There’s Always Spicy Chicken Who Wants to Take Me to Fly

Chapter 6: Achievements

Blue Skies took a deep breath. 

Afterlife Reasons Afterlife said: “So, how about it?”

How about it? It was trash! Bai Tian wanted to squeeze fox fur out of her head!

Afterlife Reasons: “If you want me to give you 200 fox furs, then apologize.”

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: Are you making fun of me?! Is your dignity that worthless?!


The granny npc grabbed her hand: “Hero ah, Hero. You’re really kind, but I can’t use this many fox furs. How about this, if Hero doesn’t mind, then this old lady will teach you how to make clothes. You can make clothes from the fox fur and sell them to the chief of Brocade1The original was 锦绣 (Jinxiu) which means ‘exquisite and bright silk fabric but can also be a metaphor for beauty/splendor Village. 

Blue Skies was taken aback: “Huh?”

[System] Would you like to learn the skill Sewing?

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Pyxd, obyv oyp vbkp pkvwyvksd?

Jzwl Fjklp dseele qklanlzu: “Qsse, tsse, tsse!”


Vakhyvl Ubyv] Jzwl Fjklp: Qsse, tsse, tsse.&dcpr;

Gqvlazkql Slypsdp Gqvlazkql: “Ebld okzz usw rknj vblx wr?”

[Fupvlx] Frlyaxyd Jzwl Fjklp kp vbl qkapv rzyula kd vbl 5vb plahla vs zlyad y zkql pjkzz, vbl ynbklhlxldv “Nlyadkdt Ekvbswv Ode” kp ynbklhle.&dcpr;

Mbl tzsokdt tsze pvyvlxldv qzsyvle yvsr lhlausdl’p blyep.&dcpr;

Bai Tian looked at the achievement rewards and almost shouted. 


There was an increase of 500 exp, and the experience bar that used to be on Level 7 flew all the way to Level 9. 

The most important thing about the achievement rewards, in addition to the exp and the gold coins, was the high-ranked, multicolored stone. 

It didn’t’ matter whether or not the sewing skill was useful, the golden words [High-Grade Gem] alone were enough to make her happy. 

According to the guide, even in older servers, a high-grade stone couldn’t even be taken down by a small 500 gold coins. 

Now, with the server only being 12 hours old, and currently the only one in existence, it could at least sell for a small 1000, right?

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: Hahahahaha

Afterlife Reasons: “How did that happen? Hey! Hey!!”

Blue Skies was surprised to hear the voice of the healer, then she realized that she never close the chat box. 

It was all thanks to this mixed healer that such a coincidence could happen. 

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: Nothing, I wasn’t talking to you. What? I don’t want the fox furs. For the sake of the skill, I’ll forgive you if you apologize to me now. 

Afterlife Reasons: “What2this was in english?”

At this time, the state of the World was as such: 


[World] Become a God: Damn! Directly to Level 9!

[World] Front Row Drama: Can’t you only learn life skills at Level 30?!

[World] Feel the Breeze: Hidden? Asking great god for the strategy, Great God!!

Dreamer3‘Water Moon Mirror Flower’ which is a Chinese idiom for an illusionary scene. 梦中客 is dreamer. So Dreaming of an illusionary scene.: Asking great god to fly4carry (help me advance through the game with me doing minimal to nowork! The chrysanthemum has been washed5For you perverts, it is exactly what you think it is!

[World] Blue Skies: [High Grade Gem ● Multicolored Stone]

[World] Front Row Drama: I’ll take it!!!

[World] Feel the Breeze: Am I dreaming or should I go to sleep? 

[World] Love is Distant: How to buy! Asking great god for a reply!

[Private Chat] Big Pimple: Great god, do you need friends? 

[Private Chat] F*ck That Healer10086: Great god, do you need a little brother?

Afterlife Reasons: “Sell everything to us. It was all a good talk.”

Afterlife Reasons sure liked to talk. 


All the message box notifications annoyed Bai Tian, so she directly blocked the private chat. 

Regardless of the chaos she posted in World, and how much chaos she caused, she decided to finish the NPC’s task. 

Bai Tian checked her skills and found that there was indeed an extra Level 1 Sewing skill. 

Checking the skill’s description, she discovered that it was just an ordinary skill that anyone could learn at Level 30 with other common life skills. 

NPC: “Hero, two sets of fox fur are already good enough for this old lady, I will return the extra fox furs. You can try to make clothes now. 

[System] You received 180 fox furs. 

So 10 fox furs can make 1 set of clothes? But right now, she could only make fox fur scarves. 

Blue Skies quietly used the skill. But the system alerted her that there was no needle or thread. 

NPC kindly smiled: “Go to the chief of Brocade Village. She sells needles and threads.”

Blue Skies lifted her head and found herself surrounded by a crowd6Original phrase was 三层外三层, which directly translates to three layers inside and three layers outside to signify just how packed it is. An English equivalent would be packed like sardines

The crowd of onlookers weakly asked: “What did you do to this NPC?”

Blue Skies: “……Why are you asking so pathetically?” 


