There’s Always Spicy Chicken Who Wants to Take Me to Fly

Chapter 5: Run Away

“Stop talking!” Blue Skies said, “Hurry up and kill them so that we can sleep!”

Someone suddenly said: “Rhine’s here.” 

Blue Skies had distracted the warlock for quite a while now. Yellowing Leaves took this opportunity to poison the poor short-legged man. 

Blue Skies reached the warlock’s side and stabbed him. 

While everyone was still asking when Rhine would arrive, the warlock had already flown out and into the sky. 


Accurate and unbiased, he hit the head of a centipede. 

The assassin was waiting for him on the other side, after pulling aggro, jumped past to intercept. 

The warlock went to meet his ancestors. 

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Jzwl Fjklp: “Twb? Zsw twup xyjl xl ps pye.”

Zlzzsokdt Nlyhlp: “R oswze yzps awd.”

Jzwl Fjklp: R’zz cl hlau tldvzl, eyazkdtp~”

Zlzzsokdt Nlyhlp: “R’hl elnkele vs zyclz usw yp xu vlyxxyvl.”

“Eyp R dsv uswa vlyxxyvl?” Jzwl Fjklp pyke.&dcpr;

Yellowing Leaves stopped talking. 


Blue Skies chuckled and approached the engineers. 

There was no need to provoke, just go for the kill. 

A faint light shone around the engineer and Blue Skies let out a baffled sound as she saw that his health bar didn’t drop. 

Blue Skies: “Damn! The healer is back!”

After some time, the healer that was sent back to the Beginners Village had returned. 

She turned out to be the Rhine everyone was talking about.

The biracial healer ran forward: “Blue Skies? What did you mean by that?”

Blue Skies covered her mouth and exaggeratedly said: “My god, you can speak Chinese?” 

“……” Yellowing Leaves, “Coalition Lingua Franca1Lingua Franca = Common Language, what do you say?”

The dead warlock lying on the ground said: “Rhine, stop talking nonsense, just go for the kill.”

Blue Skies: Rhine is a healer, do you think she’s the Virgin Mary?”

The level 7 healer, no, the level 6 healer, as the level decreased to 6 after dying.


As a level 6 healer, even if the heart is flutters, I’m not afraid. 

When the healer raised her needle to heal,  the previous 11% of hp of the engineer immediately rose to 31%. 

“F*ck!” Yellowing Leaves yelled, “She’s only at level 6, but she actually has such a skill!”

In order to use up skill points, one needed a skill book and gold coins. 

The server had only been opened for a few hours, even if such healing techniques were all over the streets in late game, they were all as expensive as gems at the moment. 

As far as the low on health auxiliary accounts were concerned, the healer who just clicked on the skill was simply too aggravating. 

This was probably the only unexpected thing that happened tonight. 

In this case, even if the two of them put their all into the fight, they would not be able to compete with the other team’s healing. Besides, the situation was seven v. two. 

As they were so close to obliterating the two teams, Blue Skies was feeling extreme heartache. 

Blue Skies tuned in: “Ahuang ah……”

Yellowing Leaves quietly turned around and ran away. 

Blue Skies: “……”


In any case, it couldn’t be helped. 

Blue Skies pulled out the character attribute panel and started distributing the 28 attribute points gained from leveling up. Then she started running after the assassin. 

The gang of seven behind them: “Stop!”

Yellowing Leaves turned his head to look at the teammate who had caught up and asked: “How can you run so fast?!”

Blue Skies said: “I put all my points into agility, you’re worth it2You’re worth it is L’Oreal’s catchphrase. Don’t ask me why it’s here :,).”

“Damn!” Yellowing Leaves said, “A spear user with a full agility build, you really are something!”

Even the assassin was only three parts agility and one part wisdom. 

He ruminated for a bit, and felt that something was off. He suddently shouted: “You didn’t use your attribute points before?!”

If attribute points weren’t used, how was there such a high output?!

“I was hesitating” Blue Skies said, “sure enough, one’s life is more important.”

Yellowing Leaves: “……”

Yellowing Leaves: “Dying only happens once! It’s just loosing a bit of experience points, attribute points can’t be retracted!” 


“Isn’t it just 28 points?” Blue Skies said, “I just don’t like losing, and I don’t like dying.”

The three part agility build assassin and the full agility build spearman ran to the Beginners Village, leaving a trail of dust behind them. 

The moment they stepped beyond the village gates, the alarm went of and the two sharply inhaled. 

Yellowing Leaves: “Look at the World Chat.”

