly, she had the intention of letting her sister interact with Di Yiqiu.

After all, Qu Manci had a good reputation, and it was not easy to find fault with her. Now that she was getting older, the Qu family was quite worried. As for Di Yiqiu, regardless of status, position, or appearance, he was a perfect match.

It’s just that his mannerisms… seemed a bit effeminate…

Madam He spoke up, and Di Yiqiu naturally wouldn’t refuse. He immediately said, “That’s only natural. The capital is bustling, and it’s a good opportunity for me to accompany Madam and Manci to enjoy ourselves.”

His voice was indeed gentle, and Huang Rang clearly saw Qu Manci shudder. But Madam He continued to smile and said, “Then we will trouble the Chief.”


Immediately, Di Yiqiu stood up, and Qu Manci couldn’t help but ask, “May I ask, Chief, who is this girl?!”

She pointed at Huang Rang in the wheelchair and asked.

This question was not to be taken lightly, and He Xijin immediately became nervous. The three of them were on edge.

If Huang Rang’s identity was exposed, Di Yiqiu would inevitably have to explain her origins. If he revealed the three of them, they would all be in trouble!

Three grown men are secretly infiltrating the Yuhu Immortal Sect to kidnap someone. And not just anyone, but the renowned wife of the Sect Master!

Don’t think that three men, even if they were powerful and wise in the immortal sect, would have a good outcome when they returned. They would be kneeling and scrubbing washboards!

Before Di Yiqiu could speak, He Xijin hurriedly interjected, “Y-yes, this, this…”

This time, Wu Zichou couldn’t lag behind either, and he continued his big brother’s words, saying, “Right. The Chief hasn’t introduced her yet. This girl is…”

Zhang Shuju even gestured to Di Yiqiu, his facial features in disarray, and said, “Indeed, this girl looks unfamiliar!”

Di Yiqiu understood their predicament. He calmly explained, “She… is an artifact I crafted out of boredom. She just happens to resemble a real person due to the fine materials used.”

As soon as he said this, He Xijin and the others breathed a sigh of relief, but the expressions of Qu Manying and her sister became even more strange.

“You have nothing to do but craft such a beautiful doll, meticulously dressing her up every day and carrying her with you. What do you intend to do?!” they thought.


But Di Yiqiu seemed completely oblivious. He opened a box of hand cream and held Huang Rang’s fingertips with his left hand. With his right hand dipped in the hand cream, he gently applied it to her hand, displaying an infatuated look as if cherishing a precious treasure.

Li Lu couldn’t bear to watch, and Huang Rang was left speechless—You’re making yourself look creepy, don’t you know?

But Di Yiqiu remained enthusiastic and said, “This afternoon happens to be free. I will take Madam and Miss Manci to explore the inner city.”

Uh… Qu Manying glanced at her sister, and Qu Manci shook her head. Qu Manying hesitated for a moment and said, “We won’t trouble the Chief. My sister and I will explore on our own.”

This clearly meant they weren’t interested. Di Yiqiu showed a hint of regret but still said, with a hoarse voice, “In that case, I won’t insist. Please put all expenses of Madam and Miss on the Chief’s account as a token of my hospitality.”

Madam He naturally expressed her gratitude and left with her sister. He Xijin and the others felt greatly disappointed upon seeing this. However, they couldn’t underestimate the matter of the dream realm, so the three of them bid their farewells and headed to the Yuhu Immortal Sect.

Once the group had left, a servant brought hot water for Di Yiqiu to wash his face carefully.

Then he spoke without hoarseness, and he no longer lifted his pinky while drinking tea. He turned to Li Lu and said, “Strengthen the surveillance of the Nine-Curved Spirit Eyes and closely monitor the Yuhu Immortal Sect.”

Li Lu bowed and said, “I will take care of it immediately.”

After Li Lu left, Di Yiqiu approached Huang Rang and whispered, “Would you like to explore the inner city with me this afternoon?”

Huang Rang could tell that he was doing it on purpose. It seemed that he wasn’t particularly interested in becoming one of the “Fearful Four.”