The crowd was exited: “Great god! Feed me! It’s not good to work hard!”

Blue Skies gave it a thought. In any case, she already claimed the achievement, so it didn’t matter if she told them. So she told them without any reservations: “I gave the grandma 200 fox skins.” 

Everyone went f*ck! And felt uncontested regret. 

They all either just came online, or stayed in the village to do some novice tasks, none of them had the time to go hunt some foxes for fox furs. 

With that, everyone turned around and ran to the wild area. 

Afterlife Reasons just heard wind. She squeezed through the crowd and asked: “Is the gem still there? How did you get it?”

Blue Skies repeated: “I gave the grandma 200 fox skins.”

Blue Skies finished talking and wanted to go to Brocade Village. After just two steps, she heard the grandmother calling her from behind. 

“Hero, hero!” the grandma said as she caught up to Blue Skies, “Did you ask them to give me fox furs? Actually, I don’t need them anymore. You can also take these to make clothes.”

[System] You received 200 fox furs. 

Bai Tian raised her head and looked at the healer. 

Two people’s dumbfounded eyes made eye contact. 

Blue Skies clenched her stomach and laughed crazily: “Hahahahaha!”

Blue Skies saluted her: “Thank you grandma! Thank you mixed-healer! ‘Till we meet again!”

With that, Bai Tian left for Brocade Village with an additional 200 fox pieces of fox furs in tow. 

Afterlife Reasons ran after her and shouted: “Wait! What about the gemstone?!”

It was a pity that she couldn’t keep up with the enchanting, 4-part7full speed build spearman. 

Boss He of Brocade Village was a female NPC. 

She saw someone coming in, shook her fan and said: “Young hero, would you like to buy some clothes?”

Blue Skies: “I want to buy needles and threads.”

Boss He: “We have an excellent array of needles and threads, can the young hero make clothes?”

Blue Skies: “Come, come, come, give me a set.”

Boss He: “10 gold.”

The hand Blue Skies’ was using to get the money stilled, she almost vomited blood.

1 gold = 100 coppers. Each fox she killed only dropped 5 copper coins. Even the achievement she just got only gave out 2 gold coins, so why does a needle cost 10 gold coins!

Blue Skies agitatedly asked: “Are you slaughtering pigs8newbies?”

Boss he covered her mouth and chuckled: “Young hero sure knows how to joke, we sell excellent needles and threads here.”

According to the current cost of coins in the shop, ten gold coins was equivalent to 10 yuan. 

But Bai Tian was a person with only 7 dollars and 6 cents! Will she be drinking the northwest wind tomorrow?

Blue Skies: I have fox fur, can I trade that with you?”

Boss He: “Fox Fur is worthless. A piece of fox fur is just worth 1 copper.”

Blue Skies: “……”

Why don’t you just rob people?!

Blue Skies: “How about you let me borrow your needle and threads, then I’ll sell to you the clothes I made!”

“You already know how to make clothes?” Boss He said, “Our Brocade Village doesn’t take roughly-made clothes.”

Blue Skies was agitated and yelled: “If nothing’s good then I’ll rent it for 1 copper coin, OK!”

Boss He squinted for a moment before nodding: “Ok.”

[System] Spearman Blue Skies became the first player within the 5th server to successfully bargain with an NPC, achievement [Bargainer] is achieved.

Blue Skies: “……”

Afterlife Reason’s had just stepped into Jinxiu Village, stopped, exhaled, and downheartedly asked:  “What did you do with the NPC?!”

Blue Skies: “I also want to know.”

[World] Become a God: Damn damn damn! My Level 10 target was robbed!

[World] Feel the Breeze: You cheat! I just talked to Wang Dachui at the iron shop if I could bargain with him, he told me to p*ss off!”

[World] Ray of Blood: A smooth sailing life…….

[World] It’s Not Love: Great god…….inside information please! There’s so many Open Wilderness Guilds, we’re not feeling so good!

[World] Imminent Cow Heart: Hua Shi has five servers, and this is the first time I’ve heard of someone bargaining with the NPC……

Though the achievement was not as good as the previous one, the experience points gained was still sufficient to send Blue Skies to Level 10. 

She checked her inventory and found out that she already had the needles and threads. 

She impatiently started using the sewing skill. 

After knitting a fox fur scarf, she threw it to Boss He. 

Boss He nodded: “It’s not bad. Our shop wasn’t cheated, I’ll buy it from you for 1 gold.”

She then placed the fox fur scarf directly in the store. 

Afterlife Reasons: “……why did you make it cost 5 gold!”

Fox fur scarves were ornamental equipments. It was also one of the basic materials for the equipment made in the later stages of sewing. But this piece of equipment wasn’t sold in NPC shops, and the player had to make it themselves.

In reality, fox fur was really worthless. What was important was the stamina gained when wearing it.

Stamina was a character attribute that could only be recovered with time. 

Boss He smiled and said: “Why would I buy it if not to earn money? Little hero, would you like to sell or not?

Blue Skies saw the money and decided to sell. One gold coin was better than a copper coin. So she sold everything to her. 