Blue Skies glanced sideways. 

[World] Academic3 I’m not sure about the original translation, which was 术业有专攻, but it means that you’re never too old to learn and never too young to teach. In the dictionary, Academic meant a teacher and a scholar, so I thought it was close enough: Blue Skies! Robbing and bullying newcomers, if you have the courage to kill then don’t run away!”

[World] Afterlife Reasons: Yubulu Guild has officially blacklisted spearman Blue Skies and assassin Yellowing Leaves. Any guild that takes them in or teams up with them will be listed as an enemy. 

[World] Front Row Drama: Look at my name. 

[World] Ray of Blood: Who are these people? Why haven’t I heard of them?

[World] Feel the Breeze Without Panties4Will be shortened to Feel the Breeze: Those eating melon seeds5melon seeds is the equivalent to popcorn. So those watching the show say, isn’t the first day of service very high?  

[World] Long Years: Don’t you need to complete all the beginner missions before you can go hunt mobs in the wild?  It’s not good to skip the quests to go hunt for mobs!

Academic was the warlock that they killed. Afterlife Reasons was the biracial nurse named Rhine. 

Blue Skies: “What’s Yubulu?”

Yellowing Leaves: “It’s Gulugulu’s subordinate guild!”

There was a black line of Blue Skies’ face: “A guild with that name is done for.”

“You’re the one who’s done for,” Yellowing Leves looked at her sympathetically, “a pure newbie wanted by a big guild, and invested attribute points in the wrong place.  Best to delete the account as soon as possible and just restart. 

Blue Skies: “Bulubulu’s very diabolical?”

Yellowing Leaves: “It’s Gulugulu! They were in the quarterfinals of last year’s official tournament. In case you weren’t aware of last years ranking, their best team settled in the top four without much resistance. 

While he was trying to convey the guild’s popularity, another line of words drifted across the World Channel. 

[World] Blue Skies: I’m personally announcing that it was two v. twelve, and we killed five of them. Prepare to delete your accounts and restart. By the way, can you send me your usernames? You guys died too fast for me to remember. 

Yellowing Leaves: “……You stupid!”

Meanwhile, the World Chat was boiling over. 

[World] F*ck that healer 10086: F*ck! Hero! I respect good guys like you!

[World] Become a God This Year6 will be shortened to Become a God: Fought two vs. twelve, killed 5 people? Are they really from Yubulu Guild? They’re probably just bluffing!

[World] It’s Not Love: Set Sail Guild welcomes the great god!

[World] It’s Not Love: Welcome! Give a warm welcome!

[World] Hundred Daybreak Paste: I just want to know how the two of them are doing right now.

World] Blue Skies: We’re at the entrance of the Beginner’s Village, alive and refreshed~ You guys are welcome to visit.”

After reading and refreshing the World Chat, Yellowing Leaves sincerely gave his advice: “You should join the Set Sail Guild, they were also in the top four last year. 

Blue Skies: “This old man doesn’t like either of their names!”

Yellowing Leaves: “Then delete your account and start over.”

“This old man never knew what fear was when he was born at the Beginner’s Village. That word insults my reputation as a webmaster, I give my thanks,” Blue Skies said, “You can go. No one will blame you.”

Yellowing Leaves: “Me afraid of them? Ha! Are you kidding me?”

He was really not afraid of anything. 

Most people would prefer not to be hated by people with higher superiority.  

He was not most people. Eh? That’s actually not good, but there was no helping it. 

Blue Skies wasn’t aware of the relationships between the major guilds, so she didn’t care about it. He was aware of it, but never took it seriously. 

As the person who initiated the uproar on the World Channel, standing at the entrance of the village was very eye-catching. 

Numerous accounts started encircling them, trying to see who the two were. 

A group of people also rushed over due to Afterlife Reasons. They kept sending in messages, unaware that the two had privated their chats.

As there was no way to get through, the people who originally wanted to solve the situation behind closed doors took to the World Chat yet again. 

[World] Academic There’s a type that doesn’t run, let’s have another match!

[World] Blue Skies: Am I stupid? Who am I to you? 

[World] Blue Skies: Twelve v. two, wasn’t it something like this? Don’t you want face?  [Middle Finger] [Middle Finger] A big guild? Why don’t I see anyone taking responsibility?

[World] It’s Not Love: Roasted ah, at this point I stand behind the spearman. Spear brother, want to join a level 15 guild? 

[World] Become a God: F*ck! So it’s really true? Two against twelve and five were killed?

