Seduced By a Married Teacher

Chapter 11 – Jealousy in the Store

Tang Guo let out an aggrieved whimper, but the man’s fingers continued to make trouble around her entrance without going in.

“You can’t come in the car, little Guo’er. It’ll be hard to clean up if you do, and it might leave a suspicion stain too. Remember this, baby.”

Then, before he finished speaking, he suddenly slipped two fingers inside her. The girl immediately shook, her body arching off the seat only to be held back by the seatbelt. She reached up and fondled her chest while enjoying the feeling of the man’s dexterous fingers churning up her insides.

Her body shivered with slight twitches as her moans became louder, filling the car with the sound of her alluring voice.

“Again, you can’t come!” Cheng Yuzhou warned in a serious tone. As soon as he felt her climax approaching, he mercilessly pulled his fingers out of her tight walls. She squirmed and moaned coquettishly in protest.


With a smile, he put his drenched fingers inside his mouth and licked them clean, causing the throbbing between her legs, along with her desire to reach a climax, to grow stronger as she watched.

“Don’t look at me with those eyes, Guo’er,” he growled. “It makes me want to stop the car and f*ck you right here and now.”

Fortunately, they had arrived at their destination. After parking the car, he took off his seatbelt and got off. Tang Guo’s unsatisfied body was still dripping with juices as she stood up uncomfortably and followed him.

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