This Heroine Is Not Pretty

Chapter 1

At seven o’clock in the morning, Li Na punctually woke up and opened her eyes. She stretched out her arms from under the covers and choked. At that time, a pleasant-sounding male voice said, “You’re awake?”

Li Na squinted her eyes and turned her head in the direction of the voice. She saw a man in a white suit, shirt, and black-spotted tie sitting on the edge of the bed. A white-haired Persian cat was curled up beside him. One of its pupils was as clear as the deep sea, and the other one was as bright as the sun.

Jiang Ke’s hair had just been washed and dried. It was a bit messy, but it added a touch of indescribable sex appeal to the whole person.

Li Na was just about to ask who he was when all of a sudden she remembered everything!

Boss! Big boss! General manager!


That’s not important, the important thing is… Whyever am I here? Why is the boss here?!

My house? Boss’s house? Hotel?

A one-night stand? Sex caused by drunkenness? The boss XX her?

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“Blah, blah, blah…”


The sycamore leaves around the community clashed, and the raindrops got bigger and denser. There was no sign of the rain stopping at all.

A five- or six-year-old boy stood in front of a convenience store. His hair was drenched and his backpack was soaked in the rain. He stood under the eaves in distress and looked at the sky: “How can I go home in such a heavy rain…”

Li Na bought tissues, shampoo, milk, and a few snacks at the supermarket. She was carrying her things out when she heard what the boy was saying. She smiled and asked him: “Where are your parents, kid? Why didn’t they pick you up?”

The little boy glanced at Li Na. But he did not speak.

His family probably taught him not to talk to strangers, so the little boy wasn’t going to answer Li Na’s question.

Li Na didn’t care. She asked him with a grin, “Are you unable to go home without an umbrella?”

The little boy hesitated and nodded.

“Now,” Li Na said, as she passed him her rainbow umbrella. “I gave you my umbrella, go, hurry home.”

The little boy pursed his lips and refused to pick it up. Li Na shook her head and sighed. “What a proud child,” she said. She opened the umbrella in her hand and placed it in the little boy’s hand. “Hurry up and go home, your mother will worry if you don’t go back.” 

Li Na did not wait for the boy to respond, she dashed straight into the rain, her figure was shrinking as she turned into a corner and disappeared. The little boy stood there and said softly, “Thank you, Big Sister.” 

The little boy came home with an umbrella. After he knocked on the door, a man in a suit opened the door. When he saw the little boy, he raised his eyebrows and smiled, “Maomao, why did you come back so late?”

The little boy’s nickname was Maomao. He was in the first grade of elementary school. He went to the first elementary school on the perimeter of the community. Because it was very close to home, but more than 100 meters away, he had always gone home by himself to practice his independence.


When Maomao saw the man, he smiled and plunged into the man’s arms: “Uncle!”

Jiang Ke did not mind that he was being soaked all over, he held Maomao in his arms, picked up the wet umbrella on the ground, entered the house, and closed the door. 

While a couple in the kitchen were busy cooking, Jiang Ke carried Maomao to his room, dried his hair, changed his clothes, carried him to the living room sofa, and brought him slippers.

“Uncle, no one told me that it was raining today. I didn’t have an umbrella. I was in front of the convenience store downstairs, waiting for you to remember to pick me up,” Maomao said, as he held his uncle’s arm.

“Well, it was Mom and Dad’s fault. No one gave you an umbrella. Pay attention in the future. So that rainbow umbrella isn’t yours?” Jiang Ke smiled and stroked his head.

“A kind big sister gave it to me.” Maomao tilted his head and his big eyes rolled around steadily.

“Well, did you say when to give it back?” He supported his head with one hand and looked lazily at Maomao.

Maomao opened his mouth wide: “Oh, Uncle, I forgot. After that sister gave me her umbrella, she ran and went away without using an umbrella.”

The legendary Lei Feng who did good deeds without leaving a name, and sacrificed himself for others?

Jiang Ke habitually raised an eyebrow: “Oh? Let me ask you, is the sister who gave you the umbrella beautiful?”

Maomao shook his head.

“Ugly?” Jiang Ke suddenly felt a little bored.


Maomao shook his head: “She’s not beautiful but not ugly either.”

“Then do you remember what that sister looked like?”

Maomao blinked: “I forgot.” Jiang Ke burst into laughter instantly, “Forget it, it’s just an umbrella, it’s possible that she is in the same community, and if you have fate, you will naturally meet her.”