If he wanted to explore the capital, Huang Rang couldn’t refuse. She could only respond silently, “Alright.”


Initially, when she woke up from the dream realm, she felt bitter and even had thoughts of death. But throughout the day, Di Yiqiu stayed by her side, leading her around, and she felt somewhat relieved.

Di Yiqiu was not idle either. Since he said he would take her out to play, they stepped out of the door.

Outside the gate of the White Tiger Bureau was Yongshou Street in the inner city. Despite its name, Yongshou, it mostly sold inauspicious items such as incense, candles, coffins, and burial clothes. This was because those imprisoned in the White Tiger Bureau had little chance of good fortune. Over the years, countless people have died inside.

The White Tiger Bureau was a prison, so the streets outside were naturally ominous.

Huang Rang sat in the wheelchair while the first autumn held an umbrella and pushed her forward.

There’s nothing interesting to browse in these paper candle shops.

But if you continue forward, you’ll reach the Artisan Pavilion. Di Yiqiu pushed Huang Rang inside, and the shopkeeper immediately came forward. His gaze swept over Huang Rang’s face, clearly taken aback by such an unusual customer. But quickly, he regained his smile and said, “Sir, are you looking to pick out some jewelry for Madam?”

Di Yiqiu made a sound of agreement and took Huang Rang to look at the various types of jewelry on the shelves.

At this moment, Huang Rang, who had once contemplated death, felt her worries vanish into thin air!

She used to love strolling in shops like this; of course, Xie Hongchen could never accompany her. For a while, she would take Jiu’er, and the mother-daughter duo would leisurely wander around. Later, Jiu’er grew distant from her, and she ended up going alone or with a clever disciple to help carry things.

She never visited the capital because it was the territory of the Chief Celestial Court’s . The Yuhu Immortal Sect and the Celestial Court were naturally on opposing sides.

Now that she was here, she realized that the shops in the capital were actually much more prosperous and the items more exquisite than she had imagined.

Huang Rang’s gaze scanned over the various earrings, bracelets, and bead flowers displayed on the shelves. The shopkeeper cleverly lit the lamps in the store, causing the light to cascade onto the jewelry, creating a dazzling display.

They looked so beautiful! As Huang Rang looked at them, she began to feel that the mortal world was worth living in.

She, as a person, had a resilient spirit. Even when faced with adversity, she always hoped for a turnaround.

But these items were met with the disdain of the Chief.

After looking for a while, he said, “Too crude; aren’t there any more delicate ones?”

In short, it meant—What is this!

The shopkeeper was shocked. He didn’t fear authority! Even though Di Yiqiu was wearing a purple official robe, indicating that he must be an esteemed figure in the court, it didn’t mean he could belittle their own goods like this!

Incensed, the shopkeeper immediately retorted, “Sir, speaking like this is inappropriate. I’ve been running Artisan Pavilion for decades, and it’s also well-known in the capital.”

“Every piece of jewelry here is crafted by the hands of commoners. From the larger design to the smallest polishing, every detail is meticulously done. Sir, you hold a high position of power, and surely you have seen and know much, but if you claim these items are crude, I, as a commoner, cannot accept it!”

Huang Rang was also taken aback—If you don’t want to buy, just say so! There’s no need for this!

Di Yiqiu casually picked up a pearl hairpin, examined it for a while, and then put it back. He extended his hand and said, “Brush and paper.”

The shopkeeper, full of resentment, still brought the brush and paper.

Di Yiqiu glanced at Huang Rang, then spread the paper on the customer’s table and quickly drew a draft. He marked all the dimensions and specified the materials and techniques. The shopkeeper stood beside him, initially wearing an angry expression, but gradually his expression became very serious.

Di Yiqiu handed the drawing to him and said, “Customize it according to the design, and once it’s done, deliver it to the Chief of the Celestial Court.”

The shopkeeper held the drawing in his hands, looked at it for a while, and suddenly blurted out, “The Chief of the Celestial Court… Are you the Chief of the Celestial Court, my lord?!”

