Chapter 19: A Shared Dream

Huang Rang opened her eyes again, her mind in a state of confusion. She was still lying on the bed of the Di Yiqiu, and the candle flame flickered unsteadily in the wind. Snow was still falling outside, with a creaking sound as a branch somewhere snapped under the weight.

Did that just happen…a dream?

Huang Rang tried to move her hand, but there was no response at all. She had regained her freedom only to lose it again, trapped in this prison. She wished she could tear herself apart, but all she could do was silently stare at the canopy above her. Despair flooded over her like a tide.

Why should I continue to live when I’ve fallen this far?

This thought had crossed her mind countless times, but this time, she couldn’t suppress it.


Can’t I just die? Even if I turn into yellow soil and sand, give me an outcome.

Her eyes began to feel sour, and a tear rolled down into the hair on her sideburns. But she couldn’t even wipe it away. She used to always think about seeking revenge, so she forced herself to remain rational even in the most difficult times.

But now, this short dream easily shattered her.

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Outside, the wind and snow cut at their faces, and Huang Rang couldn’t open her eyes due to the strong gusts. Di Yiqiu pushed her, and the snow on the ground reached their knees.


Continue talking about your dream! Huang Rang urged him in her mind. But Di Yiqiu didn’t continue. Perhaps he was too lazy to continue this one-sided conversation without any response. Huang Rang felt a bit disappointed.

Di Yiqiu pushed her into the study and closed the door behind them.

It was bitterly cold, and Huang Rang’s lips felt numb from the cold.

Di Yiqiu placed her in the corner closest to the warm basin, took off her cloak, and hung it on the bookshelf. Then he clenched his fist against his lips and coughed softly.

Ah. Huang Rang suddenly remembered that he had returned from Shi Wenyu’s place today, seeming very weak. Could it be that he caught a chill from the wind and snow? Huang Rang didn’t know why he was like this.

According to reason, the Celestial Court was also one of the immortal sects. As a cultivator, he should be robust. At least she and Xie Hongchen had rarely been ill.

Di Yiqiu coughed for a while before finally sitting behind the writing desk. On his spacious desk, there were stacks of official documents.

He dipped his pen in ink and focused on handling the paperwork.

Huang Rang stayed in the corner, with a good view of the entire study, including Di Yiqiu. His complexion was still pale, but his movements were quick. In the study, the only sounds were the crackling of the charcoal fire and the rustling of paper as he flipped through and wrote.

The overwhelming despair in Huang Rang’s heart gradually subsided, and she quietly surveyed the room. She looked over everything in the room, from the bookshelf to every item. Then her gaze fell on Di Yiqiu.

—Out of everything in this room, he is still the most captivating. After all, he is the one who moves.

It wasn’t until daybreak that Di Yiqiu finished handling the documents and got up. He fastened her cloak for her and found a blanket made of rabbit fur to cover her legs, then pushed her out of the room.


An umbrella wouldn’t be of any use in this weather.

Outside, the snow was thick, and the wind whistled, blowing into their collars, mingling with the snowflakes and melting inside. It felt like it was freezing.

Di Yiqiu pushed her and quickly arrived at a place.

Huang Rang caught a strong aroma of food and suddenly understood—this was a dining hall!

Indeed, as soon as Di Yiqiu arrived, someone opened the wind-blocking curtains at the entrance. He pushed Huang Rang inside, where several people had already gathered and were having a meal.

“Master!” When they saw him enter, everyone quickly stood up and greeted him in unison.

Di Yiqiu brushed off the snow from his clothes and nodded, indicating that everyone should continue eating. Then he pushed Huang Rang to the table closest to the fireplace.

Huang Rang felt herself finally thawing. The winter in the capital was truly cold. As a little spirit who couldn’t cultivate to protect herself, if she hadn’t dressed warmly, she would have frozen to death long ago.

As soon as Di Yiqiu sat down, a kitchen helper came over to wipe the table. Then breakfast was quickly served.

Huang Rang’s wheelchair was placed next to Di Yiqiu, and she surveyed the dishes on the table. It was nothing more than steamed buns, rice porridge, salted duck eggs, and a plate of pickled vegetables. Huang Rang felt quite disappointed—this is what you eat for breakfast in the Celestial Court? The food is quite average. Your cooks aren’t doing a good job.

