Seduced By a Married Teacher

Chapter 28 Stuffing cotton wool into her hole to absorb her lewd juices (H Doctor Play 2)

Warning: The following chapter contains disturbing scenes including the use of tweezers and cotton. Please do NOT reattempt the following scenes and be sure to read with discretion. You have been warned.

Tang Guo was feeling inexplicably nervous and excited, her lower body spasming constantly.

Cheng Yuzhou fondled the girl’s most shameful part and spread it open, revealing the view of the internal structure, then he observed it with his magnifying glass.

Tang Guo felt extremely ashamed, fearing that that place of hers would be too ugly, but as the man continued to fiddle with her body, the girl gradually grew more excited.

Cheng Yuzhou continuously flicked Tang Guo’s flower numb while licking the nectar that oozed endlessly from her cave. The fluids secreted from the girl’s body were so sticky, it could be pulled to form a thin thread.


“Little Guo’er, you’re letting out too much dew, I can’t drink it in time. It’d be better to suck some of it up first!”

“Mmm…Yuzhou, you’re so naughty, stop talking nonsense…”

Tang Guo’s face flushed with excitement, her heart beat clamorously and her body also quivered slightly in anticipation.

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“Gbb.. Bxx… Zwgbsw… esd’v…”

The cold, hard feeling of metal entered and exited the warm and wet hole, eliciting an electric current to spread rapidly from Tang Guo’s abdomen to her limbs, and the girl’s body couldn’t help but start quivering.


Seeing Tang Guo’s delicate and sensitive body, Cheng Yuzhou felt the flames of his own desires burn brighter as he reveled in the excitement of enacting this doctor’s physical examination play.

Cheng Yuzhou left the wet cotton wool at the mouth of her cervix, and then used the pair of small medical tweezers to clamp the nub of her small flower cave, causing the girl’s lower abdomen to arch up high following the man’s movements.

“Little Guo’s little bean looks really cute, it’s so small and beautiful! Later on, when I insert my c*ck into your little p*ssy, this nub will swell up, turning into a big red bean. And these petal-like lips will turn as thick as a tongue once I start sucking on them!”

Cheng Yuzhou licked the flower bead and petals with his tongue, and inserted the tweezers into her hole, pulling the sopping wet honey-coated cotton out of her little cave slowly.

Due to absorbing the excess lewd juices, the cotton was thoroughly wet. If one were to have squeezed it, honey would definitely drip out of it.

This time, Cheng Yuzhou did not throw away the soaked cotton ball, but pulled away the bra that covered the lower half of Tang Guo’s face, and placed the slippery cotton wool on Tang Guo’s tender lips.

“Good Guo’er, open your mouth and have a taste of your mouth below.”

“I don’t want to…”

As soon as Tang Guo opened her mouth, Cheng Yuzhou carefully and quickly stuffed the wet cotton into the girl’s cherry lips, then clamped the girl’s lips shut to prevent her from spitting out the cotton wool.

“Mm!… Mm!…”

Tang Guo was forced to eat the wet cotton ball, her tongue instantly tasting the love liquids her lower crotch secreted.

T/N: I think my crotch started hurting translating this chapter…..(ΩДΩ)


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