Di Yiqiu didn’t answer, and he pushed Huang Rang to leave. However, the shopkeeper suddenly went mad and blocked the door, saying, “My lord! It is indeed you, my lord! I have been blind. I have seen the phoenix hairpin you crafted for the late Empress, and it was truly astonishing! To receive your guidance today, I am immensely honored!”

It seemed they had encountered an enthusiastic admirer.

As Huang Rang watched the shopkeeper kneel and bow, Di Yiqiu remained unfazed and said, “Step aside.”

The shopkeeper glanced at Huang Rang, and a sudden realization dawned on him. He said, “My lord, I can continuously create jewelry for this young lady. She can have access to all the jewelry here as long as you continue to guide me! It would be the greatest honor for me!”

Di Yiqiu halted his steps.

The shopkeeper saw an opportunity and quickly crawled forward, saying, “This young lady is as beautiful as a celestial being. If she could try on some of my jewelry at the Artisan Pavilion, it would be the greatest fortune of my three lifetimes. To receive the guidance of my Lord is like smoke rising from my ancestors’ graves.”

He flattered him profusely, and Di Yiqiu finally spoke, saying, “I am busy with official duties and originally had no leisure time. However, seeing your sincerity, from now on, you must create at least three sets of headpieces and jewelry for me every month. For projects that require more time, we will negotiate separate timelines.”

“I will comply!” The shopkeeper quickly responded. “My lord, although these jewelry items may be crude and unworthy, please allow the young lady to choose some. I will first deliver them to the Chief of the Celestial Court in case of any urgent matters.”

Huang Rang: “…” Well, after all that talk, you just brought me here to freeload. Huang Rang finally understood.

Sure enough, Di Yiqiu casually picked out a dozen sets, and the shopkeeper felt honored to have someone freeload from him. He quickly wrapped up all the jewelry. Afterwards, Di Yiqiu pushed Huang Rang out, and he followed, seeing them off from a distance.

Now, Huang Rang had her own exclusive jewelry store. And she hadn’t spent a penny.

Later, Di Yiqiu took Huang Rang to Liuxian Lane.

This place specializes in custom-made women’s dresses. He picked out several dresses and personally helped Huang Rang change into them without relying on anyone else. Although the shopkeeper in the lane found Huang Rang’s presence strange, seeing the attire of Di Yiqiu, they knew better than to offend. So they accompanied them with a smile.

There were various types of dresses in the lane, but the ones he chose were heavy, intricately woven, and magnificently ornate. This particular style suited Huang Rang’s current state exceptionally well.

The mirrors in Liuxian Lane were not ordinary bronze mirrors. The reflection was exceptionally clear.

Huang Rang saw herself in the mirror. She had been dressed in a black dress with a cascading veil at the hem, creating a voluminous skirt. The upper part of the dress was quite tight, accentuating her graceful curves. The silk threads of the entire dress were mixed with some unknown scales, which shimmered with scattered starlight.

Sitting in her wheelchair, with the shop’s lights shining upon her, Huang Rang felt as if she were flowing with the vastness of the starry sky.

The shopkeeper quickly approached and brought a black fan-shaped headdress, retying Huang Rang’s hair.

Di Yiqiu watched from the side, just as serious as if he were choosing clothes for himself. Huang Rang found this dress beautiful, gorgeously dark, resembling a witch revived from the darkness.

Di Yiqiu also seemed highly satisfied, but paying was out of the question.

He instructed the shopkeeper to bring the original blueprint of the dress and make many modifications to it.

The shopkeeper looked on in astonishment.

Fifteen minutes later, the Chief resorted to his usual trickery and freeloaded a dressmaking shop for Huang Rang. He only had to submit one or two sets of design drafts each month, and in return, Huang Rang could have access to all the newly crafted dresses in Liuxian Lane.

– “I finally understand the purpose of strolling down this street.” Huang Rang remained speechless.

In the meantime, Di Yiqiu took the art of “freeloading” to unparalleled levels.

He went to a shoe embroidery shop called Tayun Lane and took care of the shoes as well.

Huang Rang didn’t understand why he suddenly went crazy and procured so many clothes and jewelry for her. But in response to this behavior, Huang Rang was willing to call him the true “Master of Freeloading.”

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