Just as she was thinking this, a kitchen helper walked over holding an exquisite plate. He placed the plate in front of Huang Rang and said, “Master, the kitchen has specially prepared a bowl of rose milk. It’s cold outside, so it will warm your body.”

Huang Rang stared at the plate in front of her, and sure enough, it contained half a bowl of milk with a few rose petals floating on top.


—Although the culinary skills are not great, they are indeed very considerate! Very considerate! Huang Rang immediately retracted her previous words. The fragrance of the milk entered her nose, warming her lungs, and she was quite satisfied.

Di Yiqiu nodded slightly. “Thank you for your hard work.”

Upon hearing his words, the kitchen helper knew he had hit the right note and was instantly delighted, saying, “It’s our pleasure, it’s our pleasure.” As he spoke, he stepped back.

Di Yiqiu began to eat. He rarely came here because, although the Celestial Court was affiliated with the court, it was still one of the immortal sects. Fasting and cultivating internal energy through food abstinence were compulsory courses in the immortal sects.

The fact that he was willing to eat today was probably due to his illness and physical weakness.

Huang Rang quietly watched Di Yiqiu eat while everyone in the dining hall discreetly observed her.

In the kitchen, a few cooks heard the response from the kitchen helper and praised the head chef, saying, “Head chef, you truly have discerning eyes. You can immediately see the key points!”

The head chef snorted arrogantly and said, “Learn a thing or two, you bunch of monkeys!”

He did have a keen eye, but the gentleman who lifted the curtain and came in is quite an average.

—Bao Wu entered while lifting the curtain, with Li Lu following behind. As soon as he entered, he relaxed his grip. Li Lu, who was walking behind, nearly got a face full of sparks from the door curtain.

Everyone had to stand up and greet them again, saying, “Deputy Chief Li, Deputy Chief Bao!”

Li Lu made a noise of acknowledgement and added, “It’s cold; eat more.”


Everyone responded in unison, “Thank you for your concern, Deputy Chief.”

Huang Rang could hear these voices from afar and felt that having a meal at the Celestial Court was truly exhausting. It was unlike the Yuhu immortal Sect, where people like Xie Hongchen and Xie Lingbi never went to the dining hall. She was still staring at the rose milk in front of her when she heard footsteps approaching from behind.

Obviously,Li Lu and Bao Wu also noticed that Di Yiqiu was present.

Sure enough, Li Lu and Bao Wu came over and greeted with a bow.

Di Yiqiu said casually, “Please have a seat.”

The table originally had four sides, but one side was occupied by the fireplace, where Di Yiqiu sat. Huang Rang’s wheelchair was on the other side, right beside Di Yiqiu. Li Lu immediately took a seat on the opposite side, scooting in a bit to make room for Bao Wu.

Bao Wu didn’t even look, and he sat down directly beside Huang Rang.

Li Lu could only say, “Deputy Chief Bao!”

“It’s fine,” Bao Wu waved his hand and took a salted duck egg to start peeling it. He spoke casually, saying, “Eat, eat; don’t be polite.”

The kitchen already knew his preferences and immediately brought several meat dishes. Bao Wu picked up a bowl of radish lamb soup and started slurping it. With his large stature and a golden knife hanging from his waist, his vigorous movements caused the hilt of the knife to brush against Huang Rang’s waist.

Di Yiqiu put down his chopsticks and looked at him with a deep gaze. Li Lu covered his face with his hand and exclaimed in despair, “Bao Wu.”

Bao Wu pointed at the lamb soup and said, “No need to be polite; just drink the soup and eat the meat! Old Bao here loves the lamb soup in this place!”

Di Yiqiu picked up his chopsticks, picked out all the lamb meat from his own small pot, and said, “Deputy Chief Bao is always traveling and working hard outside. It’s truly exhausting.”

“Not at all, not at all!” Bao Wu happily smiled. “Slaying demons, protecting the people—it’s just my duty as a subordinate!”

Di Yiqiu nodded and continued, “Since it’s not exhausting, after Deputy Chief Bao finishes eating, please sweep away the snow outside.”

“What?!” The lamb meat in Bao Wu’s mouth fell into the bowl. Before the soup could splash, Di Yiqiu pulled Huang Rang closer to his side.

