The Time Has Come

Chapter 3. Right Time (H)

Tears blurred Zhou Xiaoshi’s vision as she ran across the sandy wasteland. Behind her came the sound of gunfire, as if it were the death knell of death and she dared not look back but dashed forward with all her might.

Ah Ruan, ah Ruan, you must come back.

It was so hard to reunite, she couldn’t lose him again.

Wiping the tears from her eyes as she ran, through the grass, through the trees, not knowing where she had gotten to, Zhou Xiaoshi began to worry that he would not be able to find her and cried even more. The soles of her feet were worn out and she stumbled while running when she suddenly tripped over something and fell, lurching forward and rolling down the slope.

Sore all over, she rolled, stopped, fell on the ground and cried so hard that she fainted.


She wished it had all been a dream.

When Zhou Xiaoshi woke up, she saw a slant of sunlight outside the car window. She was stunned for a long time and came back to her senses to find herself lying in a jeep, with clean clothes on her body and her wounds treated.

In the driver’s seat in front of her sat a tall man in a grey short-sleeved shirt, humming and shaving his beard into the rear-view mirror while flicking through photos in the camera.

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The man pulled her hand down to his lips and placed a kiss on it, then clutched it in his hand and rubbed it. His eyes stayed on her, “You are quite bold, how dare you come to Iraq alone?”


“……They all said you were dead, I didn’t believe them.”

“So you applied to be a war correspondent? Come to find me under the guise of a job?” The man shook the camera in his hand, one of the very things she had been robbed of earlier by the extremist group, “Taking quite a lot of pictures?”

Zhou Xiaoshi didn’t say anything, like she was acquiescing, and the man sighed, pressing the back of her head and cradling her in his arms.

He said at the top of her head, “Zhao Xiaoshi, what should I do if something has happened to you?”

Obviously the life and death situation had passed, but the man’s words made her nose tingle again. She bit the shirt on his chest and shivered with fear, while her mouth spoke negatively, “Then you marry another one.”

“Hey……” the man shook his head and sighed, “I’m sure no one will want me when I’m older, so it looks like I’ll have to spend the rest of my life with my right hand.”

His tone was miserable.

Zhou Xiaoshi burst out laughing and lifted her head to scold him, “No decency.”

The man hummed and smiled back, pressing the tip of his nose against the bridge of her nose, “Are you hungry?”

“I’m Fine.”

“There’s a helicopter coming to pick us up and take us back home in two hours. It’s quite a long time, and there is no one in the wilderness… I mean, if you are not hungry now…”

Zhou Xiaoshi didn’t wait for him to finish and kissed him on the lips.


The man reached out and brought her into his arms, smiling as he responded to her kiss. Their lips and tongue mingled and entwined as he undressed her, leaving only a shirt on, and parted her legs to sit on his crotch.

Zhao Xiaoshi was completely hollowed out.

The man pressed his left hand against the back of her neck and kissed her while his right hand reached between the leg from back of her femur to knead her flowering heart. His lips gradually moved down to lick over her collarbone and then, further down, to take her pink br3ast.

Zhou Xiaoshi gasped in shock, her scalp was numb, she reflexively propped up her chest to straighten her waist and leaned back but his left hand was still pressed against the back of her neck, and her backward movement sent her nippl3s further forward into his mouth. Her whole body bent back in a sacrificial posture.

The man’s tongue traced circles around her areola then he hooked the nippl3 to sck and lick and the occasional bump of teeth made her shudder.

“Uh ……Ruan ……,” Zhou Xiaoshi didn’t know what she was going to say, just subconsciously went on to call him by his name. The double stimulation between her legs and chest made her lose control and she was dying of unsatisfied lust.

She couldn’t resist sliding her hand down to his crotch, freeing the thick, hard, menacing thing behind his zip and jerking the stem indiscriminately into her pu$sy, but it wouldn’t go in.

The man’s breathing became heavier, as if he was taking in backward breath.

“Good girl…… take it easy, I’ll feed you later.” His voice was husky and magnetic, charmingly nice as he adjusted the seat and flipped her over to flatten her body. Opening her legs and lifting them up, he buried his head and kissed her moist pu$sy, his tongue gently nuzzling and teasing her. 

Zhou Xiaoshi was confused and stretched out her hand in mid-air to hold on to something. When she found nothing to hold to, he took her hand, linked their fingers together and pressed them against the sides of her body.

