Seduced By a Married Teacher

Chapter 37 N*pple Clamps (H)

Tang Guo was admitted to a university abroad whereas Cheng Yuzhou had already divorced his ex-wife and regained his freedom.

Taking this opportunity, Cheng Yuzhou quit his job as a high school teacher, sold the house he lived previously with his ex-wife, and moved to where Tang Guo’s university was located.

The two were finally able to date out in the open and to celebrate the first day of living together with Tang Guo in their new home, Cheng Yuzhou took his beloved girl to an adult shop to pick out some new s*x toys.

“I think this fluorescent pink n*pple clamp looks good, it complements your snow white complexion.”

Cheng Yuzhou shook a pair of n*pple clamps that had small golden bells in his hand, producing a crisp bell sound as he promoted it to Tag Guo teasingly.

“How hateful! Why are you so obsessed with n*pples…”

Tang Guo’s cheeks flushed instantly, her eyes were watery as she lightly punched Cheng Yuzhou’s arm.

“I’m only obsessed with my Little Guo’er’s n*pples…”

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“Rv’p y tsse byckv qsa tkazqakldep dsv vs olya vblka wdelaolya obld vblu ts swv, cwv vbkp kp sdzu ynnlrvyczl obld vblu’al vstlvbla okvb vblka csuqakldep. Ps usw wdelapvyde, Nkvvzl Qws’la?”

“Yxx… R jdso, xu xleezlpsxl csuqaklde!”

Looking at Tang Guo’s smooth, tender, and fair upper body, Cheng Yuzhou couldn’t help reaching out and squeezing the girl’s white and full br*asts.

The girl’s br*asts not only looked massive and visually attractive, it also felt great to hold. Cheng Yuzhou grabbed a br*ast in each hand and couldn’t manage to hold its full volume completely.

Cheng Yuzhou gently rubbed the br*asts a few times, then lifted them up again, feeling the heavy weight on his hands, which was really voluptuous.

Then, as soon as Cheng Yuzhou let go, the two huge tits fell down and immediately jiggled a few times elastically. The visual impact was so strong that the man’s member immediately showed signs of raising its head.

“Mmm…hmm…it hurts…”

Cheng Yuzhou quickly put the fluorescent pink n*pple clamp on Tang Guo’s cherry pink n*pples.

The girl inadvertently grabbed the man’s wandering hands on her chest, closed her eyes, and bit her lower lip lightly, feeling her delicate n*pple tightly pinched by the cold clamp.

It was a little painful, a little numb, a little itchy, and the area between her legs gradually started to turn wet.


Tang Guo couldn’t help but moan, and her quivering and contorting body also caused the little bell on the n*pple clamp to start ringing.

“What’s the matter, Little Guo’er, are you already craving for itt?”

Cheng Yuzhou looked at the girl’s flushed face and her trembling body, and the monster in his pants started to grow hard.


T/N: What kind of adult shop has a fitting room to try out the toys?? O_O They better allow only purchased items and have no refund policies.

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