Seduced By a Married Teacher

Chapter 27 Blindfolding and Using a Magnifying Glass (H Doctor Play)

On the way back, Tang Guo couldn’t stop whining about the soreness that she felt, in her n*pple, on her back and on her c*nt.

And so, when Cheng Yuzhou gave his word to give Tang Guo an additional reward once they arrived home, the girl finally calmed down in satisfaction.

After arriving home, Cheng Yuzhou carried Tang Guo to her bed, and then covered the girl’s eyes with his tie.

Tang Guo excitedly awaited her reward, and soon heard Cheng Yuzhou’s voice drifting out and floating in.

Cheng Yuzhou placed something down on the bedside table which made a crisp sound of metal hitting the surface of the cabinet.


Then, Tang Guo’s buttons were undone, and her pink lace bra was pushed towards her collarbone, revealing full and round breasts.

As she was unable to see what was going on, her body became extremely sensitive, goosebumps immediately arose on her fair skin.

The still immaculately dressed Cheng Yuzhou laid beside Tang Guo and began to peck and kiss the girl’s n*pples. The girl’s pink n*pples, which protruded like pearls, felt as if they had touched electricity, immediately turning numb.

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“Yxbb… Zwgbsw…”

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Cheng Yuzhou stuck out his hot and wet tongue and started licking on her hairless white s*x.


“Mm…nnhh… ahh…” Tang Guo’s mewls gradually became more urgent.

Cheng Yuzhou took the magnifying glass from the bedside table and pressed the cold tool on Tang Guo’s mound of shame, then slowly lifting the lens, he began to observe carefully.

“Hiss… Yuzhou, what was that just now? It’s so cold!”

“Why don’t you take a guess?”

“Is it a mirror?”

“Close. It’s a magnifying glass. Why is my little Guo’er so smart?”

Tang Guo blushed hearing Cheng Yuzhou’s praise, “Don’t… don’t use a magnifying glass to look there…”

Tang Guo begged while shaking her waist desperately.

“Don’t be shy, Little Guo’er, I like you this part of you very much, so I need to take a closer look. Be good and just treat me as your doctor who’s now going to examine your body!”

Cheng Yuzhou pressed down Tang Guo’s flailing lower body, using his thumb and index finger to part her fleshy seams. Using the magnifying lens, he found a round gorge seam that looked like the pit of a persimmon.

The crevices around the gorge seam were clean, without a single weed growing, and viscous sticky liquid continuously gushed out from within.

The swollen red nub peeked its head out of her seams and Cheng Yuzhou couldn’t help but flick it a few times with his fingers.



Tang Guo’s back arched up, pulling her undone lace bra up as a groan spilled out of her uncovered mouth.

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