This Heroine Is Not Pretty

Chapter 4

What does she mean?

Li Na thought that this interview was the most intense and inexplicable routine she had ever had. But after she thought about the elimination of those who didn’t like cats at the first question, Li Na decided that it wouldn’t be a mistake to follow what Fairy said.

Xiaomi’s tail shook, and it jumped out of Jiang Ke’s arms. Jiang Ke didn’t stop it. He sat in his seat with his hands behind his neck ready to see what Xiaomi was about to do.

Xiaomi probably smelled the fragrance of the meal, it jumped onto the table all of a sudden. Xiaomi cleverly didn’t go to the side with food, it just sat on the table and meowed.

The general manager’s cat. Naturally, some people would want to curry favor with the general manager by ingratiating themselves with the cat.


A girl with big eyes put an unboned piece of fish at its feet and touched it twice. Xiaomi cried, and was about to bow her head to eat. Fairy grabbed the piece of fish and threw it into the trash bin. Then she smiled at the big-eyed girl, saying, “I’m sorry, there are thorns in it, I’m afraid it will get stuck.”

The girl’s face changed. She forced a smile and didn’t speak anymore.

Seeing that the girl didn’t feed it anymore, Xiaomi walked up to another boy, meowing. The man seemed to have the attributes of a warm man, he picked out the fishbone and fed it a large piece of tender fried fish.

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“Ylso xlso~”





A short-haired girl next to her nudged Li Na, “You can also give it something to eat.”

Li Na gave her a blank look.

She wouldn’t dare. The cats of the rich are more delicate than those of the common people. If it eats something it shouldn’t eat, her job will be ruined, okay?

Seeing that Li Na was unmoved, the short-haired girl next to her took a piece of meat and put it in front of Xiaomi, but he didn’t even look at it, “Meow~”


“Meow meow~” Xiaomi lowered its head, rubbed its furry head against Li Na’s hand that was blocking the lunch, and licked the back of her hand with its tongue.

Soft, wet, but uncomfortable, because the cat’s tongue has barbs, but there was no doubt that the cat licked you, indicating that it likes you.

Li Na had no choice but to take out a bag of dried fish from the bag she was carrying, feed two to Xiaomi, and then put it back into her bag. Xiaomi ate happily and made a sound of “ah ah ah ah”.

Li Na turned to look at Fairy. Her brows were furrowed, and she moved her mouth to Li Na, “You’re done.”

You’re done.

Three simple words.


Li Na’s mood hit rock bottom. She’s done? Done?!

After Xiaomi ate the dried fish, it called her again. She was expressionless, but her heart was filled with tears: Because of you, my job is gone. I will not give you food.

No matter how stupid Li Na was, she knows everything. The boss was a cat slave and likes cats. The assistant’s education and workability were not the priority, the important thing was to like cats and know the basic common sense of raising cats.

The first girl gave this Persian cat a fish that was unboned and she was expected to be eliminated. Two fed it fruit cakes, and the other two fed it fish.

After they finished the meal and packed up, ten people stood in a row. The general manager never left. His right hand stroked Xiaomi again and again. He was lazy but sexy. It was unknown how many women he had attracted.

Li Na resigned herself to the fact that several people who had fed the Persian cat were named and stood up, only three people did not stand up.

There was a beautiful woman in a big red sleeveless dress, a girl with bangs and glasses, and a handsome guy with dyed hair. There were only three people.

“You can go now,” Tian Tian said.

Li Na went to get her backpack and was ready to go, when Jiang Ke said, “Wait.”

“Leave out the boy who picked the fishbone for Xiaomi, and the girl who fed Xiaomi dried fish. Just five people.”


Li Na didn’t know how to describe her mood. Great joy and great sadness? She didn’t feel sad either. As for joy, she was very happy, but her face was blank.


Jiang Ke left with the cat in his arms. Fairy immediately stepped forward and grabbed Li Na’s hand, “Congratulations, Nana.”

Nana? Since when do they know each other so well?

Li Na blankly said, “Huh? Oh, thank you.”

Fairy smiled and thought, ‘Of course, you have to thank me. If I hadn’t rescued your resume from the boss, would you still be here?’

After the bus incident this morning, Fairy was so fond of Li Na that she wanted to take care of her everywhere. Before Li Na left, she and Fairy exchanged their phone numbers. Fairy said that she was free to invite her to dinner, and Li Na smiled and said yes.

So sometimes, fate is a funny thing.

On her first day at work, Li Na wore something more formal, a white shirt and black vest, black slacks, and a pair of five-centimeter-high strappy sandals. The dress was quite satisfactory. This was Li Na, standing in a row with a few people who were hired together. Even Fairy sighed and deliberately dragged her to the first place to introduce herself.

“I’m Li Na. I’m 22 years old this year. I hope I can work well with everyone in the future.”

The people who stood on the same floor whispered to each other, and pushed a person out, “Nana, you two get to know each other.”

Li Na froze and didn’t know how to react, so Fairy stepped forward to interrupt, “Her name is also Li Na, it’s a coincidence that she has the same name as you, but we all call her Nana, so I’ll call you Xiaona from now on. “

The other girl, Nana, had nice features. She has a lot of freckles, and she didn’t look like a narrow-minded girl.

Having the same name and surname is quite embarrassing.


Li Na suddenly felt a little flustered in her heart.

Next is the introduction of others. Yesterday’s handsome guy was called Guo Dehao. He was handsome, especially with his flamboyant blonde hair. As soon as he said his name, everyone burst into laughter, “Good day, your name. It got up pretty good too.”

The warm man who picked the fishbone yesterday looked very stable, “I’m Cheng Tian, ​​the Cheng from future, and the Tian from sky.”

The girl with glasses and bangs was very cute. Her name was Xiao Xiao. She was an accountant. Two years older than Li Na, but she looks very young. Innocent Li Na got shot while lying down again.

But among the five of them, the most conspicuous was the “Iceberg Beauty” He Suanran.

The title “Iceberg Beauty” was told to Li Na by Fairy in private, because she was too beautiful, but she didn’t like to talk, and she looked arrogant. After getting along with her for a day, many people were surprised and admired her workability. So everyone nicknamed her “Iceberg Beauty” in private.

Li Na felt that her day’s work was quite easy, but it was also possible that Fairy remembered that she has a forehead injury, so she only gave her a few paperwork assignments, and a phone call to make an appointment.

The five new recruits joined the company just in time for the company’s monthly mid-month dinner. The company had already booked two Japanese restaurants. After work at eight in the evening, everyone took a taxi and was squeezed into an available car. Li Na was pulled into the GM’s car by Fairy. After getting into the general manager’s car, she was a little restrained and kept silent.

In the car were Jiang Ke and his cat, Cheng Tian, Li Na, and Fairy.

During that time, Cheng Tian asked Li Na about the injury on her forehead. Before she could say she accidentally bumped it, Fairy told everyone in the car a lot about it and praised Li Na’s heroic deeds from beginning to end.
Li Na leaned against the car window, ‘Big sister, stop it, please…’

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