Undesirable Marriage

Chapter 1.1✿

A peaceful demonstration turned into a gas explosion accident.

When the parade passed by, a gas station at the corner unexpectedly exploded. At that moment, everyone was thrown into a chaotic situation, and no one could figure out what happened. Screams continued and shouts of pain were widespread. The people who gathered there to watch the march scattered like ants fleeing everywhere, whereas the members of legislature who led the masses in the lead car were disheveled and embarrassed. 

Fire engines and ambulances honked their horns and drove on a rush to extinguish the fire and rescue the injured. People and vehicles crammed in together.

At this time of chaos, even the media reporters accompanying them forgot their sacred task of conveying the truth to the public, and called on their friends or family to leave the scene as quickly as possible.

Everyone was scrambling to get out, but there was one young girl who was desperately trying to push her way in, followed by an older man with a camera who was desperate to call her back.


“Chuan Ya, don’t go in, it’s dangerous!”

“Ah Nan, you have hurt your foot, don’t follow me, leave me alone!” Mo Chuan Ya insisted on staying at the scene, despite the advice of her colleagues. 

“How can I leave you alone?” Ah Nan sighed,”I know you don’t hesitate to rush forward in order to grab the news, but now is not the time to do that. There may be another explosion at any time. Let’s go! It’s not a good idea to lose your life for exclusive news.”

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After speaking, she originally planned to pick up the little boy, but her arm was hurting intensely. She had no choice but to hold his little hand instead and lead him hurriedly through the crowd. 


Ah Nan’s eyes widened in amazement, and he staggered after her, “So you’re not here for the news?”

“Do you think I’m crazy? What’s the point of looking for news at this time?” Mo Chuan Ya laughed to herself as she took the boy to a safe place. She collaborated with the staff who organized the parade, and tried to find the boy’s mother with a loudspeaker. 

A few minutes later, a pale-faced young mother appeared, embracing her little boy in her emotional arm, crying her eyes out.

Just then, once again the gas station on the corner of the street rumbled and a scene of mayhem repeated.

“Ah Nan, is your foot okay?” Mo Chuan Ya’s expression remained calm, not taking notice of the crowd that was pushing around her.

Ah Nan looked at her and couldn’t help but admire, “Fortunately, I just sprained it a bit, it should be fine.”

“That’s good.” She smiled slightly.

Ah Nan liked that kind of smile. It was very soft and sweet, like a spring breeze, blowing clouds on the horizon. 

He suddenly felt that he was several years younger. Alas, if he were still a young man, he would definitely fall in love with this lively and sweet girl. 

At this thought, he ruffled his hair like a young man, but instead he found a half-bald head. He couldn’t help but deeply regret it. 

“What’s the matter with you guys? Why don’t you put me on a stretcher? ” A cold, insolent voice struck nearby like a thunderclap.

The two turned their heads at the same time, looking for the owner of the voice. It turned out to be an old legislator in a straight suit with a stern face, yelling at the medical staff beside him who were taking care of him.


“Hurry up! If anything happens to my life, you’ll all be in trouble!” He ordered them so violently that the paramedics dared not disobey and gave him priority in the ambulance, leaving behind a few more seriously injured patients who should have been transported first.

Another politician who could only make use of his privileges! Ah Nan snorted disdainfully. 

“Ah Nan, did you film that scene just now?” Mo Chuan Ya suddenly asked.

“What?” He was stunned, and two seconds later, he shook his head regretfully. “If I’d known, I would have pointed the camera at him.”

“It’s okay, it’s not too late.” Mo Chuan Ya looked at him, her eyes flashing with strange brilliance, shining like stars.

Seeing this look in her eyes, Ah Nan suddenly realized what was going on in her mind. This girl might be able to forgo the exclusivity of a disaster scene, but she would never spare any self-righteous politicians. 

“Come on, let’s go to the hospital.” She smiled once again, sweetly, yet with a hint of harshness at the corners of her lips.


The emergency room of “He’en Hospital”1 He’en= peace and Kindness was now like a battlefield that had been trampled by the enemy, with wailing and chaos everywhere.

Mo Chuan Ya stood at the corner, watching the scene unbearably. She was not a doctor, nor a nurse. At that time, she couldn’t help at all. And Ah Nan was blocked by the nurse outside of the emergency room. He was not allowed to enter with the camera. She could only rely on her reporter’s eyes to remember every moment.

As soon as the arrogant old legislator arrived at the hospital, he instructed his young male assistant to summon the hospital’s bestest surgeon.

It was a resident physician who came. He was about the same age as his assistant and was obviously also a fledgling doctor. 


“Who are you?” the old legislator asked in an arrogant tone.

“My name is Dai.” Physician Dai had an angular face, and just the right bronze complexion to make his eyebrows look glamorous. He was full of vigor, but those dark eyes seemed to be filled with a certain unspeakable gloom.

“You’re just a house physician, aren’t you? You want to treat my injuries? Get your chief surgeon out here!”

“The chief is in an emergency operation and is not available.” He answered flatly. “He asked me to come and see you.”

“What about the others?”

“The other attending doctors are also not available, they are all busy.”

In one sentence, he blocked the arrogance of the old legislator, who was now annoyed. He squinted his eagle eyes and glared contemptuously at the ungrateful young man, “Who do you think you are? How dare you talk to me in such a tone?”

Doctor Dai was about to say something when another doctor came running in a panic, “There’s a patient over here. He’s having serious breathing difficulties. I think it’s pneumothorax!”

“Pneumothorax?” Dai Xingren frowned slightly. He went to the wounded patient, and listened to his heart beat with a stethoscope. “When did the pain start?”

“About two hours ago!” The wife accompanied by the side replied anxiously. “Originally, we only accompanied our son to the hospital, but he complained before that his chest was aching a little, and now he can’t breathe.”

“His leg was injured by shards of blasted glass. I have bandaged it just now, but I don’t know why, his breathing difficulties are getting worse and worse.” Xiao Li explained. “That’s why I guessed, could it be… uh, pneumothorax?”

“Did the pain start before the explosion?” Dai Xingren asked the wife of the injured man.



“Does he have asthma or heart disease?”


Dai Xingren examined the patient again, thought for a moment, and then suddenly looked aghast, “Take the patient to the operating theatre.”

“Is it a case of pneumothorax?” Xiao Li asked expectantly, hoping that he had guessed it right.

“It’s a pericardial tamponade.” He spoke in a stern tone. “We need to perform a pericardiocentesis immediately to drain the blood from the pericardial sac.”

“Pericardial tamponade?” Xiao Li was stunned. “Are you sure?”

“If we don’t resuscitate, it will be too late.” Dai Xingren refused to argue with his colleague. His awe-inspiring demeanour had an air of authority, “The patient is in danger.”

“All right.” Although Xiao Li was doubtful about his diagnosis, he summoned two nurses to carry the patient to the bed.

Dai Xingren followed them and the old legislator shouted after him, “Hey! Young man, stop right there. Didn’t your director ask you to come and help me with my injuries? Where do you think you’re going?”

“You’ve just got a splinter in your arm.” He glanced coldly at the old legislator. “Any nurse here can treat your wound, call someone yourself!”

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