Chapter 16 – Alluring Self-Comfort and Rough Lovemaking in the Infirmary (H)

However, Cheng Yuzhou did not continue to take off his shirt as Tang Guo expected, instead, he sat down on Tang Guo’s bed with his lower body completely exposed.

“Continue fingering yourself for me to watch. If you’re able to make me come, I will give you a reward.” Cheng Yuzhou said as he began rubbing his already hard ‘little brother’.

“Yuzhou! But I want your big rod now!” Tang Guo twisted her waist and legs in an attempt to bargain.

“Students who are disobedient will not be rewarded!” Cheng Yuzhou was completely unmoved.

Tang Guo had no choice but to sit up with an aggrieved expression. She began to slowly unbutton her school uniform shirt button by button.

Once her white shirt was completely undone, Tang Guo did not take it off, instead, she started to squeeze and rub her big pair of white bunnies through her pink lace bra.

Due to Tang Guo’s crude movements, the bra became misaligned, revealing a big patch of satiny white skin as well as a hint of pink tender pearls.

The girl rubbed her round white mounds passionately while clamping and fidgeting her legs together endlessly. The moans escaping from her mouth sounded like the endless hooting of an oriole.

Feeling insatiated, Tang Guo slowly pulled down the obstructive brassiere, freeing her soft delicate fullness.

The girl used her fingers to repeatedly flick the small cherries on the top, twisting and pinching them from time to time. When Cheng Yuzhou saw this, his eyes lit on fire, itching to take over the girl’s actions.

“Yuzhou, Xiao Guo’er really wants to eat your c**k!”

Tang Guo put two fingers in her mouth, and began to imitate the act of giving a bl*wjob, sucking her fingers deeply and shallowly.

Cheng Yuzhou looked on, extremely aroused. His hard member quickly secreted a large amount of pre-c*m as his fingers moved faster and faster, his humming also becoming heavier.

Tang Guo watched Cheng Yuzhou’s reaction with satisfaction. She slowly spread her legs in front of the man, revealing the wet, aroused and thirsty glistening hole between her legs.

Cheng Yuzhou needed to use all his willpower to restrain himself from pouncing on Tang Guo and f**king both of her holes until she cried.

Tang Guo pulled her sopping wet fingers out of her mouth, and then put them directly into the small mouth below, starting out slow before gradually increasing the pace of her thrusts.

“Mmmhh! Yuzhou! Quickly do me with your big c**k!”

When Tang Guo was about to reach cl*max, Cheng Yuzhou pulled out the girl’s fingers from her hole, replacing it with his massive and heavy d*ck.

At the same time, the girl immediately straightened her waist to welcome the man’s invasion.

When the man’s rod was finally deeply embedded in the girl’s body, the two let out a sigh of satisfaction simultaneously.

This time, Cheng Yuzhou f**ked her extremely roughly, pulling out completely before plunging up to the hilt. He used such great strength as though he was trying to pierce through Tang Guo and he held the young girl’s slender waist, pulling her near him and lifting her lower body off the bed.

Tang Guo cried out particularly tragic this time, and it sounded as if she was undergoing some cruel violence. Cheng Yuzhou also didn’t only let out groans like he usually did, instead, he uttered rare joyful cries of “Ahhh”.

Tang Guo’s wine-red nails scratched the man’s sturdy back deeply, leaving behind bloody scars. She even left sharp puncture marks on the man’s upper arms.

“Ahhhnnn! Uhnnnnnn…”

The pain on his back and arms only made Cheng Yuzhou more excited, and his thrusting movements became even more fervent.

“F*ck! Xiao Guo’er, why are you so tight, huh? Don’t even talk about walking because this time, I’ll f**k you so hard, you won’t even be able to stand!”

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