The man’s tongue slipped into her flower hole, swirling and pumping as her legs hung over his shoulders, her feet on his back, her toes curled together.

It was so uncomfortable…


She gripped his hand and rubbed her heels against his back, her face burning and she was panting with difficulty.

The man took her little bean and sucked it until it was red, then suddenly he nibbled and sucked it with his teeth. She yelped and jerked her back to sit up straight, only to be pinned back into the seat by his force.

Zhou Xiaoshi’s head was tilted and she couldn’t move, her mouth half open, gasping like a dehydrated fish.

After the orgasm, she slid in her original form and turned into a muddy mess.

He hooked his tongue over the little bean and kissed it soothingly a few times, sliding it upward, drawing a straight line from her flowing pus$y all the way through the hair, past her belly button, to her neck, terminating between her lips, leaving a glistening watermark in the center of her body.

When the man released her hand and freed her, she smacked him on the cheek, glared at him with her eyes and then burst out laughing.

“Old r@scal.”

He tipped his tongue against his battered cheek and smiled, not retorting as he rolled her body sideways and leaned over the car window, his pole gently rubbing against her hole, which soon became shiny with her fluids.

Breathing heavily, Zhou Xiaoshi reached down as he entered herself and stretched her pussy open a little to allow the rod to come in more smoothly.

The car was filled with the sound of disordered breathing and the slapping of flesh; neither of them spoke, and only in the intermittent silence could the nasal grunts of Zhao Xiaoshi be heard.

The man’s palm pressed against her back, stroking her all over, while his whole côck under the crotch pulled out and in, fcking her fast and furiously, sending her pus$y tumbling in and out, squirting and splashing with juice.

Zhou Xiaoshi bit her lip, her expression half-joyful and half-painful. She stretched her back to meet his rhythm, her honey hole leaked several times and her breath became a lump, caking into a white mist on the car window.


The man’s left hand was propped up against the window and she traced his ring finger with her index finger where he wore his wedding ring, grunting softly as she tilted her head back and closed her eyes in midst of another soul-crushing orgasm.

Fulfilling, reassuring, a home to return to.

She missed it, she really missed that feeling.

The man slowed down, pounding gently, his hand cupping her chin so that her head was sideways to him in a kiss, saliva mingling with spit, spilling out of the corner of her mouth and running down her neck.

“Comfortable?” He slurred and sucked the saliva from her neck, grinding and swirling his glans against her sensitive spot while fiddling with her little clít with the fingertips of his right hand.

Still at the peak of her orgasm, she nodded her head, her cheeks flushed and she was unable to speak.

He spoke in her ear. Recounting the memories of the past two years, about war, about being captured, about captivity, about camouflage, about escape, about missing …… Zhao Xiaoshi seemed to hear and not hear some, and just kept nodding her head.

She didn’t know how long it took, but somehow he pulled her up and rolled her over so that she was on top and he was on the bottom, holding her hips and going into her from bottom to top.

The flesh of her buttocks was slapped red and her love juices flowed down his body, each stroke so heavy and deep that Zhou Xiaoshi felt as if she had turned into a sugarplum, stuck on a wooden stick and stabbed right through it. 

“Ruan…I can’t do it…you hurry up…” She was dizzy from the intense intercourse and pressed his lower abdomen with her hand to straighten herself.

The man responded by sitting up and easing his thrusts, pounding his glans into her sensitive spot in short, quick strokes. The rhythmic skin slapping sound of pleasure overwhelmed her as she tilted her head back and gasped for air. Her pus$y contracted regularly, while the man penetrated her with a single thrust, spraying hot fluid deep inside her, from the bottom to top, as if reaching straight to her womb.

“Ah!” Zhou Xiaoshi shrieked and almost bounced up, but the man held her by the waist and forced her to accept the whole of him. 

She trembled all over and cried out in sensitivity until the ejaculation was over and the man pushed deep into her again before releasing his grip. Her whole body went limp and she collapsed against the man’s chest, her pusy twitching slightly in the tingling aftermath, squeezing out a stream of white turbidity from the rim where it met the rod.

The man calmed his breath and took her in his arms, kissing the top of her hair and whispering soothingly, “Good girl, don’t cry, we’re going home.”

Zhou Xiaoshi’s eyes were lost in thought as she stared out of the car window.

The setting sun on the horizon had long since disappeared, and the sound of a helicopter seemed to be coming from behind the clouds.


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