Chapter 7 – Four Months Married

“Hold on to it, the house feels too cold and lifeless. It’ll be good to go out and replenish some items. If there’s anything that you are unsatisfied with, you can just replace them with things that you like,” Ji Nan Feng continued.

“Oh! Okay,” Seeing Ji Nan Feng’s determination, Mo Li Xin felt that it was too difficult to reject him once more. After that no one spoke, hence silence descended untill it was broken when Ji Nan Feng’s phone rang.

“Third Brother, are you free? We’re meeting at Hong Xing. Eldest Brother is on leave today, so let’s get together. Second Brother has something on so he wouldn’t be coming. You can’t say that you’re not turning up too!” A male’s voice transmitted from the other side of the line. 

Ji Nan Feng paused before moving the phone away. He turned to Mo Li Xin and asked, “Where are you going later?”

“I should be going to Hong Xing Shopping Mall. Man Man might be there.” 

“I’ll head over immediately,” Ji Nan Feng nodded, before acknowledging the recipient on the other end of the line and hung up. 

“Coincidentally, I happened to be going over there too, so let me drop you off.”

“But… I… the agreed meeting time with Man Man is at 1 p.m.”

“You can stay with me till Man Man arrives,” Ji Nan Feng suggested.

“Don’t you have something to do this afternoon?” Mo Li Xin tilted her head and questioned.

“En, I’m meeting up with some friends that I haven’t seen in a long time.”


Hong Xing Plaza was City A’s largest commercial district. Packed with high-rise buildings, thronged with people bustling about regardless of day or night. It was unlike other commercial districts that became deserted during the night.

Mo Li Xin was seated in the front passenger seat. Although she was stiff with nervousness, her heart was in full bloom because Ji Nan Feng was going to take her to see his friends.

“I’ll park the car, just wait here for me,” Ji Nan Feng instructed.

After Mo Li Xin alighted from the car, she examined her surroundings and realized that she had never been to this part of the plaza. This district was filled with bars, KTVs, arcades, etc. 

She was standing at the entrance of a luxuriously decorated establishment. Just based on the entrance facade, she was unable to tell what was inside. A signboard ‘AK Club’ was hanging at the front, and young people were coming and going. She assumed that this was a place that youngsters enjoyed hanging out.

Suddenly, a black Cayenne drove over. That, itself, was not unusual. However Mo Li Xin noticed that the car’s trajectory was heading straight towards the location that had many sharp and thick steel reinforcement bars, some were even protruding upright. The jagging steel bars were even as long as the palm of her hands. If the car was to drive over them, its tires will undoubtedly burst. They were originally very conspicuous, however, the steel bars were covered with a layer of styrofoam board. Hence, from the driver’s point of view within the car, they would only be able to see the white styrofoam board but not what was laid underneath.

No sooner said than done, before Mo Li Xin knew it, she shot over and stood directly in front of the car’s path. As the car continued on its way towards her, she closed her eyes in fright, stretching her palms out hoping to stop the car.

Lu Xing Yan was originally on the phone, hence, he did not pay much attention to the road in front of his vehicle. As soon as he hung up, his gaze snapped to a woman in red standing right in front of his car. He slammed down on the brakes, barely stopping in time.

Mo Li Xin saw that the car was but a fist away from her. Her heart was in her throat, face paled from the fright she just experienced. Frozen stiff and her mind blanked, her palms were still outstretched, in the position that she was previously in; attempting to stop the car. 

“Miss, what are you doing? Do you know how dangerous that was?” Lu Xing Yan was flustered as he hurriedly got out of the car and checked that Mo Li Xin was all right.

His voice drew Mo Li Xin back to her senses and she slowly lowered her stiffened arms. Unable to form words yet, she could only turn and point to the steel reinforcement bars in front of her in hope that it would explain her actions.

Lu Xing Yan’s gaze followed her pointed direction and noticed the issue that was about four to five meters away from them. From his standing position, he could see the steel bars scattered on the floor, there were lying ones, leaning ones and even some that stood upright. From a glance, he could tell that it was the construction company’s sloppy cleanup that left those pieces around. As there were also scattered pieces of cement too. Those protruding upright bars happened to be cemented to the concrete block.