“It’s time to eat!” The Maomao’s mother in the kitchen yelled. Jiang Ke rolled up his sleeves and went to the kitchen to serve the food. After she saw that he came, Jiang Wen pushed him out quickly: “Oh, Big Boss, you just sit there quietly and wait for the food. You are a guest, how can we still let you come and work?”

Next to her, Lan Tainian also echoed: “Big Brother, this is just a small matter. You have been working all day. Wenwen and I will do just fine by ourselves here. Go and sit down.”

Jiang Ke was quite speechless by being called a guest by the couple. He could only sit at the table with his mouth closed accompanying Maomao, obediently waiting for the food.

Jiang Wen was Jiang Ke’s younger sister, she was two years younger than him. After she graduated from university at the age of 21, she fell in love and quickly got married. Less than a year later, she gave birth to Maomao. Maomao is now six years old and can go to the supermarket downstairs to buy soy sauce. Now, her elder brother who was almost thirty is still a loner.

“Brother, I heard that last time our parents arranged for you to meet Uncle Zhang’s daughter?” Jiang Wen asked nosily: “What do you think?”

Jiang Ke lowered his head to eat and did not look at her: “Nothing.”

….. “Brother, how old are you?”

Jiang Ke put down his bowl and chopsticks: “Twenty-nine, what’s the matter, am I old?”

“No, no, no, you are not old at all,” Jiang Wen shook her head. Saying that he was old, isn’t that also saying that she was old in disguise? “It’s just that if keep going like this, I will doubt that you are gay.”



Jiang Ke tapped the other end of his chopsticks on his sister’s head: “Your brother, I, am straight, don’t think of random thoughts like mom and dad, I just haven’t met the right one that’s all.”

“Oh.” Jiang Wen timidly lowered her head to take some food and secretly looked to her husband. Lan Tainian quickly understood, and said: “Big brother, I have a female colleague that’s quite good…”

Jiang Ke sighed helplessly: “If you keep telling me this, I will have to leave.”


The dinner was suddenly quiet, and Maomao shouted at this moment: “Uncle, I want an aunt!”

f*ck! Yes! Good! Jiang Wen immediately wanted to clap her hands and applaud her son. Her son was super great!

Jiang Ke was speechless. Speaking of his nephew, he was also very cute. He didn’t know what kind of ecstasy soup the kid’s mother had put into Maomao. When Jiang Ke took him out to play last time, every time he saw a woman, he would call her aunt, from the teenage daughter of a company employee to the cleaning lady who cleans his office, he called everyone his aunt! As long as it was a woman, the child kept calling her aunt.

Jiang Ke was also a bit irritated. His friends around him praise him one by one saying that he was handsome, or that he was the president of a big company, and his personality was not too bad. But the point was, he really couldn’t find the right person.

As long as he wanted to, a lot of women could line up to have a date with him. Jiang Ke did not pick any. He just didn’t feel like it, didn’t want to talk, felt that love was very tiring and that it was good to be alone.

He had also doubted whether he was emotionally cold or impaired. He consulted a psychologist who said it was normal.

But the heart in his chest was never stirred by another.

Lan Tainian said under the eyes of his wife: “Brother, there is something I have to say, I always feel that you can’t let go of your heart. After such a long time, there are some things you should also let go of.”

Jiang Ke was stunned and went silent.

A little awkwardness and disappointment can be felt at the table.

After a while, Jiang Ke said, “I have to go, Xiaomi is still waiting to be fed at home.” He put on his coat and took some things. Before leaving, he took an umbrella, colorful and gorgeous.

Xiaomi was a white Persian cat, one of its eyes was blue, and the other one was golden. Xiaomi was five years old and had a docile personality. It liked to crawl into Jiang Ke’s bed and curl up under his arms when he was asleep.

Xiaomi was very obedient and well-behaved. Jiang Ke had also been willing to be a shit shovel officer. Over time, he gradually became willing to spend a whole day quietly with Xiaomi at home, rather than talking and dating a woman arranged by his parents.

There were some things he should move on from. And some people, he should let go.

Xiaomi had a sterilization operation two days ago and was a bit grumpy. Jiang Ke brought its favorite dried fish but couldn’t tease it out from under the bed.

He had no choice but to put the food on the plate and put it under the bed to take a bath. After taking a shower, he saw Xiaomi eat the cat food and dried fish on her plate and meowed at Jiang Ke.

Jiang Ke smiled indulgently, reached down, and pulled it into his arms. He took it to bed and put it under the blanket. “Tomorrow I’ll take you to the company and take you for a walk on the way.”

Xiaomi opened her big watery eyes and let out a “meow”.

“Go to sleep.”


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