Untypical Divorce

Chapter 6.3

He was stunned. The attitude that she had as she led him, with her head high as she moved forward, unexpectedly gave him the illusion of a mother hen leading her little chick— this woman shouldn’t be thinking that he, a man, would obediently comply with her, right?

“Yi An.” He roughly called, trying to take back the lead as a male.

However, she looked at him with a smile. “Come in, the supermarket is very fun, you’ve definitely not experienced it before.”

Wasn’t it just a supermarket? Of course, he had also occasionally gone in to buy beer and the like, what was so extraordinary about it?

Ke Mu Yu twitched his lips in disdain, not believing at all that he could find any pleasure in this kind of wretched place. But his wife let him understand that together with her, even buying a bottle of seasoning was also endlessly interesting.


“Now we have a Q&A that comes with a prize, what is this a bottle of?” She held up a black bottle, smilingly asking.

“Soy sauce ah.” He bestowed her a roll of his eyes. Did she take him for an idiot?

“You answered correctly.” She changed to another bottle. “Then what about this one?”

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“You can’t cheat!” She accused him.


“Who said I cheated?” Regarding his own dirty deeds, he wasn’t ashamed of himself at all. “Don’t you know that when we discuss a deal in business, we have to collect information in advance?”

“This isn’t even a business deal.” She pouted.

“You’re right, this isn’t a business deal.” He calmly seconded, a pair of beautiful eyes seamlessly swept over. “Compared to a business deal, this is—more fun!” Taking advantage of her unpreparedness, he approached her again. She promptly retreated. However, he immediately changed his direction, rushing toward his target shelf, and nimbly snatching a seasoning sauce exactly the same as the one in her hand.

“You’re so despicable!” She reprimanded.

He smiled proudly. “Let me see what’s written on this label—” Strange, he unexpectedly didn’t know this word?

Ke Mu Yu looked carefully in astonishment before he discovered she’d actually found a bottle of sauce with a label written in Japanese!

She grinned even bigger than he had. “Mu Yu, do you need to take a look at your expression right now? So what they call three lines on the face1脸上三条线: is like this, I can finally imagine it, hehehe…”

His manly face was completely obliterated, Ke Mu Yu felt very empty-handed and momentarily embarrassed. In large strides, he walked toward that woman who dared to be mischievous with him. He hooked her slender neck from behind.

“Have you laughed enough?” He asked threateningly, tightening his grip a little. “You’re still laughing!”

She was still laughing, her breath slightly choked to the point that she couldn’t resist coughing, but she was still persistently unwilling to stop that crisp bell-like laughter.

Was this challenging him? She thought he wouldn’t dare to actually do anything? Ke Mu Yu’s heart thought this and his large hand easily turned. Pressing her back against the display shelf, his lips stamped onto those two naughty cherry lips, not permitting any excuses. In a public place with many people, he will be a gentleman and not use his hands2The term 动手 lit. means move one’s hands, usually to hit, restrain, etc., but using his mouth was doable, right?

“Hey, how can you!” She bashfully wanted to hide.


He held the nape of her neck, not allowing her to move, kissing her more unrestrainedly and giving her intimate punishments again and again. Until a flash suddenly went off—

Someone was secretly taking pictures! Jian Yi An’s mind shook, she rapidly pushed the man in front of her away. However, Ke Mu Yu appeared very discontented with her action and overbearingly pulled her back into his arms, forcing her to calmly face the elusive paparazzi together with him.

“Mr. Ke, hello, I am a reporter for a weekly publication.” The middle aged man who turned up from who knows where handed over his business card.

Ke Mu Yu took the business card, casually glancing at it. “Is something the matter?”

“It’s like this, someone made explosive allegations about you guys saying that they witnessed you and your wife registering for a divorce together at the Department of Household Registration, may I ask if there is really such a matter?”

“Are you kidding right now?” Ke Mu Yu sharply raised his eyebrow, hugging his wife tight. “You see the two of us, husband and wife, visiting the supermarket together, does it look like we’ve already divorced?”