Thinking about it now, Lu Xing Yan understood why the girl stepped in front of his car. If he had driven over them without paying attention, he would have to deal with a flat tire.

“Thank you. Miss, I appreciate what you’ve done. But, that was still too dangerous! Don’t take such risks in the future.”

Mo Li Xin almost recovered from her shock and was planning to answer Lu Xing Yan, when she was dragged into a pair of familiar yet foreign arms.

“Are you trying to get yourself killed?!” Ji Nan Feng roared out in anger. He did not expect to witness her dashing in front of a moving vehicle after he parked his car.

His heart almost stopped. What he felt at that moment, with his memories flashing through his head at double speed. All kinds of scenes from the previous life played continuously. Even after living two lives, he had never been so afraid.

Mo Li Xin, those three words. Mo Li Xin, this person. She had long been engraved within his heart, leaving her mark on him. Her every word and action would undoubtedly be able to affect his mood and thoughts.

“I’m alright, there’s no need to worry” Mo Li Xin could feel Ji Nan Feng’s anxiety radiating from within his warm embrace. His concern for her well-being filled her heart to the brim with warmth. It was blissful knowing that the one she loved, cared so much about her too.

Instead of replying, Ji Nan Feng just hugged her tighter.

“I’m sorry, I’ll pay more attention in the future,” Mo Li Xin tried to pacify him.

Finally, Ji Nan Feng sighed in resignation and released her.

“Third Brother?” Lu Xing Yan thought he was mistaken. Why did it feel like much had changed despite being away for only a mere half a year? 

The third brother that he knew seemed to have changed, it was not that there was any change in Ji Nan Feng’s physical appearance. He still looked the same, but he was usually unsmiling and distance like he suffered from facial paralysis. Regardless of what happened, he always gave off the feeling that he was steady and calm like Mount Tai. Where did his calm and collected façade disappear to? He displayed such tender and caring expression when facing this girl. 

“Eldest Brother!” Ji Nan Feng turned around and just realised that the person who nearly ran over Mo Li Xin was his eldest brother.

“It really is you! For a moment, I thought I recognized the wrong person,” Lu Xing Yan was startled.

“Eldest Brother just arrived?”

“Yes, I was supposed to reach earlier but I encountered a traffic jam.”

“Oh, I see.”

“This is?” Lu Xing Yan enquired while peering at Mo Li Xin.

“This is Mo Li Xin, my wife,” Ji Nan Feng introduced.

This time, it was Lu Xing Yan’s turn to be surprised. His third brother was not one that played the field. Hence, the number of women around him was usually close to none. It was only recently last year, that a lady named Duan An Ran appeared in his life. Lu Xing Yan met her once, but the impression he had of her was not very pleasant. He always felt that that woman’s true thoughts were deeply concealed, and she was not as innocent as she portrayed herself to be.

On the other hand, this girl in front of him not only looked good beside his third brother. She also had clear eyes, which gave off a sense of amicably.

Furthermore, based on how she stepped out to halt his car just now, it was not difficult to see that she was a pure and kind-hearted person. With much consideration, he approved of this younger brother’s wife.

“Eh! Why are you guys hanging around outside and not going in? For a moment, I thought all of you had stood me up!” Gan Yun Ting appeared from an inconspicuous door at the side of the establishment and headed towards Ji Nan Feng. 

“Four Brother, long time no see!” Lu Xing Yan recognized the voice and turned around.

“Eldest Brother, you’re finally willing to come back! All of you are such busy beings, leaving me alone with nothing to entertain myself with,” Gan Yun Ting grumbled in a spoiled manner.

Mo Li Xin stood behind Ji Nan Feng and silently listened to the conversation between the three of men. Without interjecting, she looked adorable giving off the impression of a child.

“Eh? Isn’t this sister-in-law? You’ve come and joined our party too?” It took Gan Yun Ting a while before he spotted the short figure hiding behind Ji Nan Feng.

