Seduced By a Married Teacher

Chapter 15 – Comforting herself in the infirmary (slightly H)

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“I really want to go back to bed and continue sleeping!”

“But today’s your first day attending the new school. You can’t skip school, but I can give you a leave of absence, and you can go to the infirmary to rest after you settle in the new classroom.”

“Really? You’re really nice to me! I like you the most!” Tang Guo happily hugged Cheng Yuzhou and kissed him.

After eating breakfast, Cheng Yuzhou brought along Tang Guo who planned to catch some sleep, into his car and headed to school.


There wasn’t anything different with the new school. Several boys snuck glances at Tang Guo’s beautiful figure, and several girls hated Tang Guo’s gorgeous appearance.

Cheng Yuzhou directly arranged Tang Guo to be in his own class, appointing her to the seat right opposite the podium.

While Cheng Yuzhou was conducting class, Tang Guo intentionally kept folding her legs and then spreading them. The girl knew that the man near her, could clearly see the view below her skirt so she exhibited the private garden in between her legs for him to appreciate.

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When Cheng Yuzhou came to the infirmary and talked to the nurse outside, Tang Guo was biting her lip and desperately suppressing the urge to moan from peaking.


“Excuse me, I need to talk to Tang Guo. Actually, I’m her uncle, and her parents have entrusted her to me to take care of. Today is the first day of her school transfer, and she’s already come to the infirmary. I am worried that she won’t be able to adapt to the new school for a while. Can you give us some space to hold a conversation?”

“Of course, you guys can talk here, I will head to the staff lounge and wait there for a while. When you’re finished, you can just call me there to return.”

“Thank you.”

Then, Tang Guo heard the sounds of the nurse leaving and the door being shut.

Cheng Yuzhou immediately locked the door, and when he walked towards Tang Guo’s bed, he found that the girl had already kicked off the blanket covering her body and was mast*rbating naked.

“Yuzhou! I miss you so much!” The girl used a honey-like voice to act coquettishly towards the man.

“Little minx, why are you so naughty, hm? Just now in class, my c**k was about to burst out of my pants! Fortunately, I was able to walk behind the podium to conceal it, otherwise, my dignity would have been smeared!”

Cheng Yuzhou slowly unbuckled his belt, pulling down the zipper and then, taking off his trousers and underwear while Tang Guo stared unblinking at the man’s movements.

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