The Time Has Come

Chapter 2. Right Place (H)

“Tch, who are you calling b@stard?” The man wasn’t angry at all, and replied teasingly, “Call me husband, call me husband and I’ll let you go.”

“Don’t you dare! Damn pervert …… haah …… ooh ……”

Zhou Xiaoshi cried out in a mute voice, deflowered once again by the powerful thrusting from her partner. She leaned back, resting in the man’s arms, her eyes half-open and panting helplessly with a wet mess between her legs, as if she were incontinent.

The man stopped talking and grabbed one of her legs to lift it up so that she could fit more of him into her. He gave a few quick thrusts inside her and with a low grunt, his prick pushed into the very bottom of her at once, shuddering and erupting in a thick stream of hot fluid. 

“Don’t …… don’t ……,” Zhou Xiaoshi said as she was forced to remain in the puppy pee position to receive the sp3rm, writhing somewhat broken and begging, “Get out …… please, don’t cum inside …… oooh no …… please get out …… “


The man turned a deaf ear to her plea, his firm arms firmly clasped around her waist and legs, until his prick softened and he exhaled a long breath and withdrew from her small hole.

The murky fluid, flowing down the still-closed pu$sy, clung fondly to the man’s sinewy glans, pulling it into a thin thread that dripped down into the sand.

The long ordeal finally came to a halt and Zhou Xiaoshi felt relieved, even grateful.

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Ls….. kv oyp tzwnspl?

The smouldering throat was nourished and she couldn’t help but open her eyes and look up but the other man held her head down and pressed it back to the floor.


It was the same Chinese man.

He took off her trousers, lifted her bare right leg over his shoulder, leaned down slightly, wiped the undried love juice between her legs with his fingers to smear it on and pushed his re-erected genital again into her body.

This time he entered into her, he was much more patient but his once-cummed rod was even thicker and hard as iron.

Zhou Xiaoshi’s eyes widened as she spun her head in a desperate struggle. Her pu$sy opening stretched to the limit and instinctively tightened, sucking on the man like a small leather plunger.

The soreness from the rolled-up sensation caused her to cry out in pain. She had a feeling she was going to die there, die from the terrorist’s torture.

“Sure enough, it’s still…..” The man stopped and switched to propping his left hand on the ground next to her face, then said helplessly as he stroked her swollen pus$y with his right hand, “Girl, would you please relax? It’s uncomfortable with you biting me like that.”

“Bite, bite you off better!”

Zhou Xiaoshi cried out, staring tearfully at the man’s left hand that was propped up on the ground.

Suddenly, she froze.

On the ring finger of the man’s left hand was a silver ring.

It was simple, with no extra decorations, but Zhou Xiaoshi knew that the ring had the three letters “zxs” engraved on the inner part of the ring.

She began to look at the hand in front of her, it was not dirty at all, long-boned, white and clean, still as beautiful as she remembered.


When the man saw her in a daze and then relaxed, he snickered, and with a little force on his lower body, he squeezed halfway in, then swung his waist and hips to thrust strongly.

Zhou Xiaoshi gasped every time to his rhythm, closing her eyes as she rested her head against the man’s left wrist.

“Ah…… ah1 prefix used before monosyllabic names, kinship terms etc to indicate familiarity Ruan……,” she whispered, smiling and falling into tears.

He wasn’t dead, it turned out he wasn’t dead.

Her husband was alive and well, right in front of her.

No wonder he knew her body like the back of his hand, no wonder he did the foreplay so well …… He didn’t do it to humiliate her, but to protect her, afraid she would be in pain.

“Good girl, did you miss me?” The man no longer deliberately thickened his voice, but spoke very softly as he pulled the mask up over his chin and kissed the tears at the corners of her eyes, “What are you crying for, did I hurt you just now?”

“No.” She cried harder as her bottom twitched, “It doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t hurt, woowoowoowoo it doesn’t hurt at all……”

“Don’t cry, be a good girl.” He tenderly plugged her lips with his and rubbed and sucked on them while his fingers strayed to the roots of her legs, caressing her pus$y, smiling down and teasing, “Baby, your little mouth down there is so wet, it’s melting me……”

Zhou Xiaoshi heard the sound of water trickling at the point of intersection and all of a sudden her face turned red with shame. She had already dropped her guard and delivered herself wholeheartedly.

But, but… why does he always tease her.

“Oooh …… Ruan, don’t say anything …… ahhhh …… oooh …… you shut up …… mmmmm …… haah ……”


The sound of trickling water grew louder and louder, mixed with the sound of snapping and slamming as she cried and gasped with her mouth wide open. Her white legs hanging from the man’s shoulders trembling and shaking and her small white stocking-clad feet wobbling as the man fcked her.

Even so, she still tried to cater to him.

Again and again the thick blade of flesh penetrated her pus$y, the glans chiselling the inner walls, each time pounding into her sensitive spot like a pestle and mortar, making her juice flow and her eyes go black.

It was impossible to tell whether it was pleasure or pain.

“Uuuuuu… it’s broken… it’s broken… I’m going to break… ah Ruan… I want… I… ah…”

The overwhelming pleasure rushed straight to her head and Zhao Xiaoshi bit her lip as her body desperately scrambled upwards, her small cunt convulsively overflowing with lewd liquid was being pounded into foam again by the man, who still didn’t stop in the afterglow of orgasm. His eyes narrowed in comfort as he sighed, thrusting harder and harder, answering her as he fucked her wide open, enjoying her tight biting gulps.

Zhou Xiaoshi was trembling, and suddenly her wrist was loosened as the rope was cut by a knife. The man took her earlobe and kissed it softly, whispering, “Later you will do as I command, when I say run, you run forward and don’t look back, do you hear me?”

“I, I…” Her voice trembled, “I haven’t worn my pants…”

“It’s okay, no one will see you.”

“But, what if my legs are weak and I can’t run?”

The man snorted, “No fear, they can’t run either, they can’t catch you, I’ll watch you from behind, you just run.”

“So…. what about you?”


“I’ll catch up with you afterwards.”


“Behave, I’ll explain later.” He kissed the corner of her forehead, “I’m going to cum, it’s been too long since I’ve done it, I’m a bit out of control, be good, hold it in.”

“Mmm.” She answered weakly.

The man’s breathing became heavier as he grinded his rod against her sensitive spot, and after a while, he withdrew it all and inserted it again, continuing to grind. This was repeated several times, and Zhao Xiaoshi whimpered that she couldn’t take it anymore and pushed her hand against the man’s hard belly.

Suddenly, he stopped at that point and the hot cum hit the walls of her pu$sy. The sudden pleasure caused Zhou Xiaoshi to cry out in a broken voice, tensing her loins and shaking her head wildly.

The man grunted, putting her legs down together and flipping her over onto her belly, he kept his genitals inside her and continued to push and thrust until it was completely soft.

Zhao Xiaoshi pressed her forehead against the back of her hand, taking small breaths to calm her arousal. She felt the man withdraw from her body just as she heard a gunshot.


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