Mo Li Xin was a little overwhelmed when the attention got shifted onto her and with the title he used to address her. It did not feel right to ignore it, but neither did it feel right if she were to acknowledge it. She did not recognize the man that called her, but she felt that his voice was somewhat familiar.

“Let’s go in! We can continue when we’re inside,” Ji Nan Feng took Mo Li Xin’s hand and led her into the club.

Upon entering the club, Mo Li Xin was able to see the facilities offered within. It was as she had presumed, it was an indoor club with many entertainment amenities. There was bowling, billiard, and even a shooting range.

Walking by, she observed that there were also fencing and fighting rings. All along, Mo Li Xin had always been a well-behaved baby, never even stepping into a bar before. Hence, when a burly tattooed guy walked by her, Mo Li Xin felt intimidated and unconsciously shrunk closer to Ji Nan Feng’s side.

“Don’t be afraid,” Ji Nan Feng comforted, “This place may look like a place crooks like to hang out in, but it is much safer than some underground hangout spots. This is part of the Gan family’s property, Gan Yun Ting is currently in charge of it.” 

Therefore, Ji Nan Feng knew that most people would not dare go overboard in Gan Yun Ting’s territory, which was why he had no scruples bringing her along.

Mo Li Xin was more relaxed upon hearing Ji Nan Feng’s soothing reassurance. Feeling more calmed, she was able to proceed her thoughts and knew which ‘Gan Yun Ting’ Ji Nan Feng was referring to.

After multiple twists and turns, travelling down flights of stairs, and turning around a few more corners, they finally reach their destination.

The lower storey was not as lively as when they first entered the establishment. There were many small private rooms hosting various facilities. The group decided on a billiard room.

Mo Li Xin scanned the room, it looked like they were planning to play pool. She wisely headed towards the soft couch nearby to take a seat. She knew the rubrics of playing pool, it was just that she sucked at it. Hence, she was not interested in the game. 

As far as she was concerned, she was really delighted with how today turned out. Ji Nan Feng was willing to take her out and even introduced her to his friends.

“Little sister-in-law, wouldn’t you join us for a game?” Gan Yun Ting invited.

“Do you want to play? I can teach you,” Ji Nan Feng polished a pool stick before striding towards Mo Li Xin. He squatted before her so that their faces were levelled, his tone was gentle, and eyes full of pampering. Mo Li Xin felt so entranced that she was almost trapped in his gaze.

“No… it’s alright, you guys have fun… I… I’ll just sit here, I can entertain myself by playing the phone,” Mo Li Xin’s heart was beating out of control, even her voice started to tremble slightly. 

Ji Nan Feng also did not force her to join them, “Alright, if you feel bored, just call for me.”

“Oka… okay,” Mo Li Xin shakily replied.

As Ji Nan Feng played a game of pool with them, Mo Li Xin silently took out her phone and earpiece to watch videos. She was in her own world, oblivious to the sounds and things happening around her.


“Third Brother, when are you planning to get married? Do let us know so that we can head down for the banquet.” Lu Xing Yan assumed that when Ji Nan Feng addressed Mo Li Xin as his wife, it was just a form of acknowledgement. He did not expect that they were already legally married.

“We got the certification about four months back. As for the wedding ceremony, we’ll host it in a few months.” Ji Nan Feng mentioned as he hit a billiard ball into the hole. Although he was multitasking, his mind was not on the game but on what Lu Xing Yan just said.

The wedding ceremony… On the day they received their marriage certificate, the family only sat together for a perfunctory meal. It could not be considered as a wedding ceremony at all. Hence, he decided that they needed to redo their wedding ceremony.

When Ji Nan Feng finished speaking, even the ever so calm Lu Xing Yan was struck dumb that he dropped his billiard stick to the ground.

“What did you say? You registered four months ago? Third Brother, this joke is not funny at all!” Gan Yun Ting stared at Ji Nan Feng, trying to discern if it was the truth. Apparently, Ji Nan Feng was not joking, it was the God’s honest truth!

The author has something to say: Little Mo Li Xin, do you not treasure your life?!

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