[World] Blue Skies: [Wronged] [Wronged] If the dead healer hadn’t come back from the resurrection point, killing both teams would’ve been possible. 

[World] F*ck that healer 10086: I’m with you, PK shouldn’t be allowed a resurrection option!

[World] Big Pimple: Brother, I see that your bones are good, Violence Against Violence Guild welcomes you. 

While Blue Skies was chatting, Yellowing Leaves was trying to give her a way out. 

“Not bad!” Yellowing Leaves said, “Violence Against Violence Guild was last year’s champions!”

Blue Skies: “The name’s not cheap enough.”

Yellowing Leaves: “……”

Yellowing Leaves said contemptuously: “Just keep making waves, I’m just gonna wait for you to start groveling”

Blue Skies: “Why don’t you have any brotherly love?”

[World] Afterlife Reasons: Then let’s be fair and honest, 1 v. 1, how about it? 

[World] Blue Skies: You mean it wasn’t fair? It wasn’t me who was banned for talking trash. 

[World] It’s Not Love: Little brother, don’t ignore us……

[World] Afterlife Reasons: If we lose, then we’ll apologize. 

[World] Blue Skies: So you say fight and we just fight? Won’t that make me look cheap?

[World] Afterlife Reasons: Then what do you want? 

[World] Blue Skies: Nothing much, I just want to make you guys depressed. 

Yellowing Leaves was speechless: “Why do they owe you so much?”

Blue Skies shrugged: “Nothing, too bad they can’t beat me.”

A power leveler. 

A professional power leveler. 

A game that occupies more than half the life of a professional power leveler. 

How much fun can you have? Why not just mess around? 

But her purpose was to not take initiative, to not retreat. 

They would initiate everything, she was only responsible for playing with them. 

And as for the matter of principle, she had principle.  

Even knowing that there would be risks in going back, she still came back to save her teammate. 

At this time, the founders of other major guilds were all asking Yubulu’s chairman about what happened. 

First, they wanted to know if the person was really powerful. Second, they wanted to know if it was an account of a great god. 

Yubulu’s leader, Conquesting Fish, was also dumbfounded. 

It was very frustrating to encounter such a thing within twelve hours of the new server opening. 

He wanted to ask Sword Light and Shadow about the situation, but he had been muted. He wanted to ask Afterlife Reasons, but she had hung up earlier that morning. Several other people said that they weren’t sure, some said that it was nothing, others said that it was real bad. None of them even knew how the fight even began. 

So he could only go offline and call Sword of Light and Shadow. 

Sword of Light and Shadow forcefully suppressed his anger and replied: “It was so great that I basically did nothing. Their tricks were too cheap.”

Like this, Conquesting Fish went back to report to the other guild leaders. 

Everyone went ‘oh’ and then dispersed. As for what they were thinking, only they themselves knew. 

At this time, the limelight was too strong and they could no longer keep power leveling. 

Yellowing Leaves thus said: “I’m logging off.”

Blue Skies glanced at the chat: “The war isn’t over yet.”

Yellowing Leaves: “Non-virtual players can be forced offline if they talk about good and evil with virtual players.”

Blue Skies slapped her thigh: “Get out of here! It’s fine just go offline!”

“But I don’t like losing! I don’t like dying!” Yellowing Leaves shouted, “I’m off!”

With that, the two names under Blue Skies’ friend column were greyed out. 

Xinyue Fox Club7A direct translation would be heart moon fox club, but that sounds so tacky TT. Anyways, it’s one of the 28 stars in Chinese mythology, it’s the star of love uwu..

Du Yunyi got up in his pajamas and pointed to the door of the training room: “What the hell is Ye8Ye as in leaf, the same Ye in the ID Yellowing Leaves. Yuan doing next door? Practicing?”

A young man shrunk into the sofa and replied: “No! He was going to find healers and newcomers in the new server. 

“Howling like this in a new server? Howling all night?”

“I don’t know ah, it’s been a while since I’ve played games.” The young man raised his head and took a guess, “maybe the girls in the new area are too reckless?”

As he said this, the door to the training room was pushed open. 

Ye Yuan walked out with a messy appearance, saw Du Yunyi and greeted him: “Captain? You’re not asleep yet?”

His eyes were flushed red, he madly grabbed his hair with both hands, bent down and roared. The two of them watched this eye-catching performance as Yu Yuan walked back to him room.

The young man was taken aback, then quickly put down his optical computer: “That exiting? I also want to go to the new server!”

Wasting a night without acquiring the slightest benefit really went against her principles. 

