Untypical Divorce

Chapter 6.4

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“What?” She was stunned.

“Is it because you’re reluctant to hurt me that you didn’t tell those reporters the truth?” He held her gaze as he spoke meaningfully.

She shifted her eyes, afraid to meet his gaze. “You stop shamelessly showing off your looks! Who would like you and hate to part with you?”

“Or you don’t wish for yourself to be dragged into it too?” He muttered. “If everyone knew you married me just because of money, they might also say you’re a gold-digger.”

“Gold-digger?” She was horrified and spoke apprehensively. “Is this… what you think?”

“It’s true that you agreed to get married with me for money, no?”

This downplayed topic bloodily cut apart her heart nevertheless, it was so painful that her body was trembling.

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She self-deprecatingly drew back her lips. “Just as you said, I’m acting, pretending to be pitiful, you can’t tell?”

“Don’t cry, I know you’re not that type of woman.” He comforted her in a soft voice, his thumb tenderly wiping her tear stains for her. “If you really loved money that much, you wouldn’t have rejected the house and the alimony I was going to give you upon divorce. That card I usually give you to use, you didn’t use it all that much either. Most of it was spent on things for home, you didn’t even buy a piece of jewelry for yourself.”

Which act was he putting on now? How come he was suddenly speaking warmly and gently to her? Was he probing her again?

She glared resentfully at him, yet he faintly smiled at her. That smile was very warm.

“You can buy them, I won’t mind.”

“Of course I know I can buy them!” She clenched her teeth. “Fine, I’ll go buy things tomorrow, max it out for you to see!”

“If you really max it out, I’ll applaud you.” The eyes that looked down at her shone brightly like stars.

Annoyed, she shifted her eyes away. “Are you making fun of me?”

“I’m not, Yi An, I truly don’t think you’re a gold-digger.” He softly laughed, turning her face back and making her look straight at him. “I was joking with you just now.”

He said it was a joke? Her heart hurt so much, hurt so much that it bled, and in the end, he was only joking? Jian Yi An gazed at the man in front of her anxiously. He was smiling, smiling so brilliantly, so boyishly, it seemed as if he didn’t think that he had done anything extremely bad, merely a very small bad prank.

“Who told you to misunderstand that I told the reporter to lie in wait at the supermarket?” He justified himself. “You carefully think about it, we went to the supermarket at the last moment, it was also you who said you wanted to go in. Where would I be able to so timely find a reporter that so happened to be on duty nearby? Additionally, we were together the whole time, did you see me on the phone with anyone?”

That’s true, Jian Yi An was suddenly enlightened. She immediately felt embarrassed, she had to admit that she had acted stupid.

In this case, it appeared that she shouldn’t be too petty with him. Regardless of whether he was ‘joking’ or ‘punishing’, it was still her that couldn’t tell right from wrong first and denounced him. “Okay, I’m sorry, I was wrong. I was too angry at the time, but this…is also your fault, who told you to have so many convictions in the past?” She feigned anger coquettishly.

“If you put it like this, you also can’t blame me for suspecting that you were acting?” He teasingly pinched her pretty nose. “Because you yourself also have a history of telling me lies.”

“I…” She couldn’t refute.

“If you know you’re wrong, then you’re not allowed to lie to me again in the future. Not even once, understand?” He narrowed his eyes, threateningly warning her. 

Why was it only her that was wrong? Could it be that he didn’t think he was also to blame? She wasn’t satisfied, loftily lifting her chin. “Don’t you also often put on a show in front of everyone, and even force me to cooperate with you?”

He smiled brightly. Suddenly he reached out to hook the nape of her neck, pulling her into his territory. “In the future, the both of us won’t have to pretend anymore? Yi An.”

“What do you mean?” She was suspicious.

He leaned down by her ear, blowing enticingly. “I’m saying, let’s just make it real.”

She unconsciously shook, anxiously lifting her eyes. “You wouldn’t be saying…”

“That’s right.” He nodded, confirming her guess. “Rip up that marriage contract!”

“You’re… making fun of me again.” Her heart was beating wildly, she didn’t dare believe it. “This is some sort of way to take revenge on me, right? You don’t like me at all, how is it possible for you to really be husband and wife with me?”

To him, wasn’t she just a chess piece? Dispose after using, how could he block up his own life because of her?

“Who said I don’t like you?” He knocked her forehead. “I recently happened to discover that I seem to quite like you.”

Seem to? Was he sincere or joking? If he was sincere, why would he have a carefree attitude? She resentfully stared at him.

“Fine, even if you might like me a little, what about me do you like?”

“This…” Being asked so suddenly, Ke Mu Yu muttered to himself, not answering. Just as her father said, she really was a dutiful wife. For example, she hated cooking, but still tried hard to make tasty dishes for him and his father; she obviously disdained crafting a false public image, yet at every social occasion, she accompanied him to act as a model married couple.

Living like this, she must have constantly felt suffocated, but she had never complained to him. But it seemed even these weren’t enough to stir his heartstrings.

“I knew it, you only want to punish me.” She murmured bitterly.

Was it like this?

Ke Mu Yu pondered, perplexed. He was indeed very angry at her for deceiving him, yet he also couldn’t help wanting to cheer for her intelligence and courage. When he bullied her, her tears when she was terrified also made him distressed.

He once thought she was a very ordinary and dull woman, but recently, she repeatedly went against his expectations. Perhaps for him, towards her, it had not been simple punishment for a long time, but a desire to conquer—

Yes, he wanted to conquer her, to raise her to be a rose that belonged to him. She was quick-witted, sweet, sometimes naughty, and sometimes she might prick him in defiance, but in her world, there was only him, this one master.

He wanted to be her only, her everything. Ever since he was little, not one person had been completely his. Perhaps she could be the first… Thinking up to this point, Ke Mu Yu finally found the reason behind his abnormality, and willfully announced to the woman in his embrace—

“Yi An, I want you to be my rose.”

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