Li Lu continued to eat as if nothing had happened—some people are determined to die, and no amount of persuasion can stop them. Sure enough, Di Yiqiu continued, “Within three days, I don’t want to see a single inch of snow at the Celestial Court.”

“Oh… oh,” Bao Wu replied with a bitter face and continued eating.

The three of them continued their meal, and suddenly someone nearby spoke up, “Speaking of which, I had a dream last night. I dreamt that the Elder Ancestor and Sect Master of the Yuhu immortal Sect were harmed by that bastard Xie Yuanshu! And then our Chief and Deputy Chief…”

As the person spoke, Di Yiqiu and the others paused. Li Lu glanced at Di Yiqiu, who gave him a look, and immediately said, “Come here.”

The person speaking was startled and hurried over, asking, “Deputy Chief Li, did I say something wrong?”

Di Yiqiu interjected, “Tell us, what did you dream about?”

The person trembled nervously, not understanding how a strange dream could attract the attention of the Chief and Deputy Chief. He said, “I… I dreamt that something happened to the Yuhu immortal Sect. Xie Yuanshu absorbed the cultivation of Xie Lingbi and Xie Hongchen, and he even wanted to establish himself as the Sect Master. But then you, Chief, led the heroes of the Immortal Sect and went to the Yuhu immortal Sect to eliminate the evil and restore order.”

As he spoke, he stole glances at Di Yiqiu, fearing that he might have said something inappropriate.

Bao Wu stopped his chopsticks, looking stunned. He said, “This dream…”

Before he could continue, everyone in the dining hall exclaimed, “We also dreamt the same thing.”

Huang Rang was shocked—how could it be that everyone had the same dream?!

Li Lu and Di Yiqiu exchanged a glance, both furrowing their brows. At that moment, someone came to report, “Master, He Xijin, and several other seniors are here seeking an audience.”

He Xijin? Huang Rang was familiar with this person. If he was here, it meant Zhang Shuju and Wu Zichou were also present.

Indeed, Li Lu said, “Could it be that they also had the same dream and hurriedly came here to discuss countermeasures?”

This analysis made sense, but Di Yiqiu’s expression was peculiar. He asked the guard who had come to report, “Did Master He bring a female companion?”

The guard immediately replied, “Replying to the Chief, Master He has brought Lady He and Lady He’s younger sister. Master He said that they had a dream last night, and it seemed that you showed a particular interest in Lady He’s sister. Lady He urged him overnight to come and meet you… at first sight.”


Upon hearing this, everyone’s expressions became extremely complicated. Huang Rang glanced at Di Yiqiu and couldn’t help but murmur to herself—Lady He is well-known, and you actually have an interest in her sister.

What kind of preference is this?

Others had similar thoughts, looking at Master He! In the future, our Chief might… be a little bit eccentric. Sigh.

After a moment of contemplation, Di Yiqiu suddenly said, “Two hours later, bring Master He to the White Tiger Bureau to meet me.”

The guard naturally agreed, and Li Lu understood that the Chief might need to prepare something. He said, “I will go and accompany Master He and the others, have a cup of tea, and learn about the dreams they had last night.”

Di Yiqiu nodded, wiped his mouth with a handkerchief, and then pushed Huang Rang out of the dining hall.

He returned to the hall of the White Tiger Bureau, placing Huang Rang next to a heated basin.

Huang Rang was quite curious—could it be that he was going to freshen up before meeting Master He’s sister-in-law? Upon further thought, it was understandable. After all, for someone like him, holding such a high position but having an empty personal life was inappropriate.

The Celestial Court was not a monastery, so there was no need to abide by any strict rules.

Didn’t Xie Hongchen of the Yuhu immortal Sect marry himself?

It was just a pity that if he were to marry and his wife turned out to be fierce, his future days might not be as good. Huang Rang sighed inwardly. She was a practical person, and her current thoughts were also quite pragmatic.

Indeed, Di Yiqiu proceeded to freshen up. He took out the rouge powder he had bought for Huang Rang and lightly applied it to his own face. Then he used a bit of stardust ink to shape his eyebrows and added a rosy color to his cheeks with peony jelly. Finally, he applied some lip rouge.


Huang Rang’s gaze slowly froze—You’re dressing up like this…  Isn’t it too glamorous? Also, why is it that when you apply makeup to your own face, it’s just a thin layer, but when you do mine, it’s like plastering a wall?!

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