“Really…doesn’t look like it.” The reporter nodded. Witnessing the two people kissing in public, he also felt that this explosive allegation was very likely a big mistake.

“Moreover, I even plan to personally cook for my wife tonight, isn’t that so? Yi An.” Ke Mu Yu smilingly looked at his wife.

“Yes ah.” Jian Yi An received his hint, annoyed inside but smiling widely like a blooming flower on the outside. “Mu Yu is truly a very considerate husband, he loves me a lot.”

“Then why did you guys go to the Department of Household Registration that day?” The reporter continued to inquire, unwilling to drop the matter.

 “We were just adjusting the household registers.” Ke Mu Yu calmly replied.

“So it’s like this.” Seeing that he wouldn’t be able to get the reason from asking, the reporter very tactfully withdrew his camera. “Sorry to have disturbed you.”


“Hold on!” Ke Mu Yu wouldn’t let him go that easily. He asked him to delete the photos before permitting him to leave.

After the reporter left, Jian Yi An also didn’t feel like shopping anymore and hurriedly left the supermarket. Ke Mu Yu came out following after her and drove her home. The whole way, she neither spoke nor moved, just like a silent statue.

After entering the house, Ke Mu Yu couldn’t bear it anymore, sternly asking, “What’s wrong? Yi An.”

She didn’t utter a word, silently sitting on the sofa.

“Say something!” He urged. “What are you pretending to be cool for? Do you think I will like women who have cold wars with me?”

Her body shook, she raised her eyes to stare at him. “Just now, you deliberately arranged that, right?”

“You’re talking about that reporter?” His expression sank. “You think I told him to come?”

“Don’t tell me that isn’t it? If not, how would he so coincidentally appear at that supermarket?”

“How would I know how it was so coincidental?”

Still not admitting it? She was so angry, she was clenching her teeth. “This isn’t the first time already, Ke Mu Yu. Every time, at the specified location, you will arrange some reporters. Purposely letting them take the pictures that you want them to take, nicely building our facade of a harmoniously happy husband and wife—this time was also the same, right? You also deliberately kissed me just now because you knew there was a reporter there, right?” And she’d actually lost herself because of his fake play, simply foolish through and through!

He coldly looked at her. “You really think this?”

“If not, what else?” She sharply asked back. An indignation that was hard to describe sat harshly in her chest, making it hard for her to breath.


“Sure! I signed a contract with you, so I’m obligated to act this play out with you, but it’s already over! Isn’t it? Our contract was up a long time ago, why can’t you let me off?” Why did he still have to humiliate her like this, treating her as a tool for his reputation? “Is this also one of the ways you’re punishing me?”

He was shocked. He narrowed his eyes, his gaze sharp as a knife. “You think I was punishing you just now?”

“Don’t tell me you weren’t?”

“Then you can strike back!” He fiercely retorted. “If you really feel so wronged, you can not cooperate with my act. Didn’t you say before that you were going to find the media to announce the marriage contract that we signed originally? Didn’t you say you were going to make our contract marriage public and expose my lies? Do it!”

“You!” She glared at him in disbelief, her eyes prickling with pain. “Do you really want me to say it? If I really said it, destroying your image of a loving good man and being shunned by everyone – will it be very fun like this? You want other people to cast looks of contempt when they see you in the future?”

Hearing her words, Ke Mu Yu froze, shocked and dazed. He looked at Jian Yi An. Looking at her wan complexion filled with glistening tears, a strange emotion undulated in his chest.

She said she didn’t want to destroy his image as a good man, she was afraid he would be met with everyone’s disdain, but he had done something similar to her before, demanding she go drink and dance, hoping magazines would get degrading pictures of her so as to let him openly suggest a divorce.

At that time, why hadn’t he been able to sympathize with the humiliation that she was going to face?

“Yi An, do you love me?” He hoarsely asked.

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