Quitting My Studies, ‘coz I Want to Date!

Chapter 44: Go Home Together

It was said that the implementation would begin within a week, and the day students were half excited and half complaining. For those excited for evening self-study, it was the first time for them to do such a thing, so it felt very fresh. Those who complained felt that they were being delayed on other things.

Fu Chuan was not in between, but he was in a good mood because could spend a few more hours with his tablemate.

Even if the sky in October was dark, the mood became clear when you looked up. The bright star light shone on the playground in front of the teaching building, and the light wind brushed people’s cheeks through the windows, taking away the restlessness in the classroom.

Yao Yi was very stiff, because Fu Chuan was always facing the window. Although he wasn’t looking at her, Yao Yi still felt uncomfortable.

“Classmate Fu Chuan, do you still go back to Fengyang Road in the evening?” Yao Yi held her pen, thought for a while, and finally took the initiative to talk to Fu Chuan.


“Mhm, I will go back in the next two days. Uncle Li is already looking for other places closer to the school.” Fu Chuan’s eyes fell on Yao Yi, as if he had just come out of a trance from the beauty of the starry sky.

“Oh.” Yao Yi tentatively asked, “Is there an estimation of where?”

She originally wanted to invite Fu Chuan to live on campus together, and the students living on campus could stay in the classroom for an extra half an hour. Yao Yi wanted to find an excuse to ‘deepen their relationship’ with Fu Chuan.

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What classmates? The conversation between the two made Zhao Qian, who was sitting alone in his seat, unable to finish his homework.


Class cadres were on duty for a week, and this week it was the turn of the English class representative to sit on the podium to supervise discipline. Thus, Zhao Qian sat alone at night.

However, the not-so-quiet whispers of the two people behind him kept pouring into his ears.

When did Yao Yi become so annoying? Zhao Qian was full of doubts about the suddenly enthusiastic Yao Yi.

“Okay, after I move there, we’ll go to school together.” Fu Chuan finally agreed.

Yao Yi jumped for joy, she completely forgot that her driving skills were horrible, and she relied on her legs pushing on the ground all the way.

They could go to and from school first, then have a heart-to-heart talk, so that she could know Fu Chuan’s hobbies and various likes, then match him up. In the end, she could suggest for the two to date, which would definitely succeed.

Yao Yi’s abacus was crackling (TLN: she made a good plan), pride welled up in her heart, and she felt that she was quite powerful.

It was just that Yao Yi didn’t know that Fu Chuan moved so fast, and the house was found and the bicycle was bought before a week had even passed.

“I live here.” Fu Chuan wrote a note to Yao Yi, “It seems to be farther than your home, then I will find you and go to school together, okay?”

“…Mhm, okay.” Yao Yi looked at the note, and her heart jumped for joy, feeling that she was one step closer to regaining the number one throne.

Zhao Qian, who heard the ins and outs of the whole matter clearly, poked his paper vigorously. Originally, it was already annoying enough not to be able to write programs at home in the evening. However these two didn’t say a word to each other during the day, but they babbled constantly during evening study.

They were not dating, but it was as if the two of them were dating. Why would you go downstairs to someone’s house and wait? Eight o’clock romance dramas.


Li Ge and Han Jiaojiao obviously sensed that Zhao Qian’s mood was irritable, thinking that he was just upset about evening self-study.

Zhao Qian was not like Li Ge who could say a few words about everything. Apart from showing skills with his food, he preferred to keep private matters in his heart.

He couldn’t say that he got angry because of the suspected “flirting” of the two behind him all day long, and Zhao Qian would never admit that it was because of jealousy.

Because he was in a hurry to find a room, Fu Chuan lived in a second-hand house this time. Uncle Li only had time to clean it up, replaced the furniture inside with a new set, and pasted up fresh wallpaper.

“Young master, are you sure you don’t need me to give you a ride?” Uncle Li stood at the door, and was ready to go out as soon as Fu Chuan said so.

“No need, Uncle Li, go do your own thing. I’ll go to school by myself.” Fu Chuan walked downstairs with the car lock key in his hand.

Fu Chuan’s bicycle was not like the common mountain bike bought by many boys. He went to the bike shop that day and picked out the most common model with a seat in the back.

According to Fu Chuan’s request, the owner also replaced the metal seat on the rear seat with a soft cushion.

Although the owner deliberately picked a rear mat that was similar in color to the bicycle, it still felt wrong when it was installed.

Even if this bike was not a mountain bike, it was still a men’s model after all. The back seat was soft and thick, and it still didn’t look good.

This kind of seat pad was more likely to appear on girls’ bicycles, and it had to be that kind of pink and tender princess style.


“Dad, Mom, I’m going out.” Yao Yi picked up her schoolbag and went downstairs, and she saw Fu Chuan standing there waiting at the corner.

“Let’s go.” Fu Chuan pushed the bicycle calmly.

At this time, Yao Yi also saw Fu Chuan’s rear seat bike cushion, and touched it with her hands: “This one must be very comfortable to sit on. Mine is empty, and it hurts after a long time.”

