Starting Over in the Entertainment Circle (NPH)

Chapter 1: Digging her grave, 4P video (Slight H)

Hello everyone! I’m starting this new smut NPH novel where the female lead climbs up the ranks of the entertainment circle while being involved with multiple males. This is a story of starting over after a tragic past! Hope you enjoy reading and do support the original novel!

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In the video, the woman’s white face was covered in a red blush of l*st. She was sweating extensively and her legs were spread widely apart. A male knelt between her legs to lick her, making her moan with all her might. This wasn’t all. As she moaned, she used her diamond manicured fingernails to stroke the c*ck at the left side of the screen. That c*ck wasn’t decent-looking, it wasn’t thick and long, and its foreskin was also too long that it literally wrapped around its tortoise head, only exposing the hole at its tip.

The woman stroked it while massaging her own n*ked br**sts. Twisting her thin waist, she opened her lips that had turned swollen and red from being kissed to swallow a c*ck that came from the right side of the screen. Looking at the contraction of her facial muscles, everyone could see that she was sucking it like a vacuum.

The man in the video spoke a very crude language. His face was not seen as he stretched out his hand to pull the woman’s hair behind her head roughly. He pressed her towards his er*cted me*t pole. Through the earphones, there were whimpering sounds heard from the woman’s effort to swallow.

The man’s me*t pole obviously reached her throat, which made the woman gag. She pushed away the man who was burying his head between her legs as she kneeled in front of the me*t pole that she’d spat out to suck him even harder. At the same time, her other hand was not idle as well, it continued to stroke another man.

The man who was licking her lower body just now wiped his mouth and walked behind the woman. He lifted her a*s up and held his dark-purplish me*t pole between the woman’s legs to lubricate it with some water. He accurately found the hole and pushed it inside in one go.


What happened in the video next was a continuous cycle of live stuffing exercises consisting of various types of position. The voices that came from the earphone were either the men’s swearing or the woman’s pretentious s*xual calls. There were even sounds of test*cles hitting the woman’s body as it thrust violently, and “Slush! Slush!” sounds.

At first glance, the woman in the video really looked like Yan Xi. The raised eyebrows, the almond-like eyes and the small and tall nose, truly looked like Yan Xi very much, but she looked a lot more like the current popular female star Chen Man Xi.

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Yan Xi drank the tea that had turned completely cold and tried hard to calm down her emotions. She shared the video to her own weibo account, writing and deleting her post content multiple times before she left behind three words: “She’s not me.”

After she posted it successfully, Yan Xi shut the computer with a “Pa!”, then threw it to one side. She pulled up her covers and plopped into bed to sleep.


Who was Yan Xi?

According to her manager who managed to free a little time from her busy schedule to come see her, she was just a twenty-eight tier small celebrity who graduated from an unknown art school with a non-specialized degree, without any acting skills, works, good family background and fans. Forget about being a celebrity, she didn’t even deserve to be called an actress. An internet celebrity with plastic surgery who opened a taobao shop was much more famous than her.

Her manager Ah Zhu Jie even said: “If not because of Mr. Gong, you won’t even get to act with your qualifications, and the company won’t even sign with you! Now you’re done for, you only have one gold lord which is Mr. Gong, you didn’t try to please him and offended him instead! Huh, to keep you hidden is simply overrating your value! Think about what you should do next after this!”

“If you can’t appease Mr. Gong and you are unable to find another new gold lord, then the company will have to make arrangements for you. With your net worth… you don’t have much value, even ten thousand per night is too much!”

As she spoke, Ah Zhu Jie’s voice became softer. Whether she truly sympathized with her or if she tried to convince her to sell herself, she still told Yan Xi before she left: “Don’t lose your mind anymore. Luckily I found you when I came to your house to give you the agreement. What should your grandma do if you die? You only have that little money in your bank account, even if your uncle didn’t take it away to gamble, it’s also not enough for her to have a good retired life! Good girl, read the agreement carefully, since you are still young right now, you should earn as much as you can!”

Her grandma. Her uncle. Yan Xi still remembered them. Yan Xi still remembered everything that happened before she entered the “entertainment circle”. But everything that happened after that, she couldn’t remember much anymore. Her doctor said that this was a type of stress-induced amnesia, dissociative amnesia.

Yan Xi’s memory seemed to stop at her university time when she worked part-time and lived frugally while studying. Only after she heard Ah Zhu Jie talk about the entertainment circle, especially the part where she actually took sleeping pills and slit her wrist in the bathtub, Yan Xi became very curious about what happened to herself and what she’d experienced in this so-called “entertainment circle”.

So she searched her own name in the search engine, but all that appeared in her eyes were negative gossip and news as well as comments containing curses and chides. The recommended searches were even more astounding: Yan Xi’s adult films, Yan Xi’s p**nographic photos, Yan Xi being r*ped after drunk, Yan Xi’s n*ked, Yan Xi’s black fungus1TN: means a woman’s private part that turned black from being f*cked a lot, hence the name black fungus. Also refer to a sl*t with a filthy s*x life, Yan Xi was f*cked by how many people, all those disgusting and degrading searches.

What appeared more often was that video Yan Xi opened just now. It was a video from five years ago, it was always being deleted by the strict anti-p**n regulation, but it was always being dug up and re-uploaded again.

Yan Xi, who had lost her memory, didn’t seem to have much worries, and seemed to be a little fazed instead. Perhaps it was because the sleeping pills that the doctor prescribed for her were taking effect, Yan Xi fell asleep not long after she laid down. She simply never imagined that after she posted the three words, the small ripple began to give rise to multiple big waves.

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