Undesirable Marriage


Mo Chuan Ya’s half-brother is always teasing her, saying that she is like their mother to the bones, and that one day, just like her, she will fall in love with an idealist and ambitious man and end up bruised in love. 

She had always scoffed at her brother’s ‘prophecies’, not bothering to believe them. She was Mo Chuan Ya, the most beloved gem of the Mo family, and she had only ever been troubled by too much love or affection, so how could she be hurt by the lack of it?

And then again, what’s wrong with falling in love with a man who has ideals?

“Because he’ll love his ideals more than he will love you.”

So what?


Mo Chuan Ya is not a weak woman who only knows how to cling to men.

She will overcome love, and there is no way she can’t beat a man’s ideals. She was confident.

It was only when she met Dai Xingren that it dawned on her that she knew too little about ideals and love…

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