Afterlife Reasons: “What? Why not keep it and sell it later, how can you sell it for 10 gold coins!”

Blue Skies: That’s the old servers sister. Look at the current gold coin ratio.”

Afterlife Reasons was left speechless. 

The ratio in old servers had almost stabilized at 100:1. But in the new server, it was 1:1 due to the shortage of gold coins9so in old servers, 100 copper coins were equal to one gold coin, but since there’s no gold coin in the new servers, the npc’s would take 1 copper coin as 1 gold coin? Probably

Blue Skies had 380 fox skins in her inventory. She turned them all into scarves and her sewing skill rose to Level 2. Then she sold all the scarves to Boss He for 38 gold coins. 

[System] Spearman Blue Skies has become the first player in the 5th server to become a supplier for an NPC, achievement “Business Talk” as been achieved. 

[System] Spearman Blue Skies has surpassed other players in the 5th server by a large margin, achievement “Superior One” has been achieved. 

[World] Front Row Drama: It feels disgraceful scrolling through the chat……

[World] Has God Arrived: QAQ I just want to know what happened!

[World] Depressed Balls10the testicle kind of balls, you didn’t need to know that, but I needed to tell you 😀: My balls broke! If I didn’t sleep all night I’d only reach Level 8, but here you are at Level 15!

[World] Shaking Chest: The 5th server’s Open Wilderness Association, raise your hands! Are you guys OK!

Blue Skies was also dumbfounded. 

A series of information arrived, ahaha, then she was level 15. 

Was all that hard work before death in vain? 

Afterlife Reasons: “You……”

Blue Skies: “You’ve seen it yourself, I didn’t do anything.”

Afterlife Reasons: “……”

Because she saw it, she felt even more depressed OK?!

Afterlife Reasons: “Did you get anything?”

Blue Skies: “Only exp and gold coins.”

She thought that she would get valuable items when she got the achievements, but she was being too greedy. 

It seems like the high-grade gem was only given during the first character flare-up. 

Bai Tian lined up all the gold coins and exchanged them for 40 yuan. 

The results were not bad. However, her level was rising too fast and her equipment couldn’t keep up. 

Bai Tian was satisfied with today’s harvests. She rubbed her neck and prepared to go offline. 

Afterlife Reasons stepped forward and said: “Blue Skies, sell the gem to us and we’ll forget about what happened today.”

If she didn’t mention it, Bai Tian would’ve already forgotten it. 

“Do you think I’m retarded? Blue Skies said, “You chased me around all night just because you wanted me to apologize to you?”

Afterlife Reasons was shocked: “You started it!”

Blue Skies: “You guys brought the porcelain touching archer first.”

Afterlife Reasons: “You killed first!”

“Your musician took out their weapon first!” Blue Skies said, “A fight would’ve broken out anyways, I just took the lead.”

Afterlife Reasons: “Five of us died!”

Blue Skies shrugged: “You guys suck, how can you blame me for that?”

The biracial beauty erupted with anger, she slammed the table: “Just wait until our guild to takes revenge!”

Blue Skies was speechless: “You already said this a while ago, I told you guys not to regret it.”

Afterlife Reasons was struck dumb. 

Blue Skies gave her a salute: “Goodnight, pretty lady.”

Tonight was destined to be a sleepless night. 

Blue Skies went offline to sleep, the Open Wilderness Association’s leaders were feeling pressure, they gathered together to discuss:

The head of Set Sail Guild: “Who is that Blue Skies? Fish guy11Yubulu Guild has Yu (鱼) meaning fish, you guys should know.”

The head of Yubulu Guild, Conquesting Fish, bitterly said: “I also don’t know!”

“What’s the deal with all those achievements tonight?” The head of Tyranny Against Violence, Big Pimple, said, “I’ve never encountered a situation like that.”

The guild leader of Spring Flower Autumn Moon said: My guild members said that he gave 200 fox furs to an NPC.”

All the guild leaders agreed: “That’s right. Our guild members said the same thing.”

Conquesting Fish felt suffocated: “Our deputy later followed him and saw how he got the next two achievements.”

Guild Leaders: “How did it happen?”

Conquesting Fish: “He was too poor to buy anything, so he bargained with the NPC. And due to the lack of money, the NPC sold things to him at a low price. 

1.6 Meter Guild’s leader: “I feel like I swallowed something bitter, it’s not leaving a pleasant aftertaste.”

Everyone fell silent. 

The Set Sail guild leader: “It doesn’t matter, even if he levels up alone, if he doesn’t have any good equipments or teammates, he won’t be able to get the first dungeon kill.”

Conquesting Fish: “Yes, the most important thing is the First Kill of a dungeon.”

The little exp gained from achievements was trivial in late game. 

The rewards given out by the First Kill achievement was the most valuable.

“It’s just a small incident1, let’s not mind it so much.” Big Pimple said, “Let’s go, let’s go back and rest.”

Everyone nodded. 

They closed their private chats and started talking in the friend chat; 

“Everyone, let’s work harder! Raise our levels, take advantage of people going offline and do our best to occupy the leaderboard!”

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