Since she planned on reaching level 10 today, then she had to reach level 10. If you dragged it out once, then there will be a second time. This was the maxim that Bai Tian lived by. 

So she decided to finish the mission at hand and to stop messing with the other party. 

Yubulu’s members were shouting in the World Chat for quite a while, and found out that the other party had stopped responding. The character in question was leisurely walking towards the center of the village. 

Blue Skies opened up her messages and started a private chat with It’s Not Love. 

[Private Chat] It’s Not Love: Great god, may I know whose sock puppet this is9 someone’s fake account ?

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: A newbie’s. 

[Private Chat] It’s Not Love: sweats, stop joking. 

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: It’s not love ah!

[Private Chat] It’s Not Love: ……

[Private Chat] It’s Not Love: Do you want to join our guild? It’s level 15. It’s good welfare, more people, less work. 

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: Nah, the name’s not cheap enough. 

[Private Chat] It’s Not Love: Are you serious? [Terror]

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: You can tell everyone that I don’t want to join a guild. As far as I call tell, if I don’t join yours then I won’t join other people’s. 

Blue Skies didn’t want to join a guild, she didn’t want to be restrained. 

They invited her with the mentality of her accepting first then talking about the terms later. It didn’t mean that they were paying that much attention to her. 

Blue Skies walked to one of her auxiliary accounts, transferred the fox skins to the other account, then started playing the auxiliary account before re-registering. 

Based on today’s combat experience, she decided to make practice accounts for the occupations she was contemplating on. 

If all went well, then there won’t be any problems going solo in the late game. 

So three new axillary accounts were born: Sky Blue (Physician) / Azure Skies (martial artist)/ Sky Blue Skies (musician). 

According to the player’s manual, giving fox skins to NPCs can give a range of exp. 

Although the drop rate of fox fur was very high, as a single fox can drop several fox skins, the exp gained from trading was really not worth it and the fox fur was a low-leveled material that was needed a lot in the later stage, so that strategy has decreased in popularity after being reprimanded by masses. 

Blue Skies was feeling helpless. She calculated that after finishing the remaining beginner tasks, she’ll at least be able to get  halfway through level 9. As for the remaining fox fur, it would be given to her auxiliary accounts. 

She was about to find an auxiliary account to distribute the furs when she heard a ‘ding’ sound. It was a friend request from Afterlife Reasons. 

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: Huh? Virgin Mary? 

Afterlife Reasons sent a voice mail: “Let’s have a nice chat?”

Afterlife Reasons: “What’s Virgin Mary? Are you talking about me?”

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: What do you want to talk about? I’m very busy. 

Afterlife Reasons: “Just apologize to us in World Chat, and we’ll forget about this. Yubulu will also remove you from our blacklist. 

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: …..that sounds nice, but aren’t you aware of the situation? 

Afterlife Reasons: You should meet with our guild since you don’t have a good place. Otherwise, you’ll end up wanted in the whole area under our jurisdiction and it’ll never be revoked. 

The threat almost made Bai Tian laugh out loud. 

How many years has she been paying games? What kind of teenager10Specifically a second year in junior high. They are a little more self-righteous due to the growing up. has she not seen? If there was no crying at the end, then she didn’t want it. 

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: Then let me be wanted in the areas Yubulu’s in, don’t revoke it. I won’t regret it. 

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: Do you want fox furs? 

Afterlife Reasons: “What? Are you kidding me? What fox furs?”

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: Oh, I was talking to an npc. 

She then turned of the chat box that automatically turned her speech to text. 

Blue Skies  asked the npc by the roadside again: “Do you want fox furs?”

The npc was a grandma who had been through the vicissitudes of life. She raised her head and glanced at Blue Skies, then shook her head and said, “Warrior, this old woman has no money, I cannot afford it.” 

Blue Skies: “Take it.”

“Really? Would it be alright if you gave me a few more sets?” the NPC asked. “I know that it might be asking too much, but the kids at home can’t bear the cold.”

Blue Skies: “It’s alright.”

NPC: “How much are you willing to give me?”

Blue Skies kept getting messages from Afterlife Reasons, leaving Blue Skies Speechless. She told the NPC to wait. 

She then reopened the chat box. 

Afterlife Reasons: “You want fox furs? Do you want 200 fox furs?”

The NPC was moved to tears: “200 fox furs? So valiant! I will never forget this favor!”

[System] You’ve sent 200 fox furs. 

Blue Skies: “……”

F*ck! That’s cheating!

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