Sometimes Yao Yi would sit on the back seat of the bicycle, and only Yao Yi could do this kind of childish riding.

Fu Chuan glanced at Yao Yi’s dilapidated bicycle, and talked after a moment of silence, “We can change it.”

“No, my bicycle might look dilapidated, but it is very strong. I haven’t repaired it once since I bought it.” Yao Yi patted her bicycle with emotion.

It was just that she didn’t know that sometimes she shouldn’t speak too much, or she would be prone to slaps in the face.

Fu Chuan and Yao Yi rode their bicycles towards the school. Yao Yi was very serious about controlling the bicycle at first, but reality was too cruel. Soon Yao Yi fell behind, still staggering.

Fu Chuan looked back and saw Yao Yi about to fall down. Fortunately, her legs were not short, and she directly supported herself on the ground so that she would not fall down.

“What’s wrong with your bicycle?” Fu Chuan thought that there was something wrong with Yao Yi’s bicycle, so he stopped his bicycle and asked her.

Yao Yi wobbled over and pedaled over, and said a little reluctantly: “It’s okay, I used to ride like this before.”

“Is the bicycle handlebar broken?” Fu Chuan asked, looking at Yao Yi’s handlebars. He clearly saw her crooked front when she was riding.


“The bicycle is good.” Yao Yi said with innocent eyes, “It’s because I’m not good at cycling, but that’s how I went to school before.”

“You…” Fu Chuan’s beautiful eyebrows and eyes looked particularly clean and handsome under the rising sun. He thought for a while and said, “You ride up first, and I will follow behind.”

“Oh.” Yao Yi didn’t understand Fu Chuan’s intention, but it didn’t prevent her from riding forward.

Along the way, Fu Chuan followed in fear, for fear that something would happen to Yao Yi.

The two finally arrived at the school, and Yao Yi locked the bicycle as usual and came out. Yao Yi saw Fu Chuan’s unsightly face and comforted him: “You’re not used to this? It’s okay, you will get used to it after a few more rides.”

Fu Chuan said seriously: “You used to ride here like this?”

“That’s right.” Yao Yi put the key into her schoolbag and patted it twice, “I’ve been riding this way all this time, and I’ll be at school soon.”

People could still see the two of them entering the school side by side, but unfortunately, no one noticed the short distance between them. They merely thought they came back from a battle somewhere.

Yao Yi and Fu Chuan were rivals in everyone’s perspective.

Yao Yi was very excited in the morning. She felt that she was a little closer to the success of the plan, and now she only needed to further deepen the relationship between the two of them.

But Fu Chuan was not so happy, he kept replaying the appearance of Yao Yi riding a bicycle in his mind. At that time Fu Chuan was following behind, whenever Yao Yi’s bicycle handlebar slipped, his heart skipped a beat.

A whole morning passed, after school Yao Yi sat motionless in her seat, and tugged on Fu Chuan’s hand.

“What’s wrong?” Fu Chuan asked in a low voice.

“Let’s go later, there are a lot of people now.” Yao Yi’s eyes were still on the textbook.

“Okay, it’s up to you.” Fu Chuan didn’t move, he sat on his seat and looked out the window.

After waiting for about ten minutes, Yao Yi got up: “Let’s go, most people should have already dispersed.”

Fu Chuan followed behind as usual, but he was thinking about how to get Yao Yi to stop riding her bicycle. She wobbled so much that Fu Chuan was worried that something would happen to her.

But he had no other position to say, so he could only follow behind Yao Yi. He closed the distance between the two, and watched her so that nothing happened to her.

Yao Yi didn’t know that the person behind her had great doubts about her pedaling skills. She continued to happily ride the bike home, thinking about laying a solid foundation for herself to be number one in the future.

“Hiss——” Yao Yi just unlocked her bicycle and was about to push it out, when the tire suddenly made a sound and flattened…

“Huh?” Yao Yi squatted down and observed for a while in surprise, and finally came to the conclusion, “The tire is punctured.”

“Call someone to come fix it?” Fu Chuan said standing beside her.

Finally, Yao Yi pushed Fu Chuan’s bicycle to the outside of the school, and Fu Chuan half-carried Yao Yi’s broken bicycle.

There was a bicycle repair shop in front of the school. When Fu Chuan pushed it into the shop, the shop owner saw the bike and almost didn’t recognize the model.

“This is…” The store owner examined it for a while before confirming the model of Yao Yi’s bicycle, “I’m sorry, you need to change the tires, but the model is not available. Can you come and pick it up tomorrow?”

“Oh, that’s fine.” Yao Yi could only agree, she turned to look at Fu Chuan, “You go back by bike first, I’ll go back by bus.”

“You can sit in the back seat, and I’ll take you back.” Fu Chuan interfered calmly, “The  bus won’t be here for a while, so let’s go back first.”

Yao Yi looked at Fu Chuan holding the bicycle, her eyes fell on the soft cushion of the back seat, and her heart moved.

A thick plush cushion, it must be nice to sit on! Not as bad as sitting on her backseat.

“Okay.” Yao Yi pulled the strap of her schoolbag, and decided to go back while sitting on Fu Chuan’s back seat.

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