This Heroine Is Not Pretty

Chapter 3

But you can’t blame her!

She had been doing the work of five people by herself. And a delicate woman like her being treated as if she had the constitution of an ox1if someone has it, they are able to work extremely hard, she was almost drained of energy2very tired or fatigued, okay?! Fortunately, nothing happened that day, otherwise, she and her work would be fucked up.

Fairy walked into the Boss’ office nervously and knocked on the door, “General Manager.”

Jiang Ke raised his head and looked at her, expressionless: “What’s that in your hand?”

“The HR department said that it’s the applicants’ information. I’ll show it to you. There are fifty applicants, and this time five people will be recruited.”


Jiang Ke supported his chin, and the corners of his mouth curved, “That’s right, you’ve been taking care of my affairs by yourself for half a year. The work is a bit heavy.”

After she heard that, Fairy shook her head nervously, “It doesn’t matter. I can handle many things myself without getting tired at all.”

Jiang Ke looked at her and smiled, “Don’t be nervous. I don’t mean anything else by it. I’m just trying to understand your hardship. Don’t overthink it.”

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As for the average-looking girls? He would take a look once in a while.


So in a way, Fairy was happy for her appearance to be recognized.

“Uh, the facial features are neat.” Fairy replied.

Oh? So she’s average-looking. Maybe a muscular, athletic woman. Jiang Ke closed the folder and pushed it forward, “I have already hit X for the people who passed. You can get off work after you sort it out and hand it over to the HR department.”

“Get off work?”

“Well, because of what happened to you today, I’ll give you a day off. Go to the hospital and see that girl. Then go home, get some rest, and come back to work early tomorrow.”

Stunned, Fairy thanked the boss and walked briskly out of the office with the folder in her arms.

She sat in her seat and opened the folder. Page after page, she took down the resumes of the candidates who had been hit with an X. While doing that, she thought that the boss was really good-looking. And that half of the applicants who were hit with an X are boys and girls who looked timid or ordinary. It wasn’t until she turned the page and saw the information of an applicant who had been hit with an X that she paused. First she scanned the ID picture, then she saw the person’s name.

“Li Na?”


It was afternoon, and the weather was a bit cloudy today. It seemed that the rain was still falling, and Li Na felt that she was in the same mood as the sky, filled with dark clouds.

She sat on a bench in the park and stared into the distance, dazed. Li Na felt that she should have not gone out today and that she had some bad luck.

She was being nosy in the morning, and a busload of people were dragged into the police station. As long as the thief wasn’t a fool, he knew he couldn’t get out. Li Na thought there was more than one thief, and it turned out that there were five thieves on board, a woman and four men.


But Li Na didn’t expect the thief to be so bold, to take hostages in broad daylight4during the day, when it can be easily seen in order to escape!

On the way to the police station, the thief reached for a dagger and grabbed Fairy directly into his arms. A sharp knife was pressed against her neck and threatened the driver to stop.

Of course, there were many people on the bus, and if everyone put in a little bit of effort, the thief would pose no threat. There was a brief moment of panic, but soon someone calmed down and began to persuade the thief. The driver had to stop by the side of the road to avoid accidents but he refused to open the door.

Li Na had studied taekwondo for two years in college. When the thief wasn’t looking, she knocked the knife out of his hand and pulled his arm out backward. Someone quickly stepped in to help.

But the thief’s accomplice in the bus got impatient, and they scuffled with Li Na. A man caught her by the hair and hit the glass. Usually, a woman’s strength wasn’t as strong as a man’s. Li Na’s heart was pounding, and she had a headache. When she cried out, she regretted it very much. She should have known better than to meddle in others’ business…

Fortunately, many people on the bus were of good quality and took control. There was a man who learned wrestling, and he had subdued the two thieves.

The other thieves didn’t dare to make another move, as if they were planning to fish in troubled waters5try to take advantage in a chaotic situation and not be revealed.

Then a busload of people went to the police station, one by one to help the investigation and record their statements.

Li Na gave her statement and went to the hospital to have her head examined. Fortunately, it was only a skin injury, and it was a little swollen. The skin was torn and there was a bit of bleeding. The doctor prescribed her medicine for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, then bandaged her forehead with some medicine. Afterward, she rushed to the job fair.

But it was too late to arrive at the job fair after ten o’clock. And for Li Na, she had no advantage at all.

Good jobs were surrounded by three layers of people, and the rest of the unpopular ones either had low wages or were too tiring, and she had no right ones to choose from. So Li Na simply left the job fair and walked to a nearby park to sit and rested on a chair.

Li Na had no plans for noon, so she decided to go home, take a nap, and take the medicine prescribed by the doctor.


As soon as she got up, the phone in her bag rang, and a strange call came. For some reason, her left eyelid jumped, and she had a feeling that she could not explain.


“Hello, is this Miss Li Na?”

The other party’s tone was too official, like a sales pitch.

“Yes, I am. May I help you?”

“Well, we are the HR department of Sanshui Company. I called to inform you that the interview originally scheduled for 3:00 p.m. will be rescheduled for 12:00 at noon. Are you free?”

“Ah…” Although Li Na was a little curious about why they changed the interview to noon, she still answered “I’m free, bye”. She hung up the phone and took the bus to Sanshui Company.

It was only about 11:20 after arriving at Sanshui Company. Li Na walked around the company and didn’t enter until 11:50. Even so, when she was taken to the interview hall on the second floor by the front desk, there were already seven or eight people standing in line.

By twelve o’clock, the entire interview hall was like a noisy classroom. Li Na roughly counted, and there were about twenty or thirty applicants.

Li Na knew that the company was looking for an assistant to the general manager. A total of five people, meaning that only one in five or six people could stand out, and the elimination rate was 76%.

It wasn’t easy, but at least the competition was not very fierce.

There was a sudden silence. Li Na looked up, and five examiners came in. A total of three men and two women, all dressed in formal clothes. One of the women was dressed very fashionably, standing next to a woman in black and white business attire. Li Na stared straight at her. That person…


Wasn’t that the woman who was on the bus this morning!

Fairy noticed that someone was watching her. She saw Li Na in her dress, smiled at her, and said, “Hello everyone, I’m Fairy, assistant to the general manager, and I’m also your interviewer.”

The woman in black and white business attire was the HR manager. She smiled sweetly, and said, “I’m Tian Tian, ​​the HR manager, the tian from field, and the tian from sweet6The tian from the word field, and the tian from the word sweet..​​”​​

The man in his thirties with a receding hairline next to her had a serious expression, he said, “I’m the Chief Financial Officer, my surname is Zhao.”

In the middle, a handsome young man snapped his fingers cynically. “I’m the boss’s cousin. I’m just joining the fun. Don’t be nervous,” he said.

The other person was a big fat man, the head of the marketing department. He was all smiles and friendly, but for some reason, Li Na saw a nasty smell in him.

Then, as the five sat in their pre-arranged seats, Fairy was the first to speak, “Let’s get started, everyone. Don’t be nervous. I’m going to ask you a question first, everyone should answer truthfully.”

“Please raise your hand if you don’t like cats or dogs.”

Li Na was puzzled by Fairy’s question, but as a girl, she really likes animals, so she just sat there without moving.

Slowly, many people raised their hands. Fairy just sat on her seat and counted, “One, two, three… ten, eleven… Okay, the eleven people who had raised their hands can go.”

There was a small commotion in the hall, and Li Na was astonished. That’s how it started?! Those who don’t like pets have been eliminated before they could even start?

Fairy smiled and said, “I’m sorry, but liking pets is also another requirement of the job. You can’t force it. Those eleven people can leave.”

The eleven people walked away from the hall. It could be seen that these people were angry, unwilling, and regretful… Li Na got even more nervous, she was afraid that she would fall into a trap in the next question. To have passed, she felt even more like walking on thin ice, maybe she had to think for a long time whether the examiners’ words had a double meaning.

However, Li Na was also a bit wary. The approach of the next few tests was also like that. Ask yourself how you feel about your strengths, can you speak English, and give a self-introduction in English. As well as plans for future work, and their life plans.

Li Na had answered all the questions politely, but what made her feel guilty was that Fairy had been smiling at her and taking good care of her. That was probably because of what had happened on the bus. She was grateful to Li Na, but Li Na was afraid that others would think she was walking through a back door. You must know that in the workplace, people who came in through relationships will be looked down upon.

In the middle, six more people were eliminated. Li Na secretly counted, there were exactly ten people left.

After the examiners questioned everyone, they didn’t say that they had to wait for notice or something else. At that time, the front desk brought something, which was packed in a large transparent food storage box.

Tian Tian got up and said, “It’s twelve-thirty now. Everyone hasn’t eaten yet. Let’s eat first, and then continue after eating.”

Assistant Fairy and Manager Tian Tian were quite friendly and didn’t put on airs7act in a way that shows he/she thinks that he/she is better than others. They stayed to eat with them in the interview room, and the other three examiners left.

Everyone began to work and found a few tables to put together. It felt like eating together with classmates in the classroom.

It had to be said that the treatment in big companies was not the same. They served rice, and the food was quite good. Each of the lunch boxes contained a variety of food, fish and meat, soup and vegetables, as well as sushi desserts, and fruits. It is estimated that there were at least twenty lunch boxes.

Li Na took a bowl full of rice, put some vegetables into her bowl, and lowered her head to eat silently. Maybe it was because Fairy and Tian Tian were approachable, but there was no silence or embarrassment at the dining table. Instead, they talked and laughed. Li Na was the only one who didn’t say a word.

In the middle of the meal, a man in a shirt and a black tie came in, holding a white-haired cat in his arms.

Someone noticed that the handsome man had an extraordinary temperament, and nudged at the people around him. Everyone immediately put down their chopsticks, looked at the man who came in with the cat, and then looked back at Fairy and Tian Tian.

Fairy said, “General Manager.”

General manager?

General Manager! So handsome! Does that mean the successful candidate would be his assistant?! There were two or three girls in the hall with uncontrollable excitement and anticipation on their faces.

Jiang Ke smiled and found a place to sit down, “Don’t worry, you guys continue to eat. I’ve already eaten, I’m here to play with Xiaomi.”

Everyone no longer said anything, they should eat and continue the conversations, but they always felt a little uncomfortable. Li Na lowered her head to eat, and Fairy came over with a lunch box next to her. She lowered her head and whispered in her ear, “Don’t do anything.”

Li Na was stunned for a moment and didn’t dare to look back at her. She analyzed what Fairy said to her in her heart, and didn’t do anything.

What does she mean?

Li Na thought that this interview was the most intense and inexplicable